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“Zhang Han, you are now at Divine Realm and your means and strength are better than ours.

You are really powerful.” Ji Wushuang made a gesture of praise to Zhang Han.

They were all convinced by Zhang Han, because all the difficulties had been solved by Zhang Han so easily.

His strength was somewhat amazing.

“Ha ha.” Gai Xingkong chuckled and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder, “Im proud of you for your fathers sake.

When Guangyou comes back, Im afraid he will be stunned to see his son as a master at Divine Realm.”

Zhang Han grinned, “He will be proud of me.”

Then Zhang Han shook his head, “Im just a fake Divine-Realm martial artist.”


All the others were surprised.

The Warlord of Chan Clan asked, “What do you mean by “fake Divine Realm”

They had never heard of this stage.

Generally speaking, after breakthrough, they would reach the early stage of Divine Realm or the middle stage if their breakthrough was perfect.

What was this stage known as fake Divine Realm

“It means that I temporarily broke into Divine Realm.

After I go back, I will control my cultivation to drop and I will be weak for about seven days.” Zhang Han answered casually.

In these two battles, these people kept fighting for him regardless of their own safety.

Birds of a feather flock together in groups.

No matter if it was the Warlord of Chan Clan or Ji Wushuang, they were free and outgoing people who followed their original intention.

Zhang Han did not want to hide anything from them.

As for Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing, they were Zhang Hans family members.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Chen Changqing was surprised, “Why did you not take this opportunity to make a real breakthrough”

“Because I want to give it a try and feel what it will be like to break through after reaching the extreme.”

Zhang Hans words moved the others.

They did not expect that Zhang Hans ambition was so great that he even had to suppress such strength and wait for the ideal time to break through.

This kind of disposition was admirable.

In their eyes, Zhang Han was only 27 years old.

He was not arrogant and impetuous at such a young age, which was amazing.

“If hes like everyone else…” Ji Wushuang shook his head slightly, “Im afraid he will choose to break into Divine Realm and then he can go out and show off and fight with others.”

Zhang Han smiled and did not reply.

Although he had a good relationship with them, Zhang Han felt that there was no need to tell them everything.

Of course, Zhang Han would not brag that he had been reborn so as not to frighten the others.

If he had such a character, he might not even survive for three days in the Cultivation World.

From the corner of the airport, they walked to their plane.

There were many black cars around the plane.

Some cold faced men dressed in black suits were walking around.

“Oh Are they going to see us off” Ji Wushuangs eyes narrowed slightly.

Seeing them walking toward the plane, a middle-aged man headed over with a trace of respect on his face.

“Distinguished Eastern guests, your flight is ready for departure at any time.”

“Are you so anxious to see us leave What if we want to stay here for a few days” Ji Wushuang smiled.

The other side was a little at a loss, but he reacted quickly and paused for just one second before he said, “We welcome you very much.

If our distinguished guests want to stay here for a few days, we can arrange all the itineraries in three minutes, including hotel, restaurants, tourist attractions, if you wish to.”

He spoke with a professional smile and no one could find fault with what he said.

Zhang Han did not want to waste time here.

He moved and walked directly to the entrance of the plane.

Chen Changqing and the others followed them and Ji Wushuang stopped talking nonsense.

He gazed intently at the man and turned around to get on the plane.

Soon, the plane took off.

Ji Wushuang was silent for a few minutes and said, “I have just carefully observed their eyes and every move.

I dont see anything unusual.

But do you think they will use some lethal weapons to kill us on the way”

There is a saying which goes like this, “Dont harm others, but be alert to others.”

Everyone present had this sense of safety.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was not surprised to hear Ji Wushuangs words.

He pondered for two seconds and said, “There is a possibility.

After all, we have destroyed 40 of their fighters.

No one knows how their senior management will react.

However, if they want to intercept us, there will be more troops to send out.

They may not have such determination.”

“Were not targets and its still very rare.” Gai Xingkong waved his hand.

