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Chapter 531 Arriving at Ice City

Sun Dongheng did not at all feel complacent because of some achievements.

The livestreaming was still going on.

However, the frequency and length were much less compared to before.

He went on live streaming once every 2-3 days.

Even so, this group of fans said noisily that they were moved to tears.

Many people thought that as for people like him who had made such achievements, normally they would choose to pursue their careers in the entertainment industry, such as making films.

In that case, they would have no time to do livestreaming.

But Sun Dongheng was an exception.

Though he had been among the eight powerful trainees of Chinese New Voice and had issued an album, the sale volume of which was quite good, and also looked somewhat handsome, he still went on livestreaming quite laboriously.

From the perspective of the fans, their feelings could be summarized by a somewhat exaggerated sentence, which was, with you by my side, who else should I look for!

However, since Sun Dongheng did like livestreaming very much, he did not abandon it due to some achievements he had made.

At 8 oclock in the morning…

Sun Dongheng had gotten up and packed everything to go.

Dragging a suitcase, he called out loud from the living room, “Mom, Dad, Im leaving.”

“OK.” Sun Donghengs mother walked over, stared at him smilingly, and tidied up his messy clothing.

Meanwhile, she said, “Dont make trouble for the boss if you go out to have fun this time.

Moreover, be more considerate, generous, and active.”

“Well, I know.” Sun Dongheng patted her forehead as he said, “Im not a child anymore.”

At this time, Sun Ming walked out of the bedroom, stared at his eldest son, who was dressed handsomely, and said with a smile, “You are a child forever in the eyes of your parents.

Have fun when you go out this time.

You dont also need to worry about the bosss issues.

Just dont cause them trouble.”

“Yes, Dad, Mom.

I need to go now.

It is already ten past eight, and Im late to start the livestream.”

Sun Dongheng walked out hurriedly.

He went downstairs to start the livestream.

After he went to the livestreaming site, he saw there were already more than 500,000 people converging there.

Moreover, the bullet screens swept past continuously.

“F**k, didnt he say he would livestream at eight oclock This shameless liar.”

“Why isnt the livestream on yet Will he be here or not

“If he does not livestream today, I will not be his fan anymore!”


Sun Dongheng saw what was going on, stopped just down the stairs of his residential quarter, and started livestreaming in a hurry.

“Sorry, sorry.

I am 10 minutes late.

I was packing up a moment ago.

Good afternoon, everyone.

“Im wearing thick clothing Of course, I will take a flight to Ice City soon, to play in the snow there and experience the coldness of the northern winter.

“This is also the first time I have gone to the Northeast after growing up.”

Sun Dongheng smiled as he said, “Yo, thank you, Elder Brother San Pang, for gifting me 10 super rockets.

Elder Brother San Pang, youre awesome.

Brothers, let me tell you, the king in this livestreaming room, San Pang, is also a mysterious rich one, who is quite amazing.

I saw Elder Brother San Pangs cars in his WeChat by accident last time.

He has several sports cars that Ive wanted to have for a while.”

Sun Dongheng had talked with this San Pang several times, who seemed to be 24 or 25 years old.

He was pretty rich and spent quite a lot of money on the gaming broadcasters here.

Having spent more than two million dollars on the platform, he asked those amazing gaming broadcasters to be his game partners on usual days.

If he was happy, he would gift many rockets to the broadcasters.

He had visited Sun Donghengs livestreaming room, found it interesting, and sent Sun Dongheng some gifts.

Moreover, since Sun Dongheng had played games often, as time went on, they got to know each other.

On this platform, many people were San Pangs fans, who liked going shopping with him and enjoying the scene when the gifts floated all over the sky.

At this moment, as San Pang heard that Sun Dongheng would head for Ice City, he typed: “You are going to Ice City Let me give you a treat.”

Sun Dongheng asked curiously, “Do you come from Ice City, Elder Brother San Pang”


Sun Dongheng smiled and said, “Holy **.

In that case, it should be me who sets the arrangement.

I will be in Ice City this afternoon.

After I settle down, I will invite you to have fun, Elder Brother San Pang, what do you think”

San Pang typed: “Since youll be in my place, wont it be a slap in my face if I let you spend money”

Sun Dongheng laughed out loud and said, “Haha, haha.

Youre right, brother.”

He was livestreaming on the street so addictively.

In other peoples eyes, he looked like a fool.

However, Sun Dongheng did not mind it at all since he thought he was livestreaming quite honestly.

After he had been walking for dozens of minutes, he aimed his camera at the building of his company and said, “This is my fathers company.

