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Theon, who was staring at her quietly, loosened the necktie he was wearing.

I don\'t see that child today

At her words, Theon tilted his head and looked at Ariel, as if asking what she was talking about.

The child who served the tea.

I heard she is Count Jaden Serdian\'s daughter.

Probably The Count gave such a good impression, I didn\'t expect that…

I see you are very interested in Ayla.

I know, right.

I am particularly bothered by her.

For that reason… I think it would be better to have a maid other than her to serve the tea.

Ariel grinned and went straight to the point.

She had been planning to tell him not to be served by Ayla anymore because she was particularly bothered and it was unpleasant.

Theon, who was quick-witted, inquired Ariel about what she wanted; and, to her smiling prettily, he answered with a light smile as if he were satisfied with the current situation.

There\'s nothing less attractive than interfering in a spouse\'s affairs and finding fault with them.

Like you did just now.

Ariel, who had been smiling silently as Theon spoke, started trembling as if to suppress her anger.


I am Zenia… That\'s right, Zenia.

From now on, I\'m Princess Zenia.


On the carriage, Ayla maintained a firm expression while muttering to herself, nervous, all the way to the royal palace.

She held her hands together to hide her trembling fingers, but she couldn\'t cover up her eyes that constantly swayed from side to side.

Elin, who got on the carriage with her to help Ayla, no, Zenia, who was not familiar with banquets, was also nervous.

Wetting her dry lips, Elin helped with Ayla\'s grooming until the end.

Orhan, who quietly watched the two women, who were tense as if they were going out to the battlefield, sighed and shook his head from side to side.

Princess Zenia.

We will arrive at the Royal Palace soon.

Elin, help the Princess get ready to get out of the carriage.

Elin gave a short reply to Orhan\'s words and started putting a droopy cloth over Ayla\'s head.

Orhan looked at Ayla, who was sitting still while getting help from Elin, as if it were something natural now, with a satisfied expression.


Let\'s do well.

You can do it.

Ayla Serdian.\'

As the carriage, which had been running at a low speed, slowly came to a halt, Ayla felt her heart rate rapidly rising.


Ayla got off the carriage with confident eyes and saw the entrance to the palace, which was giving off a beautiful dignity.

When she was dragged inside without even knowing why, she felt like she was becoming smaller under the intense pressure; but standing at the entrance as a princess, even if a fake one, made her gain confidence.

Elin glanced at Ayla, who made a resolute expression with her teeth exposed, saying that if she were going to become a clown anyway, she would become the best clown.

With an expression that she was not a normal person.

We have to go now.

Princess Zenia.

His Highness of the Stellen Kingdom is waiting.

Ayla gave a small nod at Orhan\'s words and carefully stepped into the royal palace.

She felt her legs trembling due to the high heels she was wearing for the first time in a long time, but Ayla was compelled by her sense of duty to show her dignity as a princess.

Princess, are you alright

The worried Orhan asked.

Soon, she had a light smile as if this were nothing, looking truly like a princess.

Ayla, who entered the palace, saw a well-dressed Theon and Ariel next to him, exuding an elegant figure as much as she liked.

‘Why is she there acting so proudly\'

Even though they hadn\'t even held the engagement ceremony yet, let alone the wedding, she clearly showed her inner feelings to pose as Theon\'s wife.

Ayla\'s expression seemed to become distorted after seeing Ariel, but as she soon smiled brightly, Ariel also gave an awkward smile at Zenia.

‘That\'s right… It must be the first time you are seeing such clothes.

It is also… My first time.\'

Theon and Ariel seemed extremely embarrassed by the carefree and showy clothes of Zenia, the princess of a foreign country.


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