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Mu Xues face screwed up in anger.


A howl of a sword rang out.

The sword hanging on her waist was instantly pulled out, and it was flashing dangerously.

“When I use this Demon Dancing Sword without a hitch.

My father directly refined it into a divine weapon.

Then you robbed it, and made it covered in dust for a long time.

Today, it will shine again.

Zhang Hanyang, you were once an Invincible Grand Master.

But now youve reached the God Realm, you havent even made it to the Divine List.

Youre on the decline.”

Mu Xue held the sword in her right hand and looked at Zhang Han from 50 meters away.

Her tone was a little sharp, just like her sword which was about to show its sharpness.

“If I remember correctly, you are not on the Divine List either, are you” Zhang Han replied, a little amused.

“Hahaha.” Mu Xue suddenly began to laugh.

“If I want to be on the Divine List, I will rank in the top five in a day.

What about you”

“Me” Zhang Han sighed.

“There are 50 people on the Divine List.

I can kill more than all of them adding up with one hand.”


As soon as he said this, Mu Xue was stunned.

But then, she sneered.

“Youre good at nothing, but you sure can talk big! Then let me see your strength!”


As soon as she finished speaking, Mu Xue leaped forward and went at him.

In the face of that moving black shadow, Zhang Han didnt care about it at all.

He was just playing with her for a while out of a bit of respect for his father and his acquaintance.

“Ill give you three minutes.”

Zhang Han remarked casually.

His right hand reached to the side of the road, and then a five-foot-long dead branch was grabbed in his hand.

“All-in-one Green Lotus, always lavish green!”

When Mu Xue was within 20 meters from Zhang Han, her Demon Dancing Sword really began to dance.

It seemed to have a great visual impact.

The movements were elegant like a kind of fine art.

The tip of the sword kept flickering.

After waving in the air a few times, the sword in her hand seemed to turn into a green lotus, but the power contained in it was potent enough to kill a martial artist at the God Realm Late-stage without effort.

“Youd also reached the God Realm Peak-stage”

Zhang Han said nonchalantly, “The Green Lotus Sword is meant to create a kind of otherworldly tranquility, as if it can purify everything in the world.

It carries the intention to freshen the world as well as the power to destroy the world.

Its a combination of beauty and horror.

Thats the real All-in-one Green Lotus.”

Zhang Han also happened to know the sword move called All-in-one Green Lotus.

In the face of Mu Xues strike, he began to wield the branch in his hand.

In less than a second, a glimmering lotus appeared over the branch, which was then sent forward by Zhang Han.

The lotus seemed to be sliding slowly, but in fact, it was moving toward Mu Xue quite rapidly.

Since Zhang Han used the dead branch to fight against Mu Xues divine weapon, the Demon Dancing Sword, he could only strike with his Sword Qi.

If he fought in close combat, the dry branches would immediately be destroyed by Mu Xues sword.

The divine treasure was a divine treasure after all.

And the dead branches were still just a dead branch.

The substance of the two items would not change no matter who was using them.

Seeing that Zhang Han threw a mere one-meter-long green lotus to her, Mu Xue, however, felt her scalp go numb.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

She produced more green lotuses that were bigger than Zhang Hans.

Her strike did look more impressive.

But when the green lotuses collided, hers melted away in a fraction of a second.


Mu Xue was shocked.

She had to brandish her sword another 11 times to stop Zhang Hans green lotus from getting nearer.

“You, you are also at the God Realm Peak-stage” Mu Xues eyes were full of shock.

Only Mu Xue herself knew how many dues she had paid to reach the God Realm Peak-stage.

She had indeed been through a lot of pain.

She thought that she was fast enough, but when she came out and checked the Divine List, she found that everyone had reached such a level.

She also felt a little bit of pressure despite her good aptitude.

But now, seeing Zhang Han make her a little flustered with just one move, she knew that he obviously had reached the God Realm Peak-stage for quite a while.

That really startled her.

Even her breathing quickened, causing her plump breasts to rise and fall.

Her loose robes already flattered her curvy body, not to mention how she looked in close-fitting attires.

While she was in shock, Zhang Guangyou and the other two, who were hiding in the air, also said a few words to each other.

“Mu Xues strength is very good.

She is surely the daughter of Sect Leader Mu.

She is very talented.”

“Yes, she is great.

But its a pity that she ran into Zhang Han, who is freaking powerful.”

“Haha, I guess this girl will begin to doubt her outlook on life after this battle.”

Zhang Guangyou also smiled.

When he was about to say something, his eyes suddenly grew cold as he looked at the right side.

“Theyre coming!”


Third Elder and First Elder also noticed that.

A long sword and a palm-sized box appeared in their hands.

The sword was Third Elders weapon, and the box was First Elders divine weapon which incorporated all kinds of formations.

They were ready for the upcoming battle.

At this time, when Third Elder saw Zhang Guangyou take out his broadsword he did not forget to give him a reminder.

“Young Master, youre at the Earth Peak Stage.

Since you havent yet reached the Heaven Realm, when the fight starts, youd better stay away from the battlefield.”

Zhang Guangyou: “”

“Third Elder, you never said that before.

Why do you start to cold-shoulder me now Did you learn that from Uncle Dong”

He really wanted to get that out.

But First Elder seemed to have seen through his thoughts and added, “Guangyou, listen to Third Elder.

Dont make trouble for us.”

Well, that really hurt…

Zhang Guangyou silently withdrew his broadsword.

Below, Zhang Han had also noticed the eight people who were rushing over from a distance on the right.

Six of them were at the Heaven Peak Stage and two at the Heaven Middle Stage.

Together, they were a fairly powerful force.

“Your timing couldnt be better.”

