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After the two furnaces of pellets were refined, it was 11:30.

Zhang Han looked back and found that Mengmeng was sitting on Daheis belly and Little Hei was leaning against Dahei.

Rong Jiaxin and the others were next to Little Hei, and there were also dozens of dogs around them.

It looked very warm and sweet.

Zhang Han walked over and held Mengmeng in his arms.

Then, he kissed her little rosy face and said with a smile, “Its 11:30.

We should go back for lunch.

How about we come back here later in the afternoon”

Mengmeng pouted her little mouth and said, “Oh, okay.

Ill ask MaMa to come here in the afternoon.”

“Then lets go back.

Han, look at the fish Ive caught.

Take a look at which one we wont need and Ill throw it back.” Wang Ming brought the bucket over.

There were many fish inside, among which were three large Qingjiang fish, two catfish, one grass carp, and a few small crucians.

There were more prawns inside because Mengmeng said in the morning that she wanted to eat some.

Wang Ming kept that in mind and caught more prawns especially for her.

Both Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming had taken Mengmeng as their own granddaughter.

They also hoped that Wang Ya could find a good husband and give birth to a cute baby boy.

Of course, a cute little girl like Mengmeng would also be okay.

However, Wang Ya just got over a painful relationship and they knew that it wasnt the right time.

“Take them all back,” Zhang Han replied while taking the lead at the front with Mengmeng in his arms.

A group of people followed him, as well as the two Heihei powers.

When he arrived at the mountaintop, Zhang Han stopped with a smile on his lips.

He looked at Dahei and Little Hei, saying, “You two, sit down.”


Little Hei sat down immediately.


Dahei scratched its head and sat down on its big butt.

“Open your mouth,” Zhang Han said.

Both Dahei and Little Hei opened their mouths.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Suddenly, two streams of light flew into their mouths.

Dahei ate the light-blue Heyuan magical pellet, while Little Hei ate the scarlet Kunluo magical pellet.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei smacked its lips and got anxious.

Then, it barked at Zhang Han.

“It was too fast! I havent tasted it yet.”

“Papa, what did you feed them” Mengmeng asked with confusion.

“I fed them… some food,” Zhang Han answered before taking the lead to go downhill.

“What kind of food Can I eat it” Mengmeng said eagerly.

Zhang Han smiled and answered softly, “You cant eat it now, but you can eat it when you grow up.

Dad will leave all the best things for you.”

“Wow, mwah, mwah, mwah.

PaPa is the best.

But, when will Mengmeng grow up”

“Uh…” Zhang Han was surprised by that question.

After thinking for three seconds, he smiled and replied, “When Mengmeng, uh… When youre so tall, youre grown up.”

Zhang Han extended his right hand and gesticulated a height of about 1.7 meters.

“How tall is that PaPa, PaPa, put me down and let me see how tall it is.” Mengmeng twisted her little body in Zhang Hans arms.

After Zhang Han put her on the ground, she raised her head and looked at Zhang Han while asking, “PaPa, how tall is it”

“When youre this tall.” Zhang Han gesticulated again.

“Oh, thats so tall! Can… can I be that tall”

“Of course you can.”

Zhang Han chuckled and then held Mengmeng in his arms again before kissing her rosy face.

He was over 1.8 meters tall and Zi Yan was 1.75 meters.

With such genes, it was estimated that Mengmeng would be taller than 1.7 meters.

“No, PaPa.” Mengmeng suddenly froze.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han asked with confusion.

“When Im that tall, youll give the best food to me.

But what will MaMa eat” Mengmeng asked while blinking her big bright eyes.

“Of course Ill also give your mom the best, too.

Both of you will eat the best food.

No, Ill make sure you and Mom always eat the best food,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Mm, PaPa is the best, I love you.” Mengmeng held Zhang Hans neck with her small arms more tightly and moved her little head closer, looking very happy.

Zhang Han looked like he was intoxicated by that, with endless softness in his eyes.

He was really satisfied with such a life.

After finding his parents, the whole family would stay there to live a simple and plain life.

That had gradually become Zhang Hans greatest desire.

“Itll be soon.

One year at most…”

Zhang Han looked straight ahead, with decisiveness in the depths of his eyes.

