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Chapter 583 A Veiled Abuse

After hearing the words, Rong Yong sighed and nodded slightly.

When he was about to take a step…

Wang Sibei, Rong Zhenxings wife said in a slightly frivolous tone, “What the elders said was right.

Jiali shouldnt have married him, but she just didnt listen to us.

Now, shes going to die with the others, and she cant even look after her children, who have to come to her mothers house for the new year.

How miserable they are.”

She laid down her chopsticks and looked at Rong Yong.

“Its not that Im hostile to those two children.

Its the fault of their parents.

They shouldnt have gotten married.

Forget it, I dont want to talk about these troubles today.

Ill allow them to stay for a few days here, and then Ill give them several million yuan to save their lives.

Ill show the other families that we are kind.”

Rong Yong was unhappy after hearing Wang Sibeis words.

Wang Sibei was famous for her tart and mean style in the family, and she was a utilitarian woman.

But luckily, it was Rong Zhenxing who was in charge of the family affairs.

“They just came here on holiday, not to ask for help or anything,” Rong Yong frowned slightly and replied, “Besides, they are wealthy enough.”

“Are you joking Zhang Han is a General and Zi Yan is a famous star.

Are they poor”

Rong Yongs voice was a little louder, which was heard by other people at Rong Zhenxings the dining table.

All the people in his branch looked up to see Rong Yong.

They were all confused.

“What is the section chief saying”

“Ouch.” Wang Sibei sneered and said, “Yong, Im a kindhearted person.

Even if you dont accept it, how can you be angry with me Is it polite to treat me as a bad guy All our fifth uncles family members care about their authority and are stubborn.

Now Rong Jialis children are coming.

I heard that they were all driven out of the Zhang family more than two years ago.

How could they not lack money Yong, dont delay others because of your personal reasons.

Maybe they need lots of money to save their lives.”

“Haha.” Rong Yong couldnt help snorting.

“Youd better not be so arrogant.

Its not difficult to admit the happiness of others.


“Stop,” Rong Zhenxing frowned and said, “They are Jialis children and its proper for them to come here.

Their happiness is their own business and we neednt care about them.

Thats it.”

Hearing Rong Zhenxings words, Wang Sibei ended her speech with a smile.

Rong Yong shook his fist and said, “Ill go out and show them in.”

Then he turned and left.

As soon as he walked two steps, there were several voices coming from the table at the back.

“Its not a problem to give them some money since they come to us for help.

Even I can give them a job in my company.”

“In fact, they are miserable.

Their ability is limited.”


After hearing those comments, Rong Yong still remained calm, but he was actually very angry.

As an officer, he didnt like to release all the information in advance.

If Rong Sheng was there, he would argue with those guys.

“What are you talking about He is a General.”

Wang Ming and Wang Ya, who were sitting on the other side, were more serious than before.

“Ignorance,” Wang Ming said softly.

“They are still a little too snobbish.” There was a trace of disappointment in Wang Yas eyes.

She had heard from her mother that the older generation of the family used to be very close to each other, but as they grew older, the people of all branches gradually moved away.

Since their family came back, there were not many people greeting them.

As for Rong Changjiang, the third master of the Rong family who was doing a close-door cultivation as he prepared for the Grand Master Middle-stage, he came out at 11 oclock with all the martial artists in the family to greet the other family members.

Then he went back to cultivate, since he planned to make a breakthrough that night.

Wang Ming had intended to tell the third uncle that Han was Zhang Hanyang, and perhaps Han could offer some help when Rong Changjiang was making the breakthrough.

However, Wang Ming had just returned and heard from Rong Sheng that Rong Changjiang had just left.

Rong Changjiang had been preparing for the breakthrough for a long time.

Right then, Rong Yong walked to the door and saw a group of people several meters away.

He saw Zhang Han and his family, Rong Sheng and Jia Wei, as well as Zhang Li and Zhou Fei.

Zi Yan had just left the Spring Festival party, and she had not removed her makeup.

Her long hair was carefully designed by the hairdresser, which looked natural but was very delicate.

Mengmeng was always beautiful.

She held Zhang Han and Zi Yans hands, looking at the restaurant with large windows curiously.

“There are so many people here,” Mengmeng exclaimed.

As soon as she finished, she saw Rong Yong coming out of the restaurant door.

“Dad.” Rong Han walked towards him calmly and smiled.

After a days contact, Zhang Han and the others found Rong Han very calm in front of her father.

As long as Rong Yong was not with them, the girl would be more active and livelier.

“Yes.” Rong Yong nodded.

Rong Sheng asked with a smile, “Brother, did you tell the patriarch about it”

“What should I tell them” Rong Yong asked.

“Something about General Zhang.” Rong Sheng was confused.

