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“My dear white rabbit, open the door, please.

Open the door quickly.

I want to come inside.

No, no, I wont.

Mum is not back…”

On the way to kindergarten, Mengmeng, who was sitting next to Zi Yan in the back seat, sang happily.

Zi Yan hummed along with the rhythm with her nasal voice.

It was a very happy morning.

“PaPa, MaMa, you are going to… go on a honeymoon today.

You go out and play without me.”

After singing the song and seeing that they were near the school, Mengmeng pouted again.

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing when he heard that.

He shook his head slightly and said, “Because Mengmeng still has to go to school and get a little red flower.

I owe you 38 things now.

If you want to go out with us, you can use one.

I can ask for leave from Teacher Lu…”

Before he finished speaking, Zi Yan saw Mengmengs shining eyes.

She treated Zhang Han with disdain and said, “Dont listen to his nonsense.

We still have to go to school, dont we During the parents meeting, the teachers always praise Mengmeng.

If you ask for leave, it will delay your studies.

If you delay your studies, you will lag behind.

In that case, others will have more little red flowers, and Mengmeng will be outdone by others.”


Mengmeng hesitated all of a sudden.

She didnt even blink her big eyes, as if she was weighing it.

“Should I ask for leave or go out to play, or stay at school to get a little red flower”

After hesitating for more than ten seconds, Mengmeng muttered,

“Mommy, then Ill go to school.

I want a little red flower.”

“Good girl.” Zi Yan smiled.

She also knew a little about Mengmengs obsession with the little red flower.

For Zhang Han, the little red flower was just something fun.

It was not important in everyones eyes.

Obviously, it was very important to Mengmeng.

“Your mom and I just held a wedding.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Of course, Ill go out with your mom to have a rest.

Its almost October 1st now.

When you have a holiday, Ill take you out to play, okay”

“Uh-huh, okay.”

Mengmeng suddenly had little expectation for October 1st.

When they arrived at the gate of the kindergarten and parked the car, Zhang Han and Zi Yan got out of the car together.

They took Mengmengs little hand and walked into the kindergarten.

Many students looked at Mengmengs mother from a distance.

In fact, there were more parents who were fixing their eyes on Mengmengs mother.

A small number of parents knew that Mengmengs mother was Zi Yan.

They could understand that she had a private life as a star.

However, the wedding held the day before yesterday, so it made these few people feel a little strange.

The child was already in mid-class.

How could they get married so late

They did not need to let others know the reason.

In detail, Zi Yan and Zhang Hans relationship was also full of twists and turns.

Back in the car.

Zi Yan sat in the co-pilots seat, blinking her beautiful eyes, and her eyes were full of brilliance.

“Are we in the lovers world”

“Yes, its the lovers world.”

“Then, what are we going to do”

“Your little expression makes me want to go back to the castle as soon as possible, and then…” Zhang Han showed an expression to hint at her.

“Is that so”

Now Zi Yan also knew how to fight back, so she just winked at him.

“You make me feel a little… or else…” Zhang Han looked around.

Zi Yan saw that this guy was serious, so she quickly begged for mercy.

“All right, all right, lets go out and play first.”

“Okay, Ill deal with you at night.” Zhang Han grinned and said, “Where do you want to go”

“Er…” Zi Yan thought for a while and said, “Lets go to dive into the sea in the morning, deliver lunch to Mengmeng at noon, and drive a sports car for a ride.

How about that”


Zhang Han was very obedient to Zi Yans idea.

After all, he came out to play with her.

So they returned to the castle.

Zi Yan took the clothes, which were bikinis, and went straight to the dense forest at the back of the mountain.

Under the gaze of the Powerful Hei Trio, Wang Zhanpeng, and the First Elder, the two of them jumped into the sea.

When they jumped down, Zhang Han didnt use much power.

The motion of a free-falling body made Zi Yan couldnt help exclaiming.

It was a very exciting game.

About a minute later, the Black Pearl broke out of the water from the bottom of the sea, rode the wind and waves, and quickly sailed to the deep sea area.

Seeing this, the corners of Wang Zhanpengs mouth trembled.

“Im in charge of these boats.

My formation is in place, but the most important Black Pearl has been quietly taken away.

Alas, his formation is too abnormal.”

“Hahaha.” The First Elder on the other side laughed and said, “Not only do you think hes a pervert, but even I think hes a pervert.

Just learn hard.

A famous teacher has a brilliant disciple.

Im so lucky to meet him.”

“Thats right, First Elder.

Two-thirds of our Hundred-formation Image has also been completed.

We will soon accompany you to study the Thousand-formation Image!”

Wang Zhanpeng still remembered that when Zhang Han set up the Thousand-formation Image a few days ago, he was fascinated by the flowing light.

It was very tempting, but he couldnt understand it.

His level was not high enough.

Soon, the Black Pearl disappeared from their sight.

These people also continued to study the formation.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were standing at the bow of the ship, leaning against each other.

“I like being with you.

Am I too dependent on you now” Zi Yan was a little clingy like a kitten.

“Its normal.

Im your husband.

Do you still want to rely on others”

“Then I…”

At this time, Zi Yan was wearing a pink bikini.