“For that purpose, even if I need to break the sky or penetrate the ground, or I need to be faced with a formidable foe, I wont be afraid!

“To achieve that, even if I need to walk on numerous dead bodies, I wont care!”

After becoming a father, Zhang Hans thoughts had changed a lot inadvertently, but it seemed that everything was changing in a better direction.

When Zhang Han and Mengmeng were talking, Wang Ming and the others did not speak.

They just watched the father and daughter in front of them silently.

While listening to their conversation, Rong Jiaxin secretly sighed.

“Time flies.

Ya was also very cute when she was little, but now shes grown up in the blink of an eye…”


Wang Ming sighed out loud, feeling a little sad.

He felt that he wasnt a qualified father for Wang Ya.

If he could go back in time, he would also love her like that.

“But, its still not too late.”

Wang Ming looked at Wang Ya, who was next to him.

With guilt and love in his eyes, he took her hand.

Wang Yas body trembled.

Looking at the white hair on both sides of his forehead, her eyes became red.

Then, she lowered her head while walking silently.

Sometimes, a person could be moved inadvertently, maybe by a look, an action, or a sentence.

Zhao Feng was walking by their side.

He also sighed deep inside, wondering when Liang Mengqi would agree.

After seeing Zhang Li, who was next to him, by accident, he smiled helplessly.

“The masters sister seems to have some feelings for me, and Mengqis brother obviously likes her.” Liang Hao even went to talk to Zhao Feng because of Zhang Li.

They talked too much, and he told him such things as: “You like my sister, right Ahem.

I fully support you.

Let me tell you, her birthday is… She likes to eat… She likes to wear… She likes to play…”

“Whats all this mess”

Zhao Feng felt it was such a headache.

It was like a fast knot and he didnt know when it could be solved.

The group of people got in the cars and went back to the restaurant.

Not far from the Thunder Yang Tree on the mountain…

After Dahei and Little Hei ate the medicinal pellets, they felt some clear streams spread throughout their bodies.

Instead of following them, they watched Zhang Han and his people go down the mountain.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh…”

Dahei looked at Little Hei and suddenly screamed twice.

Then, it seized itself by the throat with its own hands before rolling back its eyes and falling to the ground.

“Oh no, Im poisoned.

Im going to die.


It scared more than 30 dogs in the pet area.

“Whats wrong with our boss Is it going to die”

“Ow ow ooh ooh…”

Little Hei barked twice with disdain.

After hearing that, Dahei sat up directly and barked, “Ooh ooh ooh ooh!”

“Didnt it like it”

Little Hei shook its head continuously.

“Its lame.

Youre the worst actor of the year.”


Dahei clenched its fist and was about to express something.

Suddenly, its eyes widened and it became short of breath.

Feeling like being burned by fire, it fell on the lawn and continually rolled around.

Little Heis reaction was stronger.

After kicking its leg, it fell on the lawn stiffly.

It was constantly trembling, as if having convulsions.

The two of them felt extremely painful.

In fact, being promoted should be a very enjoyable process, but for such ordinary animals as Dahei and Little Hei, they had to bear more pain on that road.

Dahei and Little Hei also knew what was going on, so they were enduring it.

“Click, click, click, click…”

Little Hei seemed to be trapped in a cold place, where it was freezing cold.

It felt like the biting wind was constantly blowing over its body, bones, and internal organs…

Little Heis teeth constantly collided with each other, making a series of sounds.

After nearly 10 minutes, a tooth suddenly turned into powder, followed by a second, a third…

Soon, all its teeth were shattered.

But then, it felt that it was no longer so cold and painful.

Its teeth were itchy.

If someone could see it, they would find that the teeth grew out again one by one in its mouth, shining like treasures!

At the same time, all its original claws fell out and some sharp-edged claws grew in their place.

The soles of its feet were constantly changing, and scarlet light kept flowing.

At last, it became twice as thick as before and was no softer than Daheis skin in the past, which could withstand faster speed!

In addition to those changes, there were also others.

The most important thing was that its strength was rapidly improving.

It was more exaggerated for Dahei.

The hair on its whole body fell out and it had a completely new look.

