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Chapter 634 A Battle Above the North Sea

The restaurant of the Chen family had three floors, the most luxurious of which was an open-air restaurant above the third floor.

The Chens banquets were usually held on the first and second floors, and the third floor was only opened during the Spring Festival and several important festivals.

As for the most luxurious open-air restaurant above the third floor, it belonged to the Warlord of Chan Clan and was only opened every time he returned.

The dining room was decorated like a palace, and the floor was inlaid with gold.

Every step on it would wear the pattern on the ground, so only some professional servants were responsible for cleaning the room.

As the Warlord of Chan Clan grew older, he got bored with eating in such a luxurious place.

Instead, he preferred to have a meal in the courtyard on the small island in the North Sea.


Zhang, Miss Zi, please go upstairs.”

Patriarch Chen had been staying by them and looking at them excitedly.

He was so overjoyed that it was like he was going to get married.

On the stairs up the third floor, Patriarch Chen made a gesture.

However, when they arrived at the dining room on the roof…

Seeing the golden floor, Wang Ming was stunned, “Should we wear shoe covers”

He saw a shoe cabinet nearby with shoe covers hanging in it.

“No.” Patriarch Chen shook his head and said with a smile, “They are shoe covers used by the staff in charge of cleaning.”

So they went directly to the roof.

It was like an air garden, luxurious, fresh and gorgeous.

There were rectangular dining tables in the restaurant.

A bottle of red wine and a dozen bottles of classic white wine are placed on the table, The value of the wine was more than ten million yuan, let alone the variety of expensive top-grade food materials prepared by the Chen family.

When this group of people walked up all the way, they saw some young generations of the Chen family and their friends invited to have dinner together on the first floor and the second floor.

When they saw this group of people, they couldnt help being surprised!

When the group of guests passed by, these Chen family members and their friends kept silent, and the whole restaurant was very quiet.

But when Zhang Han and his friends left the third floor, the others began to discuss about them.

“Our patriarch looks like a eunuch following the Emperor… Well, he looks very enthusiastic.”

“Its not just enthusiasm.

He didnt laugh like this even when his grandson was born.”

“You know nothing about it at all.

Dont you see Zhang Han next to our patriarch He is as famous as our brother Changqing.

Hes super powerful and even more powerful than brother Changqing.”

“Really Though Zhang Hanyang is Brother Changqings elder brother, Ive heard that brother Changqing has made a great breakthrough, which makes him better than Zhang Hanyang.”

“Ah! You dont understand what I said.

Look at the woman standing beside Zhang Hanyang.

She is Zi Yan, the goddess! She is as pretty as the figures in fairy tales.

So is their daughter, and I like her very much.

Its amazing for Zhang Hanyang to marry Zi Yan! There is no second Zi Yan in the world.”


Everyone around that guy was speechless.

“OK, do you judge their strength through their girlfriends”

The arrival of Zhang Han and his friends excited the younger generation of the Chen family.

“It seems that they are going to live here.

Brother Changqing has arranged many rooms for them.

Can we ask sister Zi Yan for her autographed picture” They were all thinking about it.

Young people were different from the older generation, who regarded today as a milestone.

They just wanted to take a picture with Zi Yan and ask for her signature.


A man in the crowd was stunned and bewildered, and his eyes were full of doubts, “That little girl just now seems to be the beautiful little girl in the video of Brother Dongs live broadcast!”

Those who had seen Sun Donghengs live broadcast beside him confirmed his conjecture.

Now they wanted to take photos with Mengmeng.

If allowed, they would also like to go to the dinner party.

It was a pity that all the people who could go upstairs had important positions in the Chen family.

It was at dusk, and the sun setting in the west spread its soft afterglow all over the earth, making the atmosphere in Chens open-air restaurant warmer.

After everyone sat down, some waiters came up with fruit and snacks.

The crowd chatted happily for five minutes before the dishes were served.

Just at this moment…

“Here comes my grandfather.” Chen Changqing looked up at the sky.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai XingKong were behind a light dark cloud.

They wanted to land directly, but when Zhang Han saw them, his right index finger moved.


The dark cloud trembled.

The two who received the signal were stunned.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was speechless, “is this your home or my home”

He didnt say anything, but landed on the front of the restaurant and walked upstairs with Gai Xingkong.

“Elder.” Patriarch Chen and other members all said hello, and then turned their gaze to Gai Xingkong.


Gai.” They greeted him politely.

“Hello.” Gai Xingkong smiled and nodded.

“Sit down, please.” Patriarch Chen arranged two seats beside him.

Gai Xingkong and the Warlord of Chan Clan, Chen Changqing and Zhang Han sat on one side.

At this time, the dishes were almost ready.

In addition to Quanjudes roast duck, Wushan roast fish and other classic dishes, there were many special dishes.

The conversation was much quieter when they ate.

Zhang Han seldom talked with others, because he had been focusing on serving Mengmeng food.

“The pork joint stewed with rock sugar is a famous dish in Tans series.

Its red and bright in color, crisp yet with tender flesh, and good in taste.