My boss owns all the places here.

By the way, as for the area of luxurious housing on the mountain, which I showed you some time ago, it is also the bosss property.”

San Pang stared at the scene in front of him and felt curious.

Originally, he had planned to ask who his boss was.

However, he sensed that Sun Dongheng would not tell him.

Consequently, he asked indirectly, “How high is your bosss social status”

Based on the small amount of information such as the social status and the location of New Moon Bay, he thought that he could guess the identity of Sun Donghengs boss.

After all, this kind of rich tycoon was quite rare.

“How high is his social status I dont know either.” Sun Dongheng smiled helplessly and said, “Anyway, it is surely very high.

I remember that a subordinate of the boss got a deal done a few days ago and made a net profit of five billion dollars.”

“Puff…” San Pang could not help typing a word: “Societal.”

It was simply societal to earn a net profit of five billion dollars.

It was amazing! Even if Sun Donghengs boss deposited this money in the bank, ordinary people could live their entire lives with the relative interest generated.

As Sun Dongheng walked to the front of the building, the security guard standing at the entrance, who knew him, nodded and said politely, “Master Sun.”

“Yes,” Sun Dongheng responded complacently and walked in confidently.

He went to the airport directly from the backdoor as he said, “This is the bosss private airport.

As for these two large-sized jets and three helicopters, the boss bought them recently.”

As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

The scale of the airport was not large.

However, several planes dazzled peoples eyes.

Those who knew about all the goods typed out the frightening price at once.

As Sun Dongheng saw many people typing on the screen “Brother Dong, youre awesome!”, he could not help laughing as he said, “Its not me but the boss who is rich.

Though my father does have some properties, compared with those of the boss, well, it cant be comparable.

I will sit here livestreaming for a while and end the broadcast before boarding.

“Your question is who took first place on Chinese New Voice Well, I cant tell you that, since we all signed non-disclosure agreements.

However, the list of the eight powerful trainees that circulated on the Internet is true.

Well, I am one of them.

“Im not bragging…”

Sun Dongheng started bragging and showing off.

On the opposite side, in the big bedroom of the castle of Cold Immortal School…

The little princess had a great sense of beauty.

As she saw her mother did not take many items of clothing, she reminded her in a hurry, “Mama, why are we just taking these few items of clothing Dont we need to be there for quite a few days These clothes are not enough.”

“We will buy new clothing once we get there.” Zi Yan pinched Mengmengs tender face amusedly as she said, “Thats because the weather there is quite cold, super freezing.

We need to be dressed in wool coats, jackets, and thick clothing.

Besides, we also need to wear earmuffs, thick hats, gloves, masks, and glasses.”

Mengmeng mumbled confusedly, “Well, we need to wear so much In that case, we wont be able to walk, will we”

Zi Yan added, “No, we can.

We wont feel cold as long as we wear a lot of clothing.

We will go to many interesting places at this time, enjoying the ice-sculpture show, skiing, enjoying watching the Northeast Tiger, and going to the long street in the city.

Besides, there are a lot of local snacks.”

Mengmeng said quite expectantly, “Then, we should go there quickly.

Where is PaPa”

“PaPa is making a call in the next room.”

As they talked, Zhang Han walked in through the entrance and said, “Lets go.”

Holding a suitcase, Zhang Han led them to walk out.

Mengmeng stretched out her tender arms and followed behind them joyfully as she said, “Lets go!”

She felt so happy since she was going out to have fun again.

As they went downstairs, the group of members, including Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, and Zhou Fei, were all ready.

They formed a motorcade directly and arrived at the airport dozens of minutes later.

At this time, the other six people including Zhao Feng and Leng Yue, were already there.

Sun Dongheng closed the livestream and waited on the plane.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan put Mengmeng in a position near the windows in front.

After that, they sat beside her and fastened their seatbelts.

The plane took off at nine oclock.

Mengmeng was quite interested in playing in the snow in the north.

She chitchatted along the way and sung a few song lines sometimes.

However, she was tired soon and lay on the comfortable chair, falling asleep soundly.

On a trip, sleeping is a pretty quick way to get over the long journey.

After falling asleep for a while, as they opened their eyes, they found that they had arrived at the destination.

Consequently, they almost got to Ice City at 1 p.m.

Mengmeng already woke up and stared outside quite surprisedly.

“Why are there so many clouds”

Zi Yan said while staring at Zhang Han, “Well, it seems to be snowing here.

Is it”

“Yes, it should be snowing.”