At the same time, crisp sounds were heard from all its bones, just like they were fractured, and its size was becoming bigger and bigger.

2.1 meters, 2.2 meters, 2.3 meters… It eventually grew to 2.5 meters tall.

With a bigger size, its arms and legs became thicker.

Besides that, its eyelids, nose, ears, throat, and other key points were also constantly strengthening.

But the biggest change was the Illusory Body Copper Coin that it wore in front of its chest.

Under the attack of some blue light, it cracked.

It turned into some smog that went in through its eyes.


Dahei was stunned.

Then, it felt refreshed, and the feeling of fullness and sense of strength made it murmur.


Just then, the changes in Little Heis body were also complete.

Its size did not change, but its body became better proportioned.

That series of changes stunned the other animals in the pet area.

“Oh gosh! The boss is getting bigger! Its awesome!”

Under the attention of those animals…


“ ”

“Why did our boss become smaller”

They saw that while Daheis eyes were rolling, its body became smaller and smaller, and it finally became 1.5 meters tall.

It lowered its head and looked around.


It disliked that, so it barked.

Then, its body became bigger again, returning to 2.5 meters tall.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

“This is more like it! Being strong is great!”

Dahei thought about it happily, but suddenly, he scratched his head, because it became 1.7 meters tall again and its appearance changed constantly.

At last, it looked like Zhao Feng in a suit.


Daheis eyeballs rolled and it reached out its hand to push itself.

Then, it pretended to be like Zhao Feng and staggered seven or eight meters.

Looking very poor, it groaned.

“Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh…”

It was expressing: “Boss, forgive me.

I was wrong.

Forgive me…”

“Ooh ooh ooh,” Little Hei barked with disdain.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei muttered.

It reached out its hands to take off its clothes to see whether its muscles were like Zhao Fengs or like itself, but found that it was all hair.


It turned out that only its appearance could be changed.

Dahei scratched its head and its eyes rolled while its body was changing.

Then, it became like a hostess, in sportswear and with a hat.

“Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh…”

Dahei barked in a low voice.

It seemed to be asking Little Hei: “How is it Do I look like her When the host comes next time, Ill show this to him.”

It twisted its body after barking.

Little Hei also barked twice after seeing that.

“You dare to change into the hostesss appearance and show off here.

If the host sees that, Im afraid youll be beaten.”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei repeatedly shook its head and changed back to its own appearance.

It was very satisfied with being 2.5 meters tall.

Then, it pointed to Little Hei and barked a few times.

“Did you have any changes”

Little Hei grinned at Dahei and fangs that would make people feel cold and breathless were seen.

“Ooh Ooh ooh ooh…”

Dahei stretched out its hand and pressed Little Heis teeth a few times.

Then, it widened its eyes.

“Ooh ooh ooh…”

“Damn, bro, you have really sharp teeth!”

Then, it made a gesture, meaning it was awesome!

“Ow ooh ow ooh ooh…”

Little Hei looked at Dahei and expressed, “Bro, look at your size now.

Im afraid that in a few years, the mountains cannot contain you.”

“Ooh ooh ooh…”

“What can I do Im also very helpless!”

After barking for a while, Little Hei suddenly fixed its eyes on the box under the Thunder Yang Tree.

It moved its body.


It turned into a black shadow and reached the box very quickly.

It stared at the box for a short while and finally pulled out a palm-sized piece of jade.

Dahei looked at it in shock.

Little Hei began to eat it.

After chewing it up, it swallowed it.

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh!”

Dahei was shocked.

“Bro, dont take things to heart.

Why did you eat such a hard thing”

“Ow woah ow ow woah.”

Little Hei barked twice, meaning that it could absorb the energy in there.

“Ooh ooh…”

Dahei shook his head, showing that it didnt agree.

“If it were me, I wouldnt eat it even if I could absorb it.

Come on, lets go kill a hairy pig and celebrate the big day…”


Little Hei moved again.

Like a black shadow, it crossed the Hungarian sheep-pigs area and went directly to the jungle.

When it stopped, a sheep-pig was already in its mouth.

Dahei curled its lips and stepped with its feet, jumping a dozen meters high and more than 20 meters forward.