“Dont worry, they dare not.”

At this time, Zhang Hans words were very reassuring.

“They knew how far away they were before and how they were destroyed.”

How far was the extension of Zhang Hans soul sense when he was at Innateness and had eight thousands clouds

Very far.

The energy intensity that could extend to 30 kilometers was just what Zhang Han wanted them to see.

Hearing this, Gai Xingkong and others looked at each other with a smile.

In fact, they wondered why Zhang Hans soul sense was so powerful, but they would never ask about such private matters.

Zhang Han flew out of England safely and the local authorities did not make any comments.

It was as if they thought that they were so unlucky because they had lost a lot of money, but could not do anything about it.

It was bad news for a lot of people and it was terrible for the people who were in charge of it.

The plane flew gradually eastward and they soon saw the sun which rose rapidly.

When they arrived at the airport behind the company, it was already noon.

90% of Zhang Hans trip time was spent on the road and killing Luo Disi and others did not take up too much of his time.

During their flight back…

Although some people did not want to talk about the incident, the news stil spread quietly.

“Ha ha ha ha.

Its so funny that they only used one group of fighters to deal with five famous martial artists at Divine Realm.”

The top officials in many countries could not stop laughing.

“If they had the determination to do it, then they should have used more powerful weapons that could help them to win the battle.

Their loss must be heartbreaking for many people.”

“It is said that there is also trouble within their group.

The relevant personnel colluded with Fagus and others and eventually they were all killed.

It is said that Zhang Hanyang of Hua nation single handedly destroyed 40 of the latest generation of fighters.”

After laughing for a while, they began discuss this matter seriously.

“Zhang Hanyang can attack an area 25 kilometers away.

Im afraid many powerful people at Earth Realm cant do this.

How did he do it”

“He is a great threat to the army and I dont know whether this is his limit.

If the distance is longer, many weapons will be useless.”

“Zhang Hanyang.

List this name as one of the most dangerous in the world.

Inform the relevant departments of Hua nation that they must give advance notice according to the contract if someone like Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing goes abroad.”

“Dont worry too much.

After all, the worldlet is about to open up and our official martial artists will also come out.

At that time, even if Zhang Hanyang is at Divine Realm, he cannot make much waves.”


In many countries, a lot of discussion were carried out and many departments held special meetings for this purpose.

Zhang Hanyang was now a threat to them, but when the gate of the small world was opened, the threat would be greatly reduced.

That was to say, they cared about it, but were not overly concerned.

In the martial arts world, the news was somewhat different.

“Oh my god! It took Zhang Hanyang only two days to kill all the people who attacked his territory”

“How fast his revenge is!”

“The Man in Bamboo Hat, who is hard to kill, is also dead.

What is terrible is the destruction of the Halan Clan.

My God, even Halan Prince was defeated by him!”

“Perhaps the reason why the martial arts world in Hua nation is flourishing is because there are too many talents like Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang.

Its a pity that our country does not even have a worldlet and our resources and the number of martial artists are far lesser than theirs.”

Among them, the most vibrant was the Wu Dao world in Hua nation, in which many people were cheering for Zhang Hans victory.

“Merciless Zhang, Emperor Qing…”

Everyone was expressing their admiration for these two young people.

In fact, too many of them had not met Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing and they were looking forward to witnessing their battle one day.

Although the Japanese martial artists were also shocked, many of them felt more depressed.

“Shoichi Shimamoto, our Saber Master, was killed by Zhang Hanyang.”

In a manor, a middle-aged man looked at a large number of teenagers and said in a serious voice.

“Zhang Hanyang, known as Merciless Zhang, is ruthless and has killed almost all his enemies.

He took several powerful people to the West, destroyed the Halan Clan, killed Halan Prince and in total 14 Divine-Realm masters, including the Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi.

Zhang Hanyang, is he strong”

In the face of this question, these young men and girls did not know how to answer, but one of the dull little boys directly nodded and roared, “Yes, he is strong!”