Mengmeng waved her tender arms joyfully as she said, “Wow.

Then we can see the snow after getting off the place.

Can I be the same as Princess Elsa If I move in this way, will the snow fly freely”

Her reaction provoked laughter from the crowd.

Zi Yan replied, “No, you cant because Princess Elsa is a character in a fairy tale.

In reality, snow falls from the sky.”

Mengmeng asked confusedly, “Then, where does the snowfall come from”

“It comes down from the layer of thick clouds above us.”

Mengmengs big eyes got bright as she said, “Isnt a cloud used for rain Why does it transform into a snowflake Is it that Princess Elsa is using her magic”

“No.” Zi Yan found it somewhat amusing and pondered it for a while, then said, “When the clouds converge, it will rain.

However, the temperature here is too low.

So it becomes a snowflake.

We are going to get off the plane.

We need to put on a few more items of clothing.

Come here, MaMa will get you dressed.”

As they chatted, the plane landed at the airport slowly.

After it was stable, Zi Yan picked Mengmeng up and dressed her in a hoodie and a coat of hers.

Besides that, she also wrapped a towel around her neck.

Zhang Han also put on thicker clothes.

As for Zi Yan, she was dressed in jeans, a sweater, and a coat.

She felt that she had put on very thick clothes.

However, it did not occur to them that large snowflakes would pop in front of their eyes as they went out of the airport.

“Wow, the snow is so heavy!”

Mengmeng ran as she jumped.

Zi Yans coat fully covered Mengmengs face and neck.

She looked like a penguin, cute and joyful.

“Whoo… So beautiful and so cold!” Zi Yan exhaled and naughtily stretched out her hands in the long white column of mist that she had exhaled.

“Lets get in the car first,” Zhang Han said.

As his voice faded away, “Ah.” Mengmeng ran forward one step, stepped on Zi Yans clothing, and fell into the snowdrift by the road, whose height was 10 centimeters.

Mengmeng did not feel any pain at all.

Instead, she stood up directly and grabbed the snow with her tender hands as she said, “The snow is melting.”

The snowflakes melted into water bit by bit.

However, after that, Mengmeng felt the coldness.

“PaPa will dry it for you.” Zhang Han walked over smilingly and wiped Mengmengs hands.

After that, he patted the snow off the little girls body.

Wang Zhanpeng could not help laughing as he said, “Haha.

Mengmeng looks like a beautiful snowman.”

“I am not a snowman.

PaPa, is there any snowman here”

Mengmeng remembered that her PaPa had told her that he would get a snowman to play with her.

Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “Well, there is no snowman here.

After we arrive at the dwellings, we can build a snowman.”

“Yes, at that time, Aunty will help you build a snowman.” Rong Jiaxin smiled gently, took a heavy breath, and said somewhat emotionally, “The air is still so chilly.”

She had been to the northeast many times and experienced the charisma of the snow town.

People came and went in a hurry at the exit of the airport.

Most of the people wore various kinds of cotton-padded jackets and down jackets.

A few who were wearing less were running to the cars with quick strides, feeling pretty cold.

Wang Zhanzong smiled and said, “It is not so cold yet.

It is not cold when it snows.

The cold wind will chill you to the bone in really cold weather.

You will be freezing after standing outside for a while.”

Zhang Han stared at Zi Yan, who felt pretty cold, and said, “Lets get in the car first.”

Before they came here, Zi Yan had told him that they should not “use special powers” in daily life.

They also needed to experience the coldness while playing in Ice City.

At this moment, Zhao Feng reminded them, “The motorcade is on the right side.”

He already saw the group of members including Elder Meng.

There were eight security guards in total, who were standing in front of eight Land Rover Evoques with white bottoms and black windows.

To play in the snow in Ice City, of course, someone needed to come here in advance to prepare.

Whether it was the car or the dwelling, it was all prepared.

They walked over, got in the car, and found that the temperature inside the car was pretty high.

Zi Yan blew on her fingers as she said, “Whoo, it is warm inside the car.”

Mengmeng asked somewhat curiously, “MaMa, I dont feel very cold, why”

Zi Yan touched Mengmengs tender cheeks and hands as she said, “Not cold Your cheeks and hands are ice cold.”

“Come here.

PaPa will warm your hands up for you.”

Zhang Han stretched out his hands and clenched Mengmengs tender hands.

Soon, the motorcade drove outside the airport.

The Ice City airport was located on the west of the downtown area.

It took them an hour to drive to the dwelling.

A few minutes later, the mother and daughter felt warm.

