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“Elder Wu!”

The disciples led by Elder Wu did not come back to their senses until this time.

They looked grief-stricken.

But they could not fight back even if they wanted to.

Thus, they all turned to look at Nan Qi.

“Our elders already been killed.

Dont youre gonna make a move”

“Zhang Hanyang, you certainly live up to your reputation.”

Nan Qi sighed softly.

Having overcome his astonishment, he flew forward.

Then, he remarked, “Given that youve attained such achievements in the inferior world, your future will be limitless.

Now, Im offering you a chance.

If you and your daughter join us, the Deep Valley and the Heavenly Knights Sect will be intact.

They can even be called our subordinate sects.”

Nan Feng, the Third Prince, valued talents very much.

He liked to recruit all kinds of capable people as his subordinates.

Nan Qi knew this very well, so he tried to persuade him to surrender again.

“To my mind, the Kunlun Immortal World is just a speck of dust.

And Your Wind Snow Temple is nothing,” Zhang Han said with a faint smile, his tone inadvertently showing his contempt.

“Youre too pompous!” Nan Qi frowned.

“Mind you, too hard steel can easily be broken.

A few years ago, there was a Ye Longyuan, who was called the Devil Incarnate.

He was extremely pompous.

After he came to the Kunlun Immortal World, he was on the verge of death several times and suffered a lot.

You havent even been to the Kunlun Immortal World so far, but you dare to talk big like that.

It may not be arrogance but ignorance.”

As he spoke, Nan Qi held up his right hand and took a hack in the air.


A streak of hundred-foot-long broadsword light burst out from Nan Qis palm and instantly cut through hundreds of meters of the void.

It cleaved the night sky and lit up the earth, whistling toward Zhang Han with peerless sharpness.

What a terrifying attack!

Before the broadsword light had arrived, the broadsword Qi had already darted ahead.

It caused a gale to rise, which instantly swept through the whole place.

“This secret skill is called the Green Wood Hack, which can cut mountains and rivers into pieces.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, this move can kill people at the early stage of the Elixir Realm.”

“It looks fine, but its strong on the outside and weak on the inside.”

Zhang Han waved his right hand slightly and shouted, “Shatter!”


In an instant, the broadsword light seemed to have imploded and directly broken down into various small jets of broadsword Qi that swept in all directions.

If a Wu Dao Grand Master was hit by one of these small jets of broadsword Qi, he or she would die right on the spot.

Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and the people of the Kunlun sects all made defensive moves to block the residue of the energy fluctuations.

This scene made the faces of the martial artists outside the thunder ring turn as white as a chalk.

“Good heavens! This is too horrific.

If we were anywhere near them, wed suffer from the impact.”

However, Zhang Hans calm tone boosted the confidence of Sect Leader Mu and the others, and they were not worried at all.

Nan Qis expression changed.

He had lost in the first round.

But he was not a weak cultivator like Elder Wu, so how could this be

“Nice, very nice!”

Nan Qi grinned.

His aura surged sharply, and a long cyan broadsword appeared in his right hand.

The blade was three feet and three inches long.

Every inch of it was giving off a faint glow.

Su Changxius countenance altered when he saw the long broadsword.

“Its the Seven Sages Broadsword, a weapon Nan Feng had used for many years!

“The Seven Sages Broadsword was refined by the lord of the Wind Snow Temple himself.

It accompanied the lord of the Wind Snow Temple for a hundred years.

With this broadsword, he had dominated the three regions of the Kunlun Immortal World and never lost a battle in his life.

On Nan Fengs 13th birthday, he gave this broadsword to Nanfeng as a gift.

I never knew that Nan Qi would come down with the Seven Sages Broadsword.

“It seems that Nan Feng is determined to not allow any accidents to happen on this visit to the inferior world.”


The members of the Kunlun sects were somewhat astounded.

At the same time, Nan Qi also looked emotional.

He was reminding him that he could not dampen the reputation of the Seven Sages Broadsword.

With this broadsword in hand, Nan Qis vibe changed.

He was otherworldly and mighty, as if he was a super expert who had descended from heaven.

“The move I just made was a secret skill.

But when I cast it with the Seven Sages Broadsword, it became a supernatural power.

Today, I will kill you with the Seven Sages Broadsword!”

Nan Qis face was a little cold, and he made a move.

The sword Qi of the Green Wood broadsword was as long as hundreds of feet.

Yet, the broadsword light did not go out to attack.