After jumping a few times, it also arrived in the jungle.

Under the attention of many pet dogs, the two of them entered the jungle again.

After a while, some smoke gradually rose up there.

If Zhang Han was there, he would surely find that Dahei and Little Heis strength had reached the late Qi Refining stage.

In other words, they were already Heaven-stage Masters.

Besides, they also gained more abilities respectively, which was an unexpected surprise.

Zhang Han originally predicted that they would reach the middle Qi Refining stage.

Since they had reached the late stage, it was really a good thing beyond expectations.

Back at the restaurant…

When Zhang Han and the others left after breakfast, there were only six people in the restaurant, including Leng Yue.

They were sitting quietly on the side.

After a while, Zhou Fei went downstairs and saw no outsiders there.

Then, she said, “Elder Sister Yan, there are no guests.

Lets go downstairs.”


Zi Yan walked down with a pen and paper, while Zhou Fei was holding a guitar.

After walking to the piano, Zi Yan opened the cover, closed her eyes, and began to play with inspiration in her mind.

Although Zi Yan couldnt play the piano as great as Zhang Han and she wasnt like a professional piano master, she could also play melodies as she desired.

She closed her eyes and her mind was filled with the sweet memories of her and Zhang Han together.

Then, she put her slender fingers on the piano.

With eyes closed, she played while humming.

“Di da la di da, mm hmm hmm hmm…”

After humming for a while, Zi Yan quickly wrote down the lyrics she thought of.

Then, she hummed and wrote down the lyrics again.

She played the piano or played the guitar, devoting herself to the song.

As usual, Zhou Fei sat quietly at the other side and didnt bother her.

Just like that, Zi Yan sat there for more than three hours.

It was 11 oclock.

“Feifei, the first big section of lyrics and a rough melody of the accompaniment have been finished.

Come and check it out,” Zi Yan picked up the guitar and said with a smile.

“Okay, sing it to me please.” Zhou Fei sat up.

Their conversation also attracted the attention of Leng Yue and the others.

They looked at Zi Yan and knew that she created a song.

They found it very interesting because they were still ordinary people more than two months ago, but they could sit there and witness the hostess creating songs at the moment.

Listening to the melody earlier, they guessed that it was like a romantic song about love.

“Mm mm…”

Zi Yan cleared her throat and moved her hands on the guitar.

The melodious sound of the guitar was heard, followed by Zi Yans beautiful voice.

“I close my eyes and breathe next to your heart; At this moment on the earth, there are only us; Your smiling lips hooked my heart; Every single second, I want to kiss you.

“I just love you like this; I love you, love you all the time; I love your coat; I love your taste; I love being in your arms; Lets button our clothes together, then we wont separate; I love you; I love being this close to you; Because of you…”

With the last prolonged sound, Zi Yan stopped singing.

Zi Yan was very satisfied with the lyrics and rhythm of the first section.

She hadnt had such inspiration for a long time.

She opened her beautiful eyes slowly, which were filled with happiness.

However, what leaped to her eyes was the stunned Zhou Fei.

She turned her head and saw that Leng Yue and the others all turned their heads, looking out of the window.


A blush rose to Zi Yans pretty face.

She smacked her lips and looked at Zhou Fei while asking, “What do you think”

“I… What do I think” Zhou Fei said slowly, “Elder Sister Yan, aside from you, all seven women here are single, yet you showed off your love like that.

Dont you think youre too ruthless”

Zi Yan burst into laughter.

She didnt refute, but nodded her head.

“I just want to write a song about sweet love!”

“All right, no kidding.

To be honest, Elder Sister Yan, this song…”

Zhou Fei looked very serious.

She never made jokes when she was working in the past, but she had become much more relaxed and often made jokes at present.

When it came to that, she deliberately drawled her voice and then sighed while shaking her head.

“Hey, I seem to have seen this talented woman before.

Elder Sister Yan, youre really in a good state.

You almost finished a great song within a morning!”

“Great! Youre awesome!”

Zhou Fei applauded to her face.

Zi Yan found it very funny and then asked, “I think the lyrics are fine.

Im asking you how the melody is.

The accompaniment hasnt been finished yet.”


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