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Chapter 458 Becoming Famous in Hong Kong

When Zhang Han walked toward the front gate of the Manor of the Li Clan, Lei Tiannan reached out as if to say something, but gave up in the end.

He didnt leave with Zhang Han because he had to deal with the mess that was left.

At this time, everyone was looking at these three figures, which included Mo Chengfeng.

Fierce Zhang, the up-and-coming youngster in Hong Kong, had become the third master on Hong Kongs martial artist ranking list without any hindrance after winning several battles.

It was unprecedented.

Looking at Zhang Hans back, Mo Chengfeng shook his head slightly, turned around, and left, muttering, “If he really wants to do something, no one can match him.”

After finishing his comment, Mo Chengfeng left.

He pointed his toes down on one roof after another and floated back with the reaction force.

His speed seemed to be slow, but in fact, it was extremely fast, and a few seconds later, the Grand Master disappeared from everyones sight.

It seemed that he was rushing back to work in his fields.

Only Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng heard his comment.

Lei Tiannan was stunned, and then he suddenly understood what Mo Chengfeng meant.

Mo Chengfeng meant that Zhang Hang was able to win a high position in the martial arts world, but he preferred to be a stay-home dad in New Moon Bay.

Even Mo Chengfeng admired Zhang Hans spirit, which was quite similar to his.

At the same time, Lei Tiannan was a little confused.

“When… did Zhang Han grow up to be a master better than me

“Maybe he was always more powerful than me

“I said last time that I wanted to help him.

Its probably a joke to him!”

The more Lei Tiannan thought about it, the more embarrassed he felt.

So he turned his attention to the mess of the main residence.

“Li Zhan, ranked 3rd on the martial artist list, Grand Master Wu, the 9th, Grand Master Ma, the 16th, Elder Xu and Protector Du from the Heavenly Elixir Sect, several of their disciples, Patriarch Li and the senior members of the Li family…”

Lei Tiannan felt a headache, so he stretched out his right hand and began to massage his temples.

Protector Leng held out his fingers in a daze, calculated, and then looked at Lei Tiannan in surprise.

“Director, you are now in the top 10 on the martial artist ranking list in Hong Kong! Congratulations!”

“Huh Do you still have time to think about it Let your men in.” Lei Tiannan stared at him.

“OK, Ill arrange it.” Protector Leng quickly took out his mobile phone and walked away.

“Well, I didnt do anything, and I got into the top 10 Four of the top 20 on the ranking list were killed in a day.

Its amazing…” Lei Tiannan murmured in a daze.

The more than 200 people on the hillside hadnt left yet.

They were still immersed in the shock brought on by what had just happened.

“In retrospect, Grand Master Zhang had hidden most of his strength on Mount Yun Ding that day,” said a martial artist who had also watched the battle on Mount Yun Ding.

“Haha.” Suddenly, a man in his 20s sneered and said in an adoring tone, “Grand Master Zhang just wanted to live a quiet life, but it backfired, so he decided to come out and fight for a clean land for himself, and is now well-known as Fierce Zhang.

What an outstanding man he is, and we must respect and even worship him!

“He is so powerful to be one of the most influential people in Hong Kong in less than three months.

Both Li Zhan and Master Wu were in the late stage of the Grand Master level, and Grand Master Ma and Grand Master Yang are stronger than He Qingtian, plus Elder Xu… Im afraid that most martial artists would be terrified by the sight of the five of them.

However, Zhang Hanyang… He came here in person and killed them with his unique skills.

What a fierce man he is!”

“Grand Master Fang, can you confirm that Master Zhang is at the peak level” suddenly, the middle-aged man standing beside Fang Rushan asked.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All the people around looked at Fang Rushan.

Facing these doubts, Fang Rushan slowly shook head and asked, “If he was not at the peak, would Grand Master Mo make such a comment There is no more Li family in Hong Kong, and the disappearance of the Li family marks the birth of another legend.”

After saying this, Fang Rushan shook his head and sighed.

“After today, Zhang Hanyang will be respected by every martial artist in Hong Kong, and his name will be heard throughout the martial arts world of Hua nation!”

His words silenced all the spectators.

He would be respected by every martial artist in Hong Kong, and his name would be heard throughout the martial arts world of Hua nation!

It was the dream of everyone here.

They were shocked and excited to witness the process of a legend becoming famous.

Fang Rushan then turned and left.

In the crowd, a young martial artist in his 20s, his eyes shining, quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number.

“Hello Brother Feng! Master Zhangs news! Hes so amazing! He alone swept out the Li family and killed five Grand Masters.

He intended to destroy the whole Li family, but was stopped by Mo Chengfeng, 2nd on the ranking list, who persuaded him to leave through very friendly discussions.

Besides, Mo Chengfeng announced that there was no Li family in Hong Kong anymore! I want to join your security group too, could you please help me Hello Hello, Hello Hello


Why did he hang up”

The young man looked at his mobile phone, curled his lips, and rolled his eyes.

He planned to call again in an hour or two, and then at night or even tomorrow if he was refused again.

He firmly believed that as long as he didnt give up, he would succeed.

On the other side, Zhao Feng hung up because he received his masters call.

Zhao Feng had just heard the news and hadnt digested it yet.

He hurried to answer the phone and hung it up after exchanging a few words with Zhang Han.

Then he stood up and looked at Zi Yan with a smile., “Madam, Master said that he would be back in one hour, and he asked me to arrange some ingredients for hotpot.”

“Alas…” Zi Yan breathed a long sigh of relief, smiled, waved her hand and said, “Then you can arrange it.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded, waved to gather Ah Hu and Elder Meng, and they went out to prepare the ingredients.