“Yes, he is strong.” The middle-aged man nodded.

Then he looked at the direction of Hua nation and said slowly, “So… If you want to get your revenge, you must be more evil than Zhang Hanyang.

So you have to practice ten times and even one hundred times harder than before.

I hope that one day, I can witness the scene of your dominating the world.

As for the inheritance of Saber Master, Ill teach you from tomorrow onward…”

This kind of situation was still very rare.

They seemed to have forgotten why Shoichi Shimamoto, the Saber Master and that Secret Disappearance went to Mount New Moon.

At this time, it was already noon and sunny in Hua nation.

When Zhang Han and his plane landed slowly at the companys airport, they saw a small group of people standing at the side.

The first one was Zi Yan with sunglasses and a cap.

Her hair was tied in a ponytail and she wore black tights, which outlined her long straight legs and hips.

She looked sexy as always.

Besides, she was wearing white skate shoes and a white casual T-shirt.

Next to her, there were Zhou Fei in a sports suit, Zhang Li, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi.

They all knew what had taken place before and were so excited.

They heard that the plane was about to arrive and since they had nothing to do, they decided to meet Zhang Han.

People around Mengmeng Group were used to the luxury motorcade.

There were more motorcades today and everyone was wondering which famous person they were going to pick up.

It was obvious, by the way they were welcoming Zhang Hans triumphant return.

Seeing Zhang Han, Zi Yan smiled and strode happily toward him.

Zi Yan had recovered in just two days.

When she came near, she said in her enchanting voice, “Sweetheart.”



Although this was not deliberately coquettish, Zi Yans natural and beautiful voice made many bachelors yearn to be hers.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled gently.

Seeing Zi Yans action, he stretched out his arms and hugged her.

Zhou Fei turned her eyes and said, “Qingqing!”

Chen Changqing, “…”

The Warlord of Chan Clan almost lost his balance in astonishment.

He kept looking at Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei.

“Their relationship has developed to this degree”

The aged man was confused.

“Grandfather Chen…” Zhou Fei ended the prank and greeted him politely.

“Oh, fine.” The Warlord of Chan Clan nodded with a smile.

As for Chen Changqings marriage plans, he did not intend to interfere in it before.

Now he found that the girl was Zi Yans good friend, which satisfied and relieved him.

However, there were still some things he wanted to ask.

The Warlord of Chan Clan looked at Chen Changqing.

His lips moved slightly as he said something in a secret method.


All of a sudden, Chen Changqings expression froze.

He was embarrassed and looked at his grandfather in a strange way.

“Cough.” The Warlord of Chan Clan coughed slightly and left directly.

Chen Changqings facial muscles quivered.

“What did your grandfather say to you” Zhou Fei knew that the Warlord of Chan Clan must have said something, otherwise Chen Changqing would not have that kind of expression.

She was curious and wanted to know, so she fixed her eyes on Chen Changqing.


Under her steady stare and burning with embarassment, Chen Changqing whispered in Zhou Feis ear, “Grandfather asked us if we used safety precautions.

He said we dont have to do it.

He wants us to have a baby earlier.”

Swish, swish, swish!

In an instant, Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang, Zhao Feng and all the others turned their gazes on them.

Zhou Feis face turned red and she was shocked.

She looked at Chen Changqing in astonishment, then looked at the back of the aged man and stamped her feet.

“We only kissed each other.”

“We havent done that yet.

This dirty old man!”

Even Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqing teasingly, which made him smile awkwardly.

It was rare to see Chen Changqing being so embarassed.

Some people once said that when looking at those celebrities from afar, you would feel that they were very powerful.

When you looked at them closely… They were all ordinary people.

At this time, they felt that Emperor Qing, who seemed so out of reach at the beginning, was also very human.

With a burst of laughter, everyone got into the car.

The motorcade slowly went back to Mount New Moon and stopped outside the restaurant.

