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“Bone Demon”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and asked, “How did that thing appear”

“No one knows.” Daofu laughed bitterly.

“It seemed that Light Gates have already appeared since hundreds of years ago.

The Kunlun Immortal World has always been fighting repeatedly against the Bone Demon.

We tried to destroy the Light Gate, but it felt like it was under a restrictive formation.

If the attack was too strong, we would be suppressed by heaven and earth.

One could even die from doing so.

I remember there was once a Last-Stage Elixir cultivator who attacked the Light Gate like crazy five times.

Afterward, fog and frost fell from the sky and took his life.

I always thought that the Light Gate connected the two worlds.

If the Light Gate is not destroyed, Bone Demon would continue to be a danger to us.”

Connecting the two worlds

Zhang Han was stunned.

“Why is it so similar to my Door of the World”

At that instant, the whole image of the Saint Warrior Planet became crystal clear in Zhang Hans mind.

The Main World was the foundation of the Holy Object planet.

Among them, there were worldlets with stable spacial configuration and connected to the Ancient Mine.

There were countless opportunities in the Ancient Mine, which was a manifestation of the Holy Object planet.

Its subsidiary, the Cultivation World, was called the Kunlun Immortal World, and the Light Gate connected it to the Bone Demon World.

‘Bone Demon was a relatively cruel term to call it.

They constantly devoured the energy of heaven and earth.

It was no exaggeration to say that as long as Bone Demon came to the Main World, the energy of the Saint Warrior Planet would be completely devoured in less than 10 years.

Their reproduction abilities were extremely powerful.

This so-called reproduction was a massacre of other races and turning them into Bone Demons.

The Bone Demon was a species that relied on endless devouring to evolve themselves.

Hence, the Kunlun Immortal World had used up most of its energy.

“Could it be that there has always been a way to open the passage between the Kunlun Immortal World and the secular world Also, is the Light Gate meant to diminish the power of the Kunlun Immortal World

“The Dark Shadow Clan of the Ancient Mine couldnt enter the secular world… is it because of the Bone Demons”

Zhang Han was increasingly leaning towards the idea that these were all happening according to the will of a powerful figure.

It was terrifying.

There must be a big secret behind this Holy Object Planet.

Zhang Han suddenly looked towards Si Nan, who looked like he was enjoying the moment.

He asked, “Is there any Bone Demon in the Kings Domain”

“This world is so beautiful.

The sky, the sun, the energy of heaven and earth, the spiritual Qi…”

“Si Nan” Zhang Han asked again.

“Its so beautiful.

This is what a real world should be like…”

“Si Nan!”

Zhang Han was speechless.

His voice was mixed with a trace of spiritual sense energy.

Only then did the intoxicated Si Nan come back to his senses.

He looked towards him and asked, “What can I do for you”

Zhang Han asked in the Dark Shadow Clans language, “Is there a Light Gate in the Kings Domain”

“Light Gate How did you know” Si Nan was shocked.

“There really is.

“The Dark Shadow Clan and Kunlun Immortal World all have to face the cruel Bone Demon.”

“How many are there”

Si Nan replied, “Around 60, perhaps.

Whats wrong Is that boney creature called a Bone Demon According to Lord Liu, our Dark Shadow Clan had already made it to the Bone Demon World, but that place is too big and we didnt have many resources, so we came back and never returned.

Anyway, every Bone Demon has some pure energy.”

There were more than 60, and yet he was still so chill.

The Dark Shadow Clan was indeed the lucky one in the Saint Warrior Planet.

Without these restrictions, perhaps the Dark Shadow Clan would be the master of this world, and its dominator.

“Isnt there some energy essence that we can absorb from the Bone Demons to cultivate”

Zhang Han looked towards Daofu again.

Although the Bone Demons were cruel, some people preferred to kill them in order to cultivate.

“They do have the energy, but each Bone Demon only has a tiny bit of it.

If you absorb too much of it, it will affect your mind.

If the killing process takes too long, it will make you go crazy, as if youve absorbed the Bone Demons energy.

