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Chapter 626 Gathering in Mount Five Flowers

Master Wang shocked many people, most of whom were from the Qiao family and the Chu family.

Although they had just heard the news, they still felt inner happiness after listening to it again.


Because the hateful Zhang Hanyang had trampled on the dignity of these two families!

Now it was known by the whole Shangjing that Merciless Zhang was here and both the Qiao family and the Lin family were in danger.

Because he announced that he would go to Mount Five Flowers to destroy the two families at noon the next day!

No one knew whether he wanted to destroy the buildings there or even the members of the two families together!

No one dared to guess his intentions.

Therefore, the core members of the two families all went to Mount Red Leaf to seek the protection of Emperor Qing.

They were even ready to evacuate their whole families.

Fortunately, Emperor Qing promised to help them, and they believed that Emperor Qing could win the battle or end it with a draw as the worst result.

Thinking about it, everyone in the room began to discuss with each other.

“Emperor Qing is sure to win.

How powerful does Zhang Hanyang think he is How dare he compare himself with Emperor Qing”

“Yes, Emperor Qing is a legend.

Though Zhang Hanyang is mighty, he has no good character.

He is arrogant, arrogant, murderous, and deserves to die.”

“Not only that…”

When Jiang Yanlan heard the words, he frowned and said in a cold voice, “Stop!”

Jiang Yanlans voice contained some of her spiritual force, which shocked everyone both physically and mentally.

For a while, they were rendered speechless and looked at her doubtfully.

“Captain Jiang, what do you mean” asked someone.

“Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang are both talented and cant be criticized by ordinary people like you.

If you have the courage, you can speak ill of Emperor Qing here, or go to Zhang Hanyang to speak ill of him, rather than discuss behind them cowardly!” Jiang Yanlans tone was cold.

Ordinary people couldnt get the position of Captain of the Vermilion Bird, National Security Agency.

Jiang Yanlans strength was not only reflected in her strength, but also in the force supporting her.

Jiang Yanlan was very casual, which had won her the appreciation of Ye Tianlang.

She never showed her strength in front of Zhang Han, but that didnt mean she was not strong.

It was scary when she was as serious as she was now.

Her words silenced the others.

They didnt speak, but Jiang Yanlans anger didnt seem to disappear.

Turning her gaze to patriarch Qiao and patriarch Qi, she said gravely, “As the patriarch of your family, dont you know how to restrain those young men Dont you know how arrogant they are They even sent their men to the hotel to catch someones wife.

What else do you want to say If you gave up helping the two ignorant young men who are in trouble, you wouldnt have stepped into the current predicament.

Its you who are arrogant and careless! All you know is to shut up the victim after your juniors get into trouble.

Now youre finally in trouble, but its too late.”

Patriarch Qiao and Patriarch Lin felt ashamed.

But they didnt know what to say.

They were in unspeakable suffering.

As the leaders of their families, both of them were smart.

However, they usually had a lot of things to do and had no time to manage the younger generations affairs.

Now both of them were a little depressed.

As Jiang Yanlan had said, they could have given up helping the two troublemaking children in their family, instead of finding themselves in such a predicament, which was not what they wanted.

But they couldnt go back.

They had been at the gambling table.

Only by winning could they survive without losing their money and even lives.

“Hmph!” Jiang Yanlan snorted and rushed to the foot of the mountain as fast as the light in the dark.

She didnt want to stay here anymore.


She couldnt get involved in it anymore, and she decided to let them solve it by themselves.

At the same time…

The news that Emperor Qing, who had just made a breakthrough, would fight with Zhang Hanyang in Mount Five Flowers at noon the next day shocked many people.

Emperor Qing had overwhelmed the super talents of an era, and no one of the younger generation could defeat him.

He had never lost a competition since he became famous, and all the poor fellows killed by him were well-known strong martial artists.

Emperor Qing had been making breakthroughs as smoothly as drinking water with the help of Qing Dragon blood.

Now, it was the age of Emperor Qing.

Zhang Hanyang became famous in Hong Kong half a year ago and then killed He Qingtian.

He also defeated Xiang Qitian and all those talents from the worldlet.

Last but not least, he killed six Grand Master Strong, including Li Zhan with weird spells, and then defeated Gai Xingkong with Demon Dancing Sword.

Not long ago, Zhang Hanyang, as a Grand Master, had been to Lin Hai City and killed Gu Donglai, who had advanced to the Lin Hai City—this was a unique feat!