“Didnt you tell them about it”

“Er…” Rong Yongs mouth slightly quivered.

“No, they seemed to have misunderstood Hans intention.

Lets ignore them and celebrate the new year by ourselves.”

“The family has changed since uncle died.” Rong Jiaxin sighed, then he smiled as he looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

He said, “Second brother is right.

We are here to visit the first brother and the second brother.

If they dont want to see us, we can enjoy the Spring Festival in our own way.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other but said nothing.

They went in with Rong Sheng.

Not many people had paid attention to the conversation between Rong Yong and Wang Sibei.

Everyone chatted with each other, and many people who drank were talking a little louder, which made the restaurant livelier.


Suddenly, a red faced middle-aged man looked at the door and exclaimed.

Then he turned his gaze to the TV in front of him, which was playing the new years program of Lin Hai TV station.

Then his eyes went back to the direction of the door.

His face changed.

“I cant dream anymore.

I must be dreaming… Its strange for people to come out from the TV.”

“Ah No, no! Why am I hallucinating Are we drinking bad wine”

The man next to him shook his head and said.

“No, its a real person.

Its Zi Yan! Oh, My God! She came to our house.” The eyes of a 20-year-old woman were wide open.

“This is big news, for Zi Yan to come to our house for the new year.

Wow, Im afraid that all my friends will envy me.

Why is she holding a childs hand Why That kid is so beautiful.

Who is the man next to her How can he…”

With the arrival of Zhang Han and Zi Yan, gradually, the attention of all the people in the restaurant was focused on them.

Exclamations came out from time to time.

“Zi Yan”

“She is here in flesh!”


Many people were shocked.

Many young men and women who liked Zi Yan could not help but stand up and stare at her.

“Well, happy new year, everyone.”

Mengmeng found so many people looking at them, so she waved at them, and then held Zi Yans hand again.

Zi Yan didnt wear sunglasses.

She looked at them, smiled and nodded politely.

Zhang Han looked at the crowd and said nothing.

His expression was very calm.

Rong Sheng and Jia Wei kept smiling and nodding.

After they sat down, a man with a flattop haircut next to him grinned and asked, “Oh my God.

Dad, how did you manage to bring the super star here”

“Stinky boy, that is you… Your cousin Zhang Han, Zi Yan is Zhang Hans wife, and Mengmeng is their daughter.

Han and Li, he is my son, Rong Nan.” Rong Sheng said, feeling a little ashamed.

Zhang Han was a General and Rong Sheng didnt dare to regard him as one of the younger generation.

“Well, nice to meet you, brother and sister.

Hello, Mengmeng.” Rong Nan hurried to greet them.

“Nice to meet you.” They greeted each other.

The other people present were very confused at the moment.

“Whats going on”

“Zi Yan is Zhang Hans wife, and that girl is their daughter”

Wang Sibei felt uncomfortable after seeing this.

She had just said something unpleasant and she was proven wrong.

Zi Yan was Zhang Hans wife and they obviously didnt lack money.

It was so easy for Zi Yan to make a fortune.

She felt unhappy as she saw Rong Sheng and Rong Yong talking freely and happily.

“Currying favor by claptrap,” Wang Sibei whispered.

She was not satisfied because Rong Sheng didnt take Zhang Han to greet her.

“The patriarch is still sitting here.

Are you so arrogant”

In fact, if she hadnt just satirized Rong Yong, Rong Sheng might have introduced Zhang Han to them.

In fact, the rest of the people at their dinner table had almost finished their dinner and some of them had planned to leave the restaurant.

But they decided to stay when they saw Zi Yan, so they could watch them have dinner.

About five minutes later, several plates of hot dumplings were placed on Rong Shengs table.

Many people thought it was strange for them to have dumplings.

This was because every region had different New Years Eve customs.

In other words, people in the north would find it odd if they saw someone eating rice cakes beside for New Years.”

Suddenly, at Rong Zhenxings table, a seven or eight year old boy said with some expectation, “I want to eat dumplings, too.”

Hearing him, Wang Sibei couldnt help patting the table.

“What do you want to eat Arent you full”


The whole restaurant suddenly quieted down.

Everyone turned their gazes to Wang Sibei in astonishment.

“The patriarchs wife is annoyed because the newcomers didnt greet her.”

Just as they expected…

At that time, Wang Sibei seemed to have found an opportunity to vent.

She looked at the little boy and said, “Weixi, youve just had enough.

Didnt you say you were going to sleep Then you can go back to have a rest.

Go to bed early, and wake up early tomorrow to go to visit your grandfather with your father.

You should remember that when you go to other peoples houses, you should first greet them warmly.

This is a courtesy and a rule.

If you dont understand this, youll make yourself a joke.”


Many peoples faces changed when they heard this.

Obviously, she was warning those people at Rong Shengs table!

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