Its very fragrant, especially the skin.

Its said that it can beautify your skin, and you can eat more.”

Zhang Han took a piece of the pork with only a little thin meat and more skin, and put it into Mengmengs cute small bowl.

Then he moved his chopsticks to serve Zi Yan a large piece of pork.

The guests at such a party were usually gentle.

They didnt eat too much on this occasion.

It was about the conversation, the wine, which enhanced feelings and business.

But after living with Zhang Han, Zi Yan found that the unwritten rules before were pointless.

With the support of a strong power, there was no need for these false rules at all.

Like now, Zhang Han served food to his wife and daughter, which made them very happy and encouraged others to serve food to their wives in the same way.

They found their long lost intimacy, which made the atmosphere in the restaurant warmer.

“Delicious, sweet and fragrant.” Mengmengs small hand was holding a pair of long chopsticks.

She was enjoying the dishes Zhang Han served her while mumbling.

“Ill make it for you myself when we get back to Hong Kong.” Zhang Han smiled.

Zhang Han didnt move his chopsticks frequently.

When Mengmeng finished eating, he picked up a small spoon and served her another kind of dish.

At the same time, he introduced, “This is crab bean curd, a kind of Beijing cuisine.

It uses south bean curd.”

Every time Mengmeng finished eating, Zhang Han would serve her another kind of dish.

Zhang Hans performance at the dinner table never changed.

He never cared about the occasion and rules of eating.

He just wanted his lovely daughter to enjoy the food.

“Try this fried Chinese toon and fish.”

“Try the sea cucumber and tremella.”


When other people were chatting, they would occasionally look at Zhang Hans side.

Many of them also thought of their children when they were young and missed that period of time so much.

Mengmeng should be the child growing up in the greenhouse.

“Finally, have some royal yellow cake.”

Zhang Han had been looking for the most suitable food on the table for Mengmeng.

There were about 50 dishes, and Mengmeng was full before she could try every dish.

Luckily, Zhang Han was born and raised in the capital city and he knew which was the special dish.

So he cleverly avoided the common dishes in the process of feeding Mengmeng.

The last imperial yellow cake was a little far away from Zhang Han.

But just after Zhang Hans introduction, the others quickly passed the dish to him.

Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a piece of the cake.

After Mengmeng finished eating the yellow cake, she put down her chopsticks and looked up at Zhang Han, “PaPa, Im full.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and thought that Mengmeng had enough to eat, so he took a tissue from the side and rubbed her greasy lips.

“Im full, too.” Seeing Mengmeng looking at the sofa behind her with her bright eyes, Zi Yan wiped her lips and asked, “Mengmeng, do you want to play there”

“Yes.” Mengmengs eyes lit up, “I want to play with the toys there.”

“Go with her.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head.

Zi Yan sat down with Mengmeng on the sofa and took out two small toys from her bag to let Mengmeng play.

Zhang Han looked at them for a while, then turned his gaze to the table.

Chen Changqing smiled and said, “Brother Han, you can do everything more quickly than others.

Now Ive just finished cultivating, and your daughter has grown up to be a girl.

She is so cute that I even want to have a daughter of my own.”

“Er…” Zhang Han pondered, and finally gave a positive answer: “Your life will be different with children.

It seems that the whole world is yours before your children are born, and then you want to give the whole world to her, and of course, your wife.”

“What Mr.

Zhang said is reasonable.

Its true.

Changqing, you are 26 now and mature enough to marry a girl.” Patriarch Chen laughed.

“Me Im not in a hurry.

We have longevity as martial artists, but my wife and children will turn into dead bones quicker than me.” Chen Changqing shook his head.

The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly nodded his head, because what Chen Changqing said was the truth.

But Zhang Han disagreed with him.

“You say that because you are still incompetent.

If you have enough strength, your family, including your wife and daughter, can live forever.”


The hand of Warlord of Chan Clan slightly shook as he gave Zhang Han a dissatisfied look.

“Why am I so reluctant to listen to you Am I that kind of incompetent person”

Instead of expressing his dissatisfaction, he said meaningfully, “Longevity is such a sacred word.

In this world, maybe only gods can live forever.

They live with the sun, the moon the heaven and the earth.

I havent seen such gods in these years.”

“Yes, the life span of martial artists at the Divine Realm is only three to five hundred years, and we will eventually die.” Gai Xingkong also said with emotion.

“It may be the law of nature that man dies.” Chen Changqing said.

When the powerful martial artists were chatting, the others quieted down and listened to them attentively.

The three God State Masters at the scene all agreed that their life spans had an end.

However, just after they finished, Zhang Han took a sip of red wine, chuckled and said slowly, “I dont know if youve seen such news.

Some people say that there are both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces in the world.

What is beyond the universe What if so many planets are just parasites on the body of a giant, and we human beings are just bacteria on a parasite The theory is quite interesting, but its also true that the universe is boundless and the earth is very small.”

As he spoke, Zhang Han looked at the setting sun and found that the night had come.