Seeing such achievements, no one dared to say that Zhang Hanyang was not as strong as Emperor Qing.

Even in the recently released list of dangerous people, Zhang Hanyang was ranked first, while Emperor Qing was the second!

Now the whole martial arts world knew that there was Emperor Qing in the north and Merciless Zhang in the south.

They put the strongest talents in the south and the north in the same position.

This news, like a 12 magnitude earthquake, shocked the whole martial arts world in Shang Jing.

Then it turned into a hurricane and began to sweep in all directions, including Ice City in the northeast, Lin Hai in the southeast, the northwest, the southwest, and even Hong Kong.

Many martial artists were excited.

“What did you say Emperor Qing is going to fight with Zhang Hanyang”

“Its really like Mars colliding with Earth.

Its the collision between Merciless Zhang in the south and Emperor Qing in the north! God, its so exciting! If Qing Emperor didnt make a breakthrough, he might be relatively in a weak position.

However, he has been cultivating recently, and he must have advanced into the Divine Realm when he comes out.

Emperor Qing at Divine Realm will be horrible.

I dont know who will win the battle.”

“In any case, I must go to see the battle myself!”

“This should be the most dazzling battle since the small world closed.”


Countless people could not sit still when they heard the news.

The battle was set at noon the next day, and they had to hurry to the scene to witness the battle.


In the Gai family at the suburb of Ice City in the northeast…

“Is Han going to fight with Emperor Qing” Gai Xingkong was reviewing spear methods under an old tree.

When he learned the news, his eyes lit up.

“Emperor Qing is a descendant of the Warlord of the Chan Clan, who was a God State Strong and may be very close to the Earth Realm stage.”

“Han wont be defeated even if Emperor Qing has advanced into the Divine Realm.

But Im afraid that the Chan Clans Warlord will intervene in this matter and cause some unimaginable troubles.

I must go to Shang Jing to help Han.”

That night, many martial artists in Ice City felt that a large shadow in the shape of a spear swept over the Gai familys sky, which was shocking.

They knew that it should be Dragon-tiger spear, and the target of the spear was Shang Jing.

Hong Kong.

“Master Ji, it will be hard for them to stop once they begin fighting.” Mo Chengfeng sighed.

“I favor Zhang Han not only because of his strength.

But he will find it difficult to beat the Chan Clans Warlord in Shang Jing.”

“If he loses.” Ji Wushuang said slowly, “Ye Tianlang wont stand by.”

After thinking about it over and over, Ji Wushuang sighed.

“Ill go there myself.”


In a manor at the northern suburb of Shenzhen…

“Oh Is that guy going to fight with Emperor Qing” Mu Xue, lying in the pool with rose petals, was surprised to hear the maids news.

She hurried to her feet and even forgot to dress.

“I must go there and get my Demon Dancing Sword back if Zhang Hanyang is killed.

I hate his disgusting incantation!”

“Arrange the plane.

Well go to Shang Jing in an hour.” Mu Xue strolled out of the bathroom.

“Arrange the plane.

Well go to Shang Jing in an hour.” Mu Xue walked slowly out of the bathroom.

Mu Xue was not the only one.

All the representatives from the forces formed by the wordlets talents, who didnt come back after the gates closing, heard the news.

Ye Longyuan, who was doing closed-door cultivation, burst out laughing.

“Zhang Hanyang likes to fight and makes trouble wherever he goes.

I like him.

“Prepare for it.

Ill go to Shang Jing to watch the battle myself.”

Far away from Ye Longyuan…

Shi Fenghou of Wind Snow School was discussing with some of his martial brothers.

“We are going to avenge our two brothers who were killed by Zhang Hanyang!”

“Elder martial brother Shi, Zhang Hanyang is ruthless and deserves to be punished.

We are enough to kill him!”

“We will get back the Wind Snow Schools dignity!”

Shi Fenghou frowned as if he was annoyed by the noisy crowd.

“Zhang Hanyang is not as ordinary as you think.

You stay here to have a rest, and Ill go to Shang Jing alone.

Thats it.”


Many people set out for Shang Jing that night to witness the battle.

All the forces in Shang Jing City were also shocked by the news.

The news spread slowly in Shang Jing, and they didnt know that Zhang Hanyang had come to Shang Jing until now.

