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Chapter 516 You Are Going to Die Again

TQ was eliminated!

Everyone in the preparation room was stunned!

Many of them hurried to stand up and cried out in surprise.

“How could he be eliminated”

“Thats incredible, but he did make serious mistakes.

If I didnt see it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed that TQ was singing just now.”

“He could do nothing about the result, but it was understandable that he failed to remain calm on stage.

What a pity! TQ would have been in the top five if he had performed anything close to his true form.” A long-haired man kept shaking his head toward the camera.

Everyone tried to make their own comments in front of the camera, hoping to show their unique viewpoint to the audience and gain popularity for themselves.

For the singers who had the ability to advance, the program team would give them special shots, while other singers could only rely on their own comments to attract the audience.

Therefore, they were all discussing the competition enthusiastically.


Ah Yan sneered and said casually, “To win the competition, you can depend on nothing aside from your own strength.

Have you seen thatIm Cute gained three votes with his excellent performance There is no excuse for TQ being eliminated, maybe he should go back home and practice singing for several more years.”

Hearing Ah Yans taunt, TQs friends in the room were all embarrassed.

But they were unable to defend TQ since Ah Yan was telling the truth.

TQ did make mistakes.

Even TQ himself didnt know what had happened.

He had made full preparation for the performance today.

He had planned to show his strength in the high part of the adapted song.

He was so confident!

This adapted version should have been much better that the original song!

Although the first half of the song was flat, it was to set off the climax.

But he failed to reach the climax.

There was only one reason for it.

Zi Yan had pressed the button to eliminate him before he made any mistakes.

It distracted him and led to his mistakes.


“Why did I get such a result”

TQ was at a loss as he looked at Zi Yan in confusion.

He was a little angry since he couldnt figure out the reason.

He said, trying to grasp a gleam of hope, “I want to know why Mentor Zi Yan pressed her button before I reached the climax of my song.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

After TQ raised the question, everyones gaze turned to Zi Yan.

There was no expression on Zi Yans face when she picked up the microphone and replied without hesitation, “Because Im a mentor here.”

“Just because you are a mentor here” TQs expression froze.

He could do nothing but gnash his teeth.

Though he liked Zi Yan, he cared more about his career and prospects.

“Im eliminated

“I cant be eliminated.

“I have the patronage of the powerful, how can I be eliminated”

He soon calmed down and intended to have a short talk with the mentors before going back.


Zi Yan frowned and repeated, “Yes, because Im a mentor here, and I have the right to eliminate you.

“All singers, including you, please keep in mind that I dont want to see any kind of opportunistic behavior on the stage.

Just try your best to sing your songs.

“I dont mind if you sing a song for me, and Ill even applaud you if you do a good job.

But you made me sick with your disgusting expression and poor singing skills, and thus I couldnt let you pass the assessment.

“By the way…”

Zi Yan took an indifferent glance at TQ and smiled.

“There was nothing special in your song, and it didnt move me at all.”


TQ became tongue-tied and again went blank.

Zi Yans words were like a thunderbolt out of the clear sky.

“How long has it been since I was criticized

“How long has it been since I was criticized in public

“She is furious.”

Zhang Hans mouth twitched slightly.

“All right.

“Just let her vent her anger, and soon her mood will be better.”

He knew that Zi Yan was unhappy because of him.

But he was not angry at all.

The fuse was just a song, and Zhang Han knew that Zi Yan belonged to him no matter how many songs that guy on the stage would sing for Zi Yan.

The other mentors fell into silence after Zi Yan made her comments.



They didnt know what to say for the moment.

After thinking for a while, Gu Fan turned his gaze at TQ and said, “Mentor Zi Yans comments make sense.

We hope that singers can only integrate their emotions into their songs, rather than express them in other ways.”

“Okay, next singer, please.” Zuo Dong took the opportunity to change the topic.

TQ took his final glance at the four mentors, nodded at them, and then left the stage.

At this point, the atmosphere in the preparation room was very muted.

The next singer was Sun Dongheng.

“Boss, its time to show my talent.”

Sun Dongheng walked toward the stage with great confidence.

Zhang Han took the opportunity to text Zi Yan.

Zi Yans cell phone was kept in the staff area, where Zhou Fei was taking a rest.

Seeing the name of her brother-in-law, Zhou Fei thought for a while and then went to the mentor area from a side door and gave Zi Yan her phone.

After checking the message, Zi Yan blinked her big and beautiful eyes happily, and then gave the phone back to Zhou Fei with a smile on her face.

“Hmph, he is good at coaxing me.”

“Yo, yo, yo, hello, mentors.

Im ABCDEFG, Ah Dong!”

“Wow, are you a rapper” Zuo Dong guessed since he hadnt checked the singers information yet.

“Yo, yo, Im just pretending to be one.”

Sun Dongheng took off his cap to show his dreadlocks.

After making a rappers signature gesture, he explained, “I dont know much about rap, but Im going to sing a rap song today, which is a gift written by my fans.”