This causes all kinds of negative emotions in your heart to expand infinitely.

Eventually, you will become a crazy Demon.” After saying all these, a trace of fear flashed across Daofus face.

“Back then, I tried going after them for as long as half a year and I almost went crazy.

Thankfully, I had consumed a precious treasure beforehand and managed to return to normal after secluding myself for five years.”


Zhang Han had a strange gaze in his eyes.

It seemed that the Kunlun Immortal World did not have the means to purify those energies.

They were faced with restrictions here and there.

The Main World, worldlet, Ancient Mine, Kunlun Immortal World, and Bone Demon World were all linked together and this prompted Zhang Han to think of a word.


There were many restrictions set up to maintain the balance.

Could it be that the Saint Warrior Planet was someones playground


Could it be!


Zhang Han suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

He recalled absorbing the inexplicable energy from Zi Yans body and undergoing a big transformation to achieve his Ten Inches Dantian.

Could this be Zi Yans playground

Then who was the one who set up the restrictive formation

He had obtained the Taiyi Wood Thunder from the Heavenly Thunder Sect, which was located in the ancient relics.

The Lightning Cultivation Sect was one of the top sects in the Cultivation World.

A sect with that much capacity was destroyed and re-appeared on the Saint Warrior Planet.

In addition, there was also a green bull guarding the sect.

Zhang Han felt a little confused after thinking about all these.

“The more I know, the more secrets there seems to be.”

“But this is exactly what I want.

Its better to keep it balanced.”

Zhang Han really did not want to fight too many battles now as it was meaningless.

He might as well play with Mengmeng for a while longer.

The little girl was now six years old.

After the Lunar New Year, she would be seven years old.

Sigh, she was already reaching the stage where she would lose her baby-like voice.

Zhang Han said, “When you go back, go to the Deep Valley and ask my grandfather to come back.”

He was just thinking about what kind of rewards he should give.

However, Daofu shook his head.

He said, “I dont think that will work.

When coming down here, the passage was not even stable and weve already consumed a few precious treasures.

However, some ancestors have also once said that the passage had been stable for only a few years and that we can come over later.

That was 56 years ago, so we are more than 20 years late.

This time round, the five of us took in quite a number of disciples.

Next time we come, we should prepare to head to the Ancient Mine to seek opportunities.”

“How much do you guys know about the Ancient Mine” Zhang Han asked again.

“The Ancient Mine is the world of the Dark Shadow Clan.” Daofu replied immediately, “The Boundless Sea seems to be surrounded by a magic formation, so its extremely easy to get lost inside it.

However, there are many rare treasures in the sea.

Its just that we cultivators will become mortals the moment we enter the sea.

The suppression against our strength is too immense and dangerous.

We only dare to search in the surrounding waters.

As for the Northernmost Sea, its a gathering place for sea beasts.

Theres no way to explore it.

Well die once we enter.

The Kings Domain stretches over a large surface area and there are quite a number of Real Kings in it.

These Real Kings possess the strength of Last-Stage Elixir cultivators.

The Giants are at the peak of the Elixir cultivation.

Some that are even stronger have reached the level of an Origin Realm Old Ancestor.”

“Origin realm Nearing the strength of a Yuan Ying” Zhang Han was confused.

Although he had heard of the Half Step to Elixir stage, he had never heard of the Yuan Ying stage.

After reaching the peak Elixir stage, one could break through and become a Yuan Ying cultivator.

Daofu replied slowly, “Im not sure either.

Anyway, the ancestors seem to have reached the Yuan Ying stage, but their strength has not improved much.

Some of them… after an ancestor broke through, he claimed himself to be a fake Yuan Ying.”

Since he had decided to stay, he might as well tell them what he knew.

He would just treat it as forming a good relationship.

“A fake Yuan Ying”

Zhang Han suddenly laughed and said, “He was suppressed by worldly forces.”

This was the rule.

Even if you have reached the stage for a breakthrough, and even if you were able to break through, this world would not allow you to have the power of a Yuan Ying.