Even the Zhang family was stunned at the news and wondering if they should keep preparing the money for Zhang Han.

It was hard to predict who would win the battle, Emperor Qing or Zhang Hanyang.

The Liu family, which had been standing by, felt frightened after hearing the news about Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang.

“Damn it!”

The Liu family lived in Mount Five Flowers, and they would be seriously affected if the battle was too fierce.

Mount Five Flowers was a park, with only one entrance and one exit in the south and north.

There were manors of the Lin family, the Qiao family, and the Liu family in other directions.

As onlookers, they didnt expect to be involved in it.

“Tomorrow, well all go out to avoid it tomorrow!” Patriarch Liu reluctantly issued this order in the middle of the night.

More and more people came from all over the nation to Shang Jing.

No one wanted to miss this world-shaking battle.

In Dongfang Hotel on North Third Ring Road of Shang Jing City…

Zhang Han was lying on the bed, telling a story to Mengmeng in a low voice, “King of Dwarves and King of Elves sailed to the deep sea on the big ship.

Gradually, they found more and more strange animals…”

“What were those animals” asked Mengmeng.

“Well, it was a big fish called Tiger Fish…”

After the explanation, Zhang Han told a story of more than ten minutes.

After a while, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Zi Yan did not lie on her back today, but she gently supported her face and looked at Zhang Han tenderly.

Zhang Han saw worry in her eyes.

After Mengmeng fell asleep, Zi Yan got up gently and waved to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han got up and followed her out of the bedroom.

“Ive heard that Emperor Qing is at the Divine Realm stage and very powerful, and I know why you havent reached that level yet.

Now that they failed, youd better give it up.” Zhi Yan was nervous.

Zhang Han smiled while touching Zi Yans slender neck.

“Dont worry.

I can defeat him with just one hand.

Have you forgotten your husbands identity”

“Your identity Well, my husband is an immortal.” Zi Yan replied in a childlike way.

“Im a cultivator.” She amused Zhang Han.

“You can rest assured.

Ive shown you that I can make myself invisible and retreat whenever I want.

Besides, I have some treasures.”


They began to whisper in the living room.

More than half an hour later, Zhang Han returned to the bedroom with Zi Yan in his arms and fell asleep.

What was going to happen the next day didnt affect their sleep quality.

However, the people next door to them had all lost sleep.

They were so nervous that they couldnt sleep at the thought of the battle with Emperor Qing the next day.

They didnt know how the night passed.

Early in the next morning…

According to his plan, Zhang Han made breakfast for his family and then went out to play with Mengmeng in a childrens park.

It was another ordinary day for him.

But Mount Five Flowers in the downtown area was closed today.

Armed soldiers guarded all five streets around it.

However, the number of people on Mount Five Flowers did not decrease but increased a lot, which was ten times more than the usual maximum number of tourists.

A middle-aged man of the Zhang family asked Zhang Nan nervously, “Patriarch, will we really go to watch the battle”

Zhang Nan walked out of the car, followed by a dozen family members from other vehicles.

Surrounded by them was the silent Zhang Nan.

After a while, he looked up at Mount Five Flowers.

“Wed better be frank, or we will become a joke because of watching the battle in such a remote corner.

Moreover, I cant feel at ease without witnessing this battle.

Lets go up.”

Zhang Nan sighed and headed up the mountain.

The altitude of Mount Five Flowers was not high.

They walked up all the way, and all the pedestrians they saw were of extraordinary momentum.

In the middle of the mountain, the Zhang family members chose a path and went up obliquely.

Their destination was the safest peak in the outer circle, which was not in the battle circle predicted by most people, and under the guard of many powerful martial arts.

Mount Five Flowers consisted of five small peaks, which echoed each other like blooming flowers.

Four of the peaks were on the same side and very close to each other.

Many families in Shang Jing planned to watch the battle there.

The area at the top of the peak was not large, but it was enough to accommodate the Zhangs.

As soon as the Zhangs reached the top of the peak, they attracted a lot of peoples attention.

While some people were laughing at them in silence, others were gloating over their misfortunes.

Zhang Nan and his men, who came to see the battle rather than their expressions, ignored them.

Zhang Nan stood high and found that many people had gathered in Mount Five Flowers.

Looking at the ant-like audience at the foot of the mountain, Zhang Nan felt frightened.

“The combined strength of these people can easily destroy a city.

Perhaps thats why the martial artists are horrible sometimes.”

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