Wang Zhanzong and others, who were sitting next to the window, stood up and came to one side of the sofa with a smile.

Then they sat down and began chatting happily.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became lively.

“Hmm” Mengmeng put down the toy in her hand, stretched out her little palm, patted MaMas leg, and mumbled, “Madam, well eat hotpot at noon, are you happy”

“What are you saying” Zi Yan was amused and looked at Mengmeng in surprise.

“Mengmeng,” Xu Xinyu said with a smile, “Madam means a masters wife, which is different from Mom.

So you cant call your mom that.”

“What is a master” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“A master is… similar to a teacher.

But you will feel closer to him or her,” Zi Qiang thought for a while and then answered.

“So MaMa is not a madam.

MaMa, MaMa, were having hotpot at noon.

I havent eaten PaPas delicacies for a long time.” Mengmengs big eyes lit up.

Zi Qiangs mouth slightly twitched.

Although he knew that Mengmeng was just naively expressing her real thoughts, it seemed that he had failed to make a good impression on Mengmeng with his own cooking!

Seeing the expectation in the eyes of the little girl, Zi Yan also chuckled.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was becoming more and more active.

It was all because of the news that they had just received.

Zhang Han returned safely!

At the same time…

In the Manor of the Li Clan…

People on the mountainside left one after another and took out their mobile phones to inform their friends of the amazing news.

It soon caused a stir.

However, Lei Tiannan was not too busy to be at a loss.

The remaining members of the Li family had all gathered in the square, and they were following the instructions of Protector Leng.

Lei Tiannan did not ask about their deposits, but confiscated all the fixed assets of the Li family.

Then he ordered them to follow the national security personnel to leave Hong Kong before 8 p.m.

They just learned that Li Zhan and others were killed, and they were all confused.

But at this time, hearing such an arrangement, some people summoned up their courage to question it.

“Why confiscate our property”

Because their savings were so meager compared with the real assets.

In the face of this situation, Protector Leng felt a little angry.

The Li family members didnt listen to him, and they just wanted to get their property back.

Finally, when Protector Leng was about to lose control of his mood, Lei Tiannan walked forward two steps, looked at the man who was the most noisy, and waved his hand.


The man was slapped and flew more than 20 meters away, then lay on the ground, unable to make a sound anymore.

“If Master Mo didnt show up, all of you would be dead.

It was Master Mo who gave you the chance to leave Hong Kong.”

Lei Tiannan glanced at the quiet crowd and said in a cold voice, “Make noise again, kill!

“Disobedient, kill!

“Those who dont leave before eight oclock, kill!”

His voice echoed throughout the square.

Although some people still felt uncomfortable, no one dared to contradict him.

The collapse of the Li family was caused by many factors.

Lei Tiannan knew that sometimes it was not just the younger generation that would cause trouble for the older generation, but vice versa.

Soon, the people in the square followed Protector Lengs orders to pack their bags.

At this time, Lei Tiannan handed a green ring to Protector Leng and said, “These are all the belongings of the five people in the main residence.

There are not many, but some of them should be useful, including the five elements furnace.

Now go and give it to Zhang Han and tell him…”

Lei Tiannan pondered, squinting at Protector Leng, saying, “Tell him that the five elements furnace will be his from now on, but the number of the alchemy products he promised before cant be reduced.”

“Yes, Director.” Protector Leng took the ring and left.

He thought that it was better to deliver things than to be here.

Lei Tiannan felt embarrassed to say anything to Zhang Han now.

Moreover, according to Zhang Hans character, if Lei Tiannan bothered him again, he might even refuse to make elixirs for Lei Tiannan.

About 40 minutes later…

The news began to spread throughout Hong Kong like a tsunami.

Liu Qingfeng was in his villa in Longcheng District.

He was sitting in the living room drinking tea, while Xiao Ling was sitting in front of him, holding a tablet computer, reporting to him the situation of all his companies in different areas.

Liu Qingfeng was drinking tea while listening.

All of a sudden…

Liu Qingfengs guard hurried in and shouted in horror, “Big news! Grand Master killed Li Zhan, Master Wu, Master Ma, Master Yang, and Elder Xu all by himself! Just with one weird move! Hes too cruel! And it turns out that he is a Peak Grand Master.

Even Mo Chengfeng appeared and persuaded him to spare the rest of the Li family!”


The tea in Liu Qingfengs mouth was sprayed on Xiao Ling.

“What did you say” Liu Qingfeng looked at the guard in confusion.

Xiao Ling calmly took out a piece of tissue and wiped the tea from her face and clothes.

She didnt know the specific affairs of the martial arts world, but she knew that Chairman Liu had never sprayed tea before.

However, since he got to know Grand Master Zhang, he had sprayed it more than once.

“The news has been confirmed.

Master Zhang…”

At the same time…

Many big families got the news for the first time.

Among them, the most astonished were the other three families with similar status as the Li family.

“What is going on

“The Li family members, who were still very active yesterday, were knocked down today”

“How powerful Zhang Hanyang is! He destroys the whole Li family!”

A second thought incurred profound fear.

The strength of the four families was not much different.

Since Zhang Hanyang could destroy the Li family, he could also destroy other families.

As a result, other families quickly held an emergency meeting.

At first, they just regarded Zhang Han as a rising star, and didnt realize the threat that Zhang Han might pose to them, just like the Li family.

After all, “each age offers its own men with talent”, and it was not surprising for the martial arts world to have a new talent.

But… it was surprising and amazing that he could destroy the Li family!

Now the young man was the third peak-stage Grand Master in Hong Kong, and his influence was certainly different from before.

Many families held an emergency meeting because of this change, which were all similar in content: “From now on, dont provoke Grand Master Zhang!”

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