During the feast, they opened a lot of expensive red wine to celebrate their victory.

After lunch, Zhang Han accompanied Zi Yan for a walk on the mountain for nearly an hour, chatting about private matters.

Then they saw the Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong.

“Little Han, I have nothing to do now.

I have to go back to the northeast.” Gai Xingkong said.

“Well, lets go together.

Ill leave Changqing here.

Little Han, take care of him.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said politely.

“We are happy to have him here.” Zi Yan smiled.

Zhang Han nodded his head and asked, “Has Feng arranged the flight”

“Yes, everything is ready.”

Gai Xingkong laughed and said with emotion, “Your parents might be back the next time we meet.

Ill make your father drunk.

Dont blame Uncle Gai.”

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head, “If you want to make my father drunk, Uncle Gai, you should practice more frequently.”

“Oh, I havent done that before.

Ill let you know next time.” Gai Xingkong shook his head, “Lets stop here.

See you.”

“See you, Uncle Gai and Elder Chen.” Zi Yan waved her hand.

Under their gazes, the Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong flew into the air and disappeared slowly.

They would take the plane to Shang Jing, northeast and then return.

Less than half an hour after they left, Chen Changqing arrived at the back mountain.

Zhang Han said to Zi Yan, “Go and watch TV with Feifei.

I will cultivate for one to two hours.”

“Oh, oh.” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes, but did not ask anything.

When Chen Changqing approached, they strolled back to the castle.

“Are you badly injured”

The smile on Chen Changqings face dissipated.

He looked at Zhang Han and asked, “The worldlet is about to open in half a month.

You are seriously injured this time.

If you cant recover…”

“Ill recover in about seven days.” Zhang Han sighed, “Its not the time to break through now.

Lets wait until the opening of the gate of the small world and act according to circumstances.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing nodded, “Lets go to the back mountain.”

“Lets go to some place nearby.”

Zhang Han took a look at the direction of the east side of Mount New Moon and flew there.

During this period, they saw Wang Zhanpeng, who was constantly studying Soul-gathering Flag and Wang Zhanhong and Wang Mings disciples who were studying Hundred-formation Image.

They said hello to Zhang Han and Chen Changqing and were curious about what they were going to do, but they did not choose to follow the two strong men.

After all, it was very safe in the mountain after all that they had gone through.

At the top of the mountain nearby, Zhang Han stood under an old tree.

He did not say anything and the strong Qi surrounding his body swirled about a meter around him.


A dull sound seemed to explode in Zhang Hans body.


A blood mist drifted out of Zhang Hans body and his Qi dropped in a straight line.

Grand Master Peak, Grand Master Late-stage… It was not until his cultivation dropped to that of Grand Master Middle-stage that he stopped slowly.

Zhang Han brought out his fourth-stage spirit treasure, a white apple like fruit and took it directly.

His violent Qi gradually calmed down.

Chen Changqing was shocked by this scene.


It was not until Zhang Han stopped at Grand Master Middle-stage that Chen Changqing suddenly realized that even though Brother Han was well prepared for this trip to the west, the cost was also very high.

“He was badly injured.”

“Brother Han is cruel to the enemy and to himself.”

Chen Changqing was surprised.

It was too scary for Zhang Han to drop directly from Divine Realm.

He admired Zhang Hans decisive style, because ordinary people could not give up that fascinating power, even if they could just own it for a few days.

However, Chen Changqing was soon stunned.

The holy fruit taken by Zhang Han combined with his Qi and blood and helped to promote his strength from Grand Master Middle-stage.


The wind was blowing around and it was actually Zhang Hans raging spiritual Qi.

Grand Master Middle-stage, ten percent, 20 percent, 30 percent…

In less than two hours, Zhang Hans strength returned to Grand Master Peak!

“Whats going on” Chen Changqing suddenly frowned.

He felt that although Brother Hans strength had recovered, his injury had not healed yet.

”Did he hurt his foundation”

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