Zhang Hans voice softened, “We can live forever if we manage to obtain a method to be immortal.

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing were all stunned at his words.

They thought that Grand Master was stronger than Qi Strength Master, Divine-Realm Master was stronger than Grand Master, and Earth-Realm Master and Heaven-Realm Master were stronger than Divine-Realm Master.

But the Heaven Realm was not the peak since there was no end to cultivating.

Maybe their vision was really narrow.

The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

He dared not to guess the meaning of Zhang Hans words.

After all, immortals only appeared in legends.

They chatted for a long time.

Zhang Han checked the time and found that it was already eight oclock in the evening.

Mengmeng was a little tired now.

So he took a glass of red wine and looked at Chen Changqing.


They clinked and Zhang Han said after taking a sip, “We seem to be quite close to the North Sea.”

“Yes, whats the matter” Chen Changqing was confused.

“Wait for me in the middle of North Sea at 11:15 tonight.” Zhang Han smiled and turned away.

He picked up Mengmeng and went back to the villa with Zi Yan.

Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and others followed him in leaving.

A few people, including Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanzong, didnt move.

After Zhang Han left the dining room…

Those remaining in the room looked at each other in confusion.

“What does he mean”

“At 11:15 tonight, in the middle of North Sea”

“Will he… Hiss!”

They were clever enough to guess the truth.

So they all gasped in astonishment.

“Zhang Hanyang is going to fight against Emperor Qing!”

“What an interesting young man.” The Warlord of Chan Clans eyes lit up.

He chuckled and said, “Changqing, your brother Han wants to compete with you.

Try your best tonight and show him the Chen familys power.”

In this case, the Warlord of Chan Clan did not take Zhang Han as a junior, but as the prince of Heavenly Knights Sect!

“Elder Chen, its a little early for you to say that.

Its not certain who will win the battle.” Gai Xingkong smiled mysteriously.

“Yes!” Wang Zhanpeng was looking forward to the fight tonight.

He clapped excitedly and said, “Han knows everything.

Dont look down on him.”

Then Ill try my best to compete with brother Han this evening.” Chen Changqing shook his head slightly, and his eyes were full of excitement.

He also wanted to see what high stage brother Hans cultivation had reached.

So they all looked forward to the night.

Instead of going back to rest, they decided to drink here until 11 p.m.

After another hours sitting, Patriarch Chen and some other members felt tired.

They were curious about the battle, but they didnt plan to watch it, so they went back to rest.

Ten oclock in the evening…

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, Chen Changqing, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and Xu Yong all took the lead in going to the North Sea.

Leng Yue didnt go with them because she believed that Zhang Han was invincible.

In addition, everyone went to watch the battle, leaving no martial artist here to guard Zi Yan and Mengmeng except for her.

If she knew that Zhang Han could return through a special portal in a critical moment, she might also go to watch the battle.

At ten oclock, Zhang Han began to tell stories as usual.

After about ten minutes, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Zi Yan took the lead in getting out of bed in her pajamas, gave Zhang Han his coat, and said softly, “Go have fun.

Ill play with my cell phone, watch a movie and go to bed when you come back.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

He held Zi Yans delicate cheeks in both hands, kissed her red lips, and then flew out of the window.

The North Sea in the night had a unique beauty.

Although it looked like the sea, it was just an inland lake.

At this time, in the middle of the North Sea, a large group of people stood on the edge of the island where the Warlord of Chan Clan usually lived.

They were all here to watch the battle.

Chen Changqing was standing in the air a hundred meters away from the front, facing the curved moon.

He was adjusting his breathing, and everyone could see his calm expression.

He would face the challenge of Zhang Han in his best condition.

“Its 11:00 p.m.” Instructor Liu checked the time and announced excitedly, “The boss will be here in less than 15 minutes.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan looked up at the sky in the distance and said, “He is coming.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone turned to look in that direction.

They were all stunned when they saw Zhang Han clearly.

Zhang Han seemed to have turned into a dark shadow in the distance.

It was amazing how fast he was!

Every step he took, his figure would move 100 meters forward.

In three breaths, he came to the place near the island from afar.

He was also suspended in the air, facing Chen Changqing.

“With this speed alone, he is better than many of the martial artists at the first level of Divine Realm stage.” The Warlord of Chan Clan could not help sighing.

“Zhang Guangyous son is really a talented martial artist.”

“He is coming.”

Everyone cheered up and tried to open their eyes as widely as they could.

They wanted to watch the battle carefully.

At the same time, Chen Changqing also opened his eyes and there was a flash of green light in his eyes.

He slowly turned around and looked at Zhang Han.

“Brother Han, I have been cultivating for ten years, and I dare not slack off.

I have fought hundreds of battles and never failed.

Besides, I have the Qing Dragon blood and my strength is beyond many peoples imagination, though I have just made use of 30% of the blood.”

“As for you, brother Han.

Your spiritual sense mind trick is stronger than my grandfather, and I have never seen anyone like you.

But you havent reached the Divine Realm yet.

Why not delay this battle until you reach that stage”

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