Instead, it kept shrinking and gathering on the Seven Sages Broadsword.


The energy kept gathering, and the Seven Sages Broadsword began to glow.

Crisp broadsword vibrations could even faintly heard, which was melodious.

Seeing this, Zhang Mus pupils shrank and he exclaimed, “Retreat now!”

Without waiting to explain his words, Zhang Mu dashed toward Nan Qi.

“Hahaha, your opponent is me!”

Nan Wu laughed wildly and rushed to stop Zhang Mu.

The others also felt the great destructive aura of the Seven Sages Broadsword.

They sprinted over one after another.

The melee seemed to be about to begin again.

In just a second, countless beams of light emitted by the Green Wood Broadsword gathered on the Seven Sages Broadsword.

“This broadsword can kill those at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage!”

At this time, Nan Qi seemed to be in control of the whole world.

When he struck with the broadsword, even ghosts and gods were alarmed.

Wielding the broadsword, he battled in the Void.

It seemed that in an instant, the Seven Sages Broadsword was just inches from Zhang Han.


Zhang Mu roared.

But it was too late to block the strike.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

After each of them launched an attack and the strikes collided in the air, both sides retreated and turned to look at Zhang Han.

They were just trying to hold the other side up.

The real battle was still over there.

“He cant fend it off!”

Bai Ruoqings eyes turned solemn as she said, “This attack cast by a supernatural power has reached the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

No one in this world can withstand it! Its a pity that such a young talent is about to be destroyed.”


Many people involuntarily held their breath.

Zhang Han didnt intend to say anything.

He didnt like to talk in battles.

But when he saw Mengmengs pale face and knew that she was worried about him, he laughed and taunted, “As I said, your secret skill is rubbish.

A supernatural power cant be cast solely by weapons.

But you Seven Sages Broadsword is pretty nice.

Ill take it.”


Zhang Han suddenly stretched out his hands.

At this time, his palms were crystal white, and his skin seemed to be as beautiful as diamonds, reflecting dazzling light.

“What kind of supernatural power is this”

Su Changxiu sensed that it was quite extraordinary, but that made him even more perplexed.

“Does he want to catch the blade bare-handed Are you kidding me Thats the Seven Sages Broadsword.

Even if it were not filled with supernatural power, no one could take its blow without any protection!”

As soon as his words were out—


An incomparably ear-piercing sound rang out, as though pieces of metal were clashing.


Another crisp sound was heard.

“No, this is impossible! Its impossible!”

As Nan Qi exclaimed, the others saw clearly what had happened.

Zhang Han grabbed the Seven Sages Knife with bare hands.

And the part he was holding was not the handle, but the blade.

His palms were still crystal white, which showed no sign of bleeding.

There was not even a single cut in his skin


All the people of the Kunlun sects gasped.

It was not until this moment that Zhang Hanyangs horrifying power sank in.

“Is he still freaking human”

“He caught the Seven Sages Broadsword bard-handed.

This is something that had never happened since the Seven Sages Broadsword was created!”

Nan Qis face paled thoroughly.

Zhang Mu and the more than 30 people he brought were all stunned.

Some of them did not believe their own eyes.

They rubbed their eyes hard before opening them again, but the scene they saw was still so shocking.

“No way! How could it be What, what kind of supernatural power is this”

Nan Qi was in a fluster.

He had failed to defeat his opponent with his ultimate killing move.

How could he continue with this fight

Zhang Han didnt look at him.

He glanced at Mengmeng out of the corner of his eye and said, “With your inept skills, how could you think youre good enough to fight with me”


Mengmeng patted herself on the chest and seemed to be much more relieved.

“Er, does my daughter likes this battling style”

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

It seemed that he had to switch the style of this battle.

After thinking about it for a while, he looked at Nan Qi and said slowly, “You are a good-for-nothing.”

“What did you say”

Nan Qi was enraged.

His usual calmness and indifference had long been thrown to the wind.

“I said that you cultivators in the Kunlun Immortal World are all good-for-nothings.”


His words made a big splash.

Almost all the people of the Kunlun sects were kind of angry.

Some of them even wanted to go out and fight.

However, since Nan Qi couldnt do anything to Zhang Han even with the Seven Sages Broadsword, how could they be a match for him

They could only wonder what kind of monster he was on earth.

Yet, the martial artists on the outskirts of the thunder ring were trembling with excitement from inside out.