While Zhang Han was fighting with Mu Xue, he was pondering over something else.

“I dont know much about the secret skills involving thunder and lightning.

In the Cultivation World, few people know this kind of stuff.

But with the help of the Countless Thunderclap Technique, I can comprehend those secret skills and the Thunder Sea by myself!”

“Its made of Taiyi Wood Thunder.

Im looking forward to seeing its power.”

“If I fully master the Thunder Sea and integrate it into the secret star mapping skill, it will become the first kind of supernatural power that I created myself.”

“The Air-shattering Hand is also a remarkable skill with great potentials.

Now, my Heavenly Demon Skin has taken shape, and the power of Air-shattering Hand just began to grow.

When I succeed in cultivating the Athanasia Body…”

Zhang Han had thought through his way of cultivation.

Even though the enemy was coming, he was not at all flustered.

Instead, he began to muse while fighting with Mu Xue.

Even Mu Xue could tell what was going on.

The longer she fought, the angrier she became.

Her face was paler, and the astonishment she felt was stronger than before.

“How could he be so strong”

Zhang Hans ease astounded her and made her a little annoyed.

“You forced me to do this!”

The anger inside Mu Xue was surging more and more violently.

The obsession with victory drove her crazy.

While they were fighting, a Taichi diagram gradually appeared on her right hand.

This was a precious treasure given to her by Sect Leader Mu, which could destroy the soul of the enemy!

Even those at the Heaven Early-stage couldnt withstand it.

Those at the Heaven Middle Stage would be stunned for a few minutes.

Even masters at the Heaven Peak Stage would be dazed for ten seconds.

It could be said that it was one of her most precious treasures.

But once it was used, it would be gone.

At first, it belonged to Sect Leader Mu, but he begrudged to use it himself.

In the end, he gave it to his only daughter.

“Zhang Hanyang! Though Im not gonna kill you, Ill suppress you!”

Mu Xue shouted.

Her father also told her not to take Zhang Hanyangs life, so she didnt intend to activate the treasure with all her strength to destroy Zhang Hans soul.

She just wanted to suppress him and give him a good beating.

The Taichi diagram floated up from the back of her hand and flew quickly to Zhang Han.

It produced a barrier within a hundred meters of them.


Mu Xues shout brought Zhang Han back to reality.

When he saw the two marks swirling like goldfish in the Taichi diagram, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

“Its actually…”

Zhang Han didnt finish his words, and he even tried to defend himself.


The whole world seemed to have become silent.

Zhang Hans mind suddenly became fuzzy for two seconds, but in these two seconds, a lot of things had happened.

Mu Xue was also taken back that the Goldfish Taichi Diagram would be so fierce.

Waves of mysterious energy invaded Zhang Hans mind.

Yet, the Taiyi Wood Thunder was no joking matter.

It only took him two seconds to get rid of the energy.

But in the previous two seconds…


In Mu Xues expectant and solemn eyes, the land within the magical barrier suddenly changed.

It seemed that she was on a boundless land, watching someone who was looking at the sky.

There was a huge blazing sun in the sky that was ten times bigger than a normal sun! The clouds in the sky were all purple.

“Its the Propitious Purple Air from the East”

This idea crossed Mu Xues mind, but she suddenly became alert.

“What kind of scene is this”

She looked around and finally fixed her eyes on Zhang Hans unseeing eyes.

“Its, its his memory!”

“What is that place Is it a relic”

Mu Xues eyes slowly widened.

The angle of view moved downward.

After seeing the surrounding scene, Mu Xue felt as if her neck had been strangled.

Her mouth was wide open, and she couldnt even breathe.

What came into her view was a wide plain.

There were numerous corpses lying on the plain.

Some were men in cyan holding swords.

Some were giants that were dozens of meters tall, who seemed to be made of stone.

There was even a giant five-meter tall.

No, only his body was like a human body, while his head was a devils.

There was a deep cut on his chest, through which his bones could be seen, which were all golden.

Just this scene alone had a very strong impact on Mu Xue.

“Who are these people Fiendgods Why do they look so mighty”

“Oh my god…”

Mu Xue looked in the distance and saw tens of thousands of corpses in all directions.

Off in the distance, half of the main gate of a sect could be seen!

“Could it be that a sect had been destroyed”

Suddenly, Mu Xue seemed to hear the sound of breathing.

The scene moved to the left and finally showed a living person.

He was two meters tall and held a white jade-like flower in his right hand.

It was shining brightly, bathing him in the glow.

“Han Yang Immortal, Isnt it enough that youve wiped out our 10 super sects My father is the Eastern Domain…”

“Not enough.”

Before the man could finish his words, the subject of this memory reached out his right hand and clapped it forward.


A vivid palm blotting out the sky and the sun bore down from the sky.


A roar sounded.

The white flower in the mans hand was shining brightly like the sun, but its light was soon shadowed by the dark palm.


The scene ended.

However, Mu Xues heart beat faster and faster.

“The indifferent voice I just heard…”

Mu Xue looked at Zhang Han in horror.

“It was his voice!”

“What exactly was that place”

She didnt know the answer.

But she knew very well that all those strange people, especially the man who held the white flower, were extremely powerful, even though she merely saw them in the pictures.

That man with the white flower made Mu Xue suffocate under his imposing pressure.

That man was definitely the strongest person she had ever seen in her life.

But in Zhang Hans eyes, such a powerful figure was an ant that he could squash at will

“Who, who on earth is he”


In an instant, Mu Xue broke out in a cold sweat.

She felt that she had discovered Zhang Hanyangs big secret.

And this secret was…

Zhang Hanyang was not a martial artist at all.

He was a monster from an alien world!

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