Hearing Sun Donghengs words, Zi Yan raised her head and nodded at him.

“Your hairstyle is… special.”

“Of course it is.

Thank you for your praise, goddess mentor.

Well, Im going to begin.

DJ and drummer, lets go.”

After the staff on the right received the instruction, the rhythmic bass accompaniment started.

Sun Dongheng began singing and dancing with accompaniment.

“Well, well, well… I want to drive a sports car, a Ferrari, and I want lots of money.

But I must rely on myself.”

Zhang Han was surprised by the song that was very popular in his previous life.

He had never expected that it was Sun Dongheng who had sung the song first.

At the same time…

Sun Donghengs performance lifted him up in the eyes of the other singers in the preparation room.

“The livestreamer is better than the other amateurs,” Ah Yan commented.

While the others were talking about the new singer…

At the back door of the hall…

TQ was smoking sullenly, while the music director of the show was standing in front of him.

“Uncle, I dont know why the mentor was disgusted with me.

I had made full preparation for the performance butIm Cute gained the initiative.

Moreover, Zi Yan didnt even give me a chance to reach the climax of my song, or I might have won the competition against that man!”

The more TQ thought about it, the angrier he got.

“Stop dreaming.

Even if you had finished your song, you wouldnt have beaten him.” Director Gao frowned and said, “His identity is controversial and wed better stop talking about him.

Im going to persuade Zuo Dong and Da Hua to let you pass, but I cant help you in the following competition! Hope you are serious about it!”

The music director was about to leave after notifying TQ.

TQ hurried to smile at him and promised, “Dont worry, Uncle, Ill change my attitude.

Im so confident to have you here.”

The music director took a glance at TQ and then left without saying anything.

He had planned to pave the way for TQ, but he had never expected to need to turn to interpersonal networking so soon.

He was not the director of the show, and he didnt have the right to decide everything.

At three oclock in the afternoon…

The single challenge was over.

47 singers passed the assessment with nine of them getting three votes, and the most impressive song was still Im Cutes I Love You.

30 singers were eliminated, and the remaining 23 singers were pending.

According to the arrangement of Cheng Xu, the director, the number of passed singers should be 50.

Therefore, each mentor group could revive a singer.

However, when the audience turned their gazes to the preparation room…

They found one more person there, and the number of singers was 24 now.

All the 23 singers were staring at the special one.

It was TQ!

Ah Yan sneered and mumbled, “Shame on him!”

His voice was low and faint.

Though Ah Yan looked down on TQ, he knew who TQs supporter was and didnt want to get himself in trouble.

The other singers couldnt help discussing in surprise.

“Hasnt TQ been eliminated How could he come back”

At this time…

Zuo Dong forced a smile, and then picked up his microphone.

“First of all, I want to say sorry to TQ for my mistake.

While assessing him and discussing it with Da Hua, I pressed our button by mistake and thus eliminated him.

And we decided to give this promising singer another chance after discussing it with the program team.

Therefore, Da Hua and I chose to revive him.”

Hearing Zuo Dongs declaration, TQs friends began cheering and applauding.

Zi Yan didnt say anything about the result.

She was not interested in TQ.

Zi Yan and Gu Fan chose two prospective singers who didnt perform well because of tension.

After the reviving section, Director Cheng Xu stepped into the preparation room, took over the microphone and said slowly, “Just now, each of you got a score from 49 other singers, and the singers with higher scores in todays competition can choose their rival in the next round of single competition.

You have 36 hours to prepare your song, and only the winner can advance to the following round of competitions.

That is to say, half of you will be eliminated in the next competition round.”

All the singers fell into silence.

Here came the best part of the show.

“I would like to announce your scores.


1 is… singer Im Cute!

“His score is 9.7 because of his special song I Love You!

“Lets welcomeIm Cute to choose his competitor in the next round of single competition!”

Hearing the directors words, Zhang Han stood up and checked the time.

It was 3:10 p.m., and there was not much time for him to stay here.

Therefore, he hurried to step onto the stage and took a glance at the other singers.

The others got even more nervous.

Zhang Han was still wearing his sunglasses and no one could see his eyes.

Every singer thought that Zhang Han was looking at them.

“Is he going to choose me”

“No, spare me please.”

“Dont look at me, brother, dont look at me.”

Their hearts raced uncontrollably

Even the other prospective singers were trying to avoid Zhang Hans gaze and shaking their hands at the camera.

“‘Im Cute No, I cant compete with him.

He is a volcano and wed better keep away from him.”

It was true that no one wanted to approach Zhang Han.

To their relief, Zhang Han just took a few glances at him and then announced, “I want TQ to be my competitor.”


TQs friends were shocked by him.


Ah Yans eyes lit up as he burst out laughing.

The others also sighed with relief.

Then they began looking at TQ meaningfully.


“Brother, youve just been resurrected.”

“But youre going to die again!”

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