Her body had just moved as if she had felt something.

Her pretty face was slightly red.

She stopped talking and quickly said,

“I want to dive.

I want to do that in the altogether.”


Zhang Han looked around with his soul sense.

There were a lot of fish and many of them were around the boat, but he didnt see any sharks, so he nodded and said, “Rest assured to jump.”

“Then Ill jump.

Will it be a little high”

“No, it wont.”

“Then Ill jump, one, two, three!”

Zi Yan counted three times, crossed the railing, and jumped forward.

The body of the ship was very high, but Zi Yan was not afraid.

She opened her eyes and blinked.

Looking at the sea getting closer and closer to her, she still felt a little oppressive.

But there was no sound of falling into the water.

She saw that the surface of the sea below her had sunk a few meters, and then a gentle force helped Zi Yan float up, letting her float three meters above the surface of the sea.


A water column began to rotate around Zi Yan, like a swimming snake, from her white feet to her legs, abdomen… all the way to her neck.

It looked like a real snake, staring at Zi Yan.

“Youre so naughty!”

Zi Yan raised her right hand and clapped it down.


As the water column fell, Zhang Han also floated down.

“My queen, are you ready to enter your underwater palace” Zhang Han smiled.

“Im ready!”

As soon as Zi Yan finished speaking, Zhang Han raised his hands, and the sea within a hundred meters in front began to change.

After the depression of more than 10 meters, water columns appeared one after another, constantly changing.

In a moment, they formed the shape of a palace, and a wave carried them forward.

Walking in the sea world made Zi Yan feel very romantic.

Zhang Han had a lot of tricks.

After forming the palace, he surfed.

He let Zi Yan dive several times.

When she met sharks, she went over to flirt with them and had fun.

Then, she returned to the ship.

On the way, there were two fishing boats.

When they saw the Black Pearl, they were shocked.

“What the f*ck, there are pirates!”


“Wait, why does this boat look a little old Is it a little familiar”

“Hey Isnt that a movie Ive watched Its called… its called Pirates of the Caribbean That Black Pearl”

“Whats going on”


It made people confused.

“Why did the ship in the movie run out”

Zhang Han told what they had said to Zi Yan, which made her laugh again and again.

At 11:30 p.m., they returned to Mount New Moon and drove a Lamborghini at random.

They went to the kindergarten to send lunch to Mengmeng and then took a ride on the south island.

Such a leisurely life seemed to make them unable to feel the passage of time.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

In these two days, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei began to look for Sun Ming to study the details of the second movie of Pirates of the Caribbean.

All the departments also began to prepare.

It seemed that they would be busy with work in the next few days.

It would only take more than a month for the second movie to be shot.

Zhang Han practiced the Athanasia Demon Gong every day, constantly absorbing and digesting energy, and sometimes he would practice Air-shattering Hand.

His grasp of the Air-shattering Hand could also be improved a little.

At noon on this day, Zhang Han drove to the kindergarten and sent lunch to Mengmeng.

When he was about to go to the company to see Zi Yan and the others, Lu Xiong walked over leisurely.

Zhang Han opened the door and got out.


Zhang, this time I really…”

Lu Xiong was already in the Divine Realm.

A cleaner in the Divine Realm would definitely make people dumbfounded, but Lu Xiong was glad that he came here to be a cleaner.

He got to know Zhang Han and got the opportunity to promote himself to the Divine Realm.

Lu Xiong wanted to say something to express his gratitude, but he didnt say much.

He was a little stupid.

When he was about to express his gratitude, Zhang Han waved his hand and said with a faint smile,

“Dont mention it.

Im relieved because youre here.

As the saying goes,distant water cant quench thirst. It sounded reasonable.

Now that the worldlet is opened, its not strange to reach the Divine Realm.

Youre still a Grand Master, so youre not good enough.”

“Well, okay, I cant refute what you said.”

Lu Xiong smiled bitterly and said, “But I still need to be grateful.

In the future, you can rest assured about Mengmengs safety in the school.

Even if the enemy is very strong, I will try my best to pin them down.”

“Dont do stupid things.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Mengmeng is my daughter.

I know her safety very well.

If there is a strong enemy, I will appear.”

“Thats right.” Lu Xiong scratched his head.

“By the way, do you know that the Divine List has been released”

“Ive heard about it.”

“What about the rankings…”

“I didnt ask.”


Lu Xiong was speechless.

“You dont care about anything that has caused a sensation in the whole martial arts world, do you”

“The ranking is based on the battle.

Now, the No.

1 is Yan Chen of the Lihun Sect in the Witch Hidden Realm.

He is Ye Longyuans Eldest Brother.

I havent heard of him before.

After he appeared, he only participated in three battles, but he directly ranked the first.

Obviously, he is quite powerful.”

“Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, is ranked 15th.

Emperor Qing has won several big battles.

He is now ranked 18th.

Long Ye, the talent of the Wind Snow School, is ranked 3rd.

Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, is ranked 11th.”

“It never rains but it pours.

The struggle for the rankings on the Divine List will start again.

Nobody knows who will win the title of Immortal King this time.”

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