In that case, even if you broke through to the Yuan Ying stage, you would not become significantly more powerful.

As long as such a cultivator arrived in the Cultivation World, his Yuan Ying would be baptized by the energy of heaven and earth and he would become a real Yuan Ying cultivator.

“Im going back to see Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han waved his hand.

“Sir, thank you for telling us all these.” Zhang Guangyou cupped his hands towards Daofu and said, “Please send a message to my father after you return to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Tell him that we are safe and sound.

We will either wait for him to come back or go find him in a few years.

By then, his grandsons and granddaughters would have gotten married and he would become a great grandfather.”

“I will make sure I deliver the message to him.” Daofu smiled and then looked at Zhang Han.

“Then Ill look for disciples in the secular world.”

“Its up to you.”

Zhang Han nodded, turned around, and flew towards the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Daofu finally sighed a heave of relief.

Now that he was the sole commander, it was impossible for him to go to the Ancient Mine.

He only hoped that he could finish the task successfully.

If Zhang Hanyang wanted to intervene, he would be too scared and unable to defend against him.

Thus, Zhang Hanyang letting him be in charge was the best way to go about it.

As soon as Zhang Han left, Daofu froze and turned around, saying, “Oh, by the way, Uncle Dong, take Si Nan back to the Ancient Mine Plain.”


Dong Chen had a strange look on his face.

He looked at Si Nan, who was still looking up at the sky and murmuring, “What a beautiful world.”

“Si Nan, you should go back now,” said Zhang Han.

This time around, his voice was directly mixed with spiritual sense energy.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Si Nan looked at him and sighed gently.

“Zhang Hanyang, since youre so capable, Ill tell Lord Liu the truth after I return to the Kings Domain.

If Lord Liu and the others want to come out…”

“Well see.

The stronger our skills, the more energy we will consume,” replied Zhang Han.

“Of course you wont have to worry about the resources.

Besides, Lord Liu is generous,” said Si Nan.



I shall head back now.”

Si Nan did not waste any more time and quickly flew towards the Ancient Mine Plain.

He had spent 200 top-grade crystals on this trip, and the energy of his formation could only last for 10 more hours.

Dong Chen followed after him.

He could only rest assured when he personally saw Si Nan returning to the Ancient Mine.

People had always been wary as the Dark Warriors were able to enter the worldlet.

It even spurred many ideas.

They felt that the worldlet was no longer safe and they wanted to go to the Kunlun Immortal World to pursue a higher realm.

After returning to the Heavenly Knights Sect, Zhang Han arrived at a small manor on the mountainside.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Zhang Li were all at the door.

They had already received the news of Zhang Hans return.

“Where is Daddy Why hasnt he come back yet”

Mengmeng sounded a little anxious.

“Soon, soon.”

Zi Yan was completely relaxed and she even had a smile on her face.

“Why isnt he back yet Im already angry!”

Mengmeng was getting anxious while waiting and pouted her little mouth.

“Hes coming!”

Zhang Han walked over quickly from a near distance.

When Mengmeng saw him, all the unhappiness on her face disappeared, and she showed a surprised expression.


She naturally called him with her usual voice.

For Zhang Han, this voice was like the most beautiful voice in the world.

He smiled heartily and quickened his pace.

When he got closer, he stretched out his arms towards Mengmeng.

When she threw herself into his arms, Zhang Han burst out laughing.

“Did you miss Daddy”


Mengmeng gave Zhang Han two pecks on his left cheek and asked, “Did you miss me”

“Of course I did!”

Zhang Han also kissed Mengmeng, and then walked towards another side with the little girl in his arms.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Fei smiled and said, “Elder Sister Yan, look! All daughters are their fathers lover in his past life, and its true! It wouldnt be the case if you had a son.

Im having a baby boy soon and hes younger than Mengmeng by six years.

It seems like its a little too late…”

“Dont even think about it.”

Zi Yan could not help but rolled her eyes.

“Besides, theres no point telling me that.

Whoever wants to marry Mengmeng, his first obstacle will be her precious Daddy.”

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