Mengmeng bent over the window and stared out of it curiously.

This was the first time that she had seen snow in person.

“Papa, MaMa, it is all white outside.

Even the houses are white.

So are the sky and the trees.”

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and said smilingly, “It is because they are covered in snow.”

Though she had felt cold a moment ago, she found it quite interesting.

To those who had never seen the snow, it was quite novel.

However, to the ones growing up in the north, it was quite normal.

Zhang Hans family members were in the rear.

The driver was Zhao Feng.

Since he did not know the location, all he could do was to follow the motorcade ahead.

Zhao Feng drove the car as he said, “We rented several blocks of villas this time in Ice Bay The First, which is by the riverside.

There is a snow amusement playground near the riverside, where people can go dog sledding, ice sliding, snow biking, skiing, riding the tire car, spinning top on the ice, and so on.

It is not far away from the city.

It takes 20 minutes to walk there.”

“Well” As Mengmeng heard each game, her eyes became brighter.

As she heard Zhao Feng out, her expectation for playing was completely aroused.

“Are there so many interesting amusements Hmm! I want to play them!”

Zi Yan pondered it then said, “Well buy the new clothing first this afternoon and play tomorrow for the whole day, what do you think”

She had not bought the down jackets in advance, planning to buy them in the local shopping mall of Ice City.

Mengmeng thought about it and nodded obediently as she said, “Shopping first Well, OK.”

That was because she also knew that it was already afternoon and it would get dark soon if they went out to play for a while.

It was much more suitable for them to play for the whole day.

After they had been driving for half an hour, the motorcade entered the downtown area.

Many pedestrians were walking on both sides of the street, who had a lot of clothing on.

It snowed heavily.

However, there were a snow-moving machine and groundskeepers on each street to ensure the safety of the cars while driving.

Along the way, Zi Yan and Mengmeng drew close to the car window on the right side and stared at the street outside curiously.

They sensed the time pass by quickly.

Soon they got to Ice Bay The First.

It was a high-class villa district here, which was adjacent to the riverside.

Its geographical location was quite excellent.

The local rich or powerful all lived here.

Though there were many luxurious residential quarters, and Ice Bay The First was an outstanding one among them.

When Elder Meng took his people over, he directly rented six blocks of villas and eight Land-Rovers.

Meanwhile, it took him two days to get familiar with the locations of each amusement spot in Ice City.

After they went into the residential quarter, they grabbed their suitcases and allocated the villas.

Of course, Zhang Hans family members enjoyed one block exclusively.

Though it was cold outside, as they walked into the rooms, Zi Yan took off her coat several minutes later and said, “It is so hot inside the room.” Even so, she still felt hot.

Zhang Han was accustomed to it and smiled as he said, “It is hot in the winter and cool in the summer when you stay in a room in the north.

It is two oclock now.

I will make some lunch first.

After lunch, lets go out shopping.”

Consequently, Zhang Han found the kitchen.

The decoration of the rooms was quite good.

The kitchen was spacious as well as clean.

Zhang Han took some prepared food ingredients out of the Space Ring and started frying dishes quickly.

During the period, Zi Yan called Master Wangs group members.

Except for those who had finished their lunch, including Elder Meng, the others all walked over.

Zhou Fei rubbed her hands as she said, “Wow, Sister-in-law prepares another sumptuous lunch.” She was ready to have a square lunch.

Consequently, it was 3 p.m.

when everyone finished lunch.

Zi Yan glimpsed at her watch and said, “Lets go shopping.”


Lets go shopping.” Mengmeng was also quite interested in shopping.

This time, Zi Yan put two more pieces of clothing on Mengmeng because Zi Yan had felt quite cold a moment ago.

For herself, she was dressed in long woolen socks for winter, thick-plated shoes, and two coats.

She was all ready to go.

In the end, except for Rong Jiaxin, Zhou Fei, and Zhao Feng, the others all remained and did not intend to go shopping.

Before they went out, Zi Yan asked, “Should we walk there”

“All right.”

After they went outdoors, the snowflakes stopped falling.

As they stepped on the snow, a crisp sound rang out.

They walked forward along the riverside for 20 minutes and arrived at the street of the city.

“Phew…” Zi Yan breathed out heavily and said, “It is a bit cold.

Lets visit this shopping mall first and buy some clothing then go out later, what do you think”

“Mengmeng is also somewhat cold.” Her arms were completely hidden in Zi Yans long sleeves.

Zhang Han clutched at the sleeves and led the little girl forward.

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