In front of more than a thousand Kunlun cultivators, Zhang Han just pointed at their noses and called them losers.

This kind of demeanor was just admirable.

“Merciless Zhang!”

“He is invincible!”

A few hot-blooded martial artists cried out in astonishment.

A person beside An He also shouted at the top of his lungs.

His voice exploded in An Hes ear, making him dizzy.

“Does this really get you so excited as to shout this loudly

“But he is really strong!”

An He finally came to realize that the seemingly easy-going man he saw at that time… was not easy-going at all.

“Ancient Wonders, break!”



Zhang Han cast three moves in a row.

All kinds of colorful halos covered the Seven Sages Broadsword, which then sealed it directly put it back into his Space Ring.

“You cant!”

Nan Qis pupils constricted and his face darkened.

“Ive lost the Seven Sages Broadsword”

“What the f*ck!”

Outside of the thunder ring, Older Martial Brother Jiang exclaimed, “Zhang Hanyang has robbed the other side of his Seven Sages Broadsword!”

“He takes all the weapons that have been fired at him!” Wang Guanzhi said with a hoarse voice.

“Why do I feel that today is the doomsday of the Kunlun cultivators”

“Any force can be invincible as long as they have him…” Tang Qingshan murmured.

The field became thoroughly chaotic as those on the scene burst into an uproar.

Zhang Mu asked in disbelief, “He is my grandson Guangyou, are you sure of that”

He started to doubt his outlook on life!

“How many years has it been since I last saw him In less than two decades, he has already become so strong What a freak!”

Those people looked at one another with a lost look on their faces.


Mengmengs big sparkling eyes were even brighter.

“Daddy is really cool.

He is invincible in the world and can overawe the globe.

Thats not just a compliment.”

“Zhang Hanyang, you…”

Nan Qis right hand was quivering, and his heart was filled with shock and rage.

“Youre strong, really strong.”

Nan Qi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as though trying to appease the consternation inside him.

After five seconds, his voice gradually became calm as he spoke, “No wonder you killed those cultivators of the Kunlun Immortal Real several years ago.

Your strength is really horror-inspiring.

If you go to the Kunlun Immortal World, you will also become a top cultivator.

Your power is unfathomable even to me.

But unfortunately…

“The wind will destroy the trees that stand out in the forest!

“Zhang Hanyang, youre still too young.

Youve shown your trump card, yet, I still have one more trump card, the Nirvana Fruit!

“The Nirvana Fruit is extremely precious.

It can directly help a martial artist who has just entered the Kunlun Immortal World to directly advance to the Elixir Realm.

And it has another powerful function.

In the inferior world, it can temporarily give me the strength of the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.”

As he spoke, Nan Qi became more confident again, and his tone became more composed.

A scarlet fruit abruptly appeared in his right hand.

After taking the fruit, he reopened his eyes, which began to show a tinge of blood color!

An aura that seemed to be able to cut open the heaven and earth began to spread out.

The strength of the Elixir Realm!

“Are you ready to take my blow”

The corner of Nan Qis mouth curved into a cold smile as he spoke in a cool voice.


Zhang Han said indifferently, “Who told you that the move I made just now was my last trump card As I said, your Kunlun people are just rubbish.

Now that you believe youre so good, I will kill a cultivator in the Elixir Realm to show you what real power is.”

“Hahaha, in terms of arrogance, even Ye Longyuan cant compare with you!”

Nan Qi roared with laughter.

The next moment, he suddenly dashed forward at an incredible speed.

It seemed that his one punch could crumple mountains and destroy rivers.

“Let me show you how powerful a real Elixir Realm cultivator is!”

“Han! Retreat! Dont be stubborn!”

Zhang Mus expression changed drastically.

He shouted out loud to warn Zhang Han.

At the same time, he raced forward again.

“Your opponent is me.

Why are you always trying to fight someone else” Nan Wu sneered and advanced on him.

“Both you and he are gonna die!”

A melee was on the verge of breaking out.

Zhang Mu, who had been trapped in the fight against Nan Wu, could do nothing but watch Nan Qi approach Zhang Han.

“You want to fight me at close quarters”

Zhang Han stared at Nan Qi with bemused eyes.

It was not until Nan Qi came near to him that he said with a faint smile, “Sorry, Im even stronger in close combat.”

He was doing all the talking for Mengmengs sake.

After all, as her father, he was afraid that the little girl would be concerned about his safety.

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