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Theon, who couldn\'t take his eyes off of Ayla, smiled as if he had come to his senses and spoke towards her.


Princess Zenia.

Thank you very much for accepting the invitation.

I am Princess Ariel of the Libert Kingdom.

You have a very beautiful outfit.

Princess Zenia.

‘Ohh You really can\'t recognize me\'

When Theon first greeted Ayla, Ariel also smiled and introduced herself.

Seeing Ariel bowing her head and greeting her without recognizing her, Ayla was struck by a strange sense of victory.

It was an emotion that she could not feel while she was a low-rank maid.

To her, who was still bowing, Ayla said,Nice to meet you.

Princess.\', and unaffectedly turned her eyes towards Theon.

Theon\'s expression was somewhat filled with disapproval.

After being silent for a moment, he smiled and spoke to Ayla.

I\'ve heard that these days there is a unique way of greeting that is popular outside the Kingdom.

Theon, who said something she didn\'t understand, came closer to Ayla and brought his cheek to hers.

Ayla flinched at his sudden behavior and tried to pull back, but Theon was holding her shoulder firmly and she couldn\'t move.

She felt her face turning red.

Fortunately, the dark makeup that covered her whole body didn\'t show it.

Who told you to dress like this

… Is it the work of Orhan, Your Highness\' loyal servant.

It\'s a problem if you do too well.

As the distance between the two shortened, Ayla and Theon whispered in a voice that could barely be heard.

It was a secret conversation that was exchanged in a very low voice, so the people around them did not notice anything.

Theon alternately brought both of his cheeks to Ayla\'s cheeks, and then fixed his posture as if nothing had happened.

It\'s a… Funny way to say hello.

I came out to greet the distinguished guests in advance because I will soon be engaged to His Highness the Prince.

We should be together on a good day.

‘Did anyone ask\'

Ariel, who kept a cold expression while silently watching the two, forced a smile and naturally crossed her arm with Theon\'s.

Even though she had a calm and friendly voice, her words had a meaning ofthis is my man, do not touch him\'.

Ayla thought she wanted to tease Ariel a bit.

Why Because she is Zenia.

Because she is not some low-rank maid and is on the same level as her, no, because she is one of the most honored guests invited!!

She had the right to do so, and was in a position to do so.

She had no choice but to enjoy it to her heart\'s content.

The corners of Ayla\'s mouth went up.

Then, she started talking.

Ah… The Stellen Kingdom is really a funny place.

In Ruit, men and women can\'t even see each other\'s faces until they get married… This is really a free-spirited place.

The eyes of the man and woman looking at Ayla seemed to say,Can it be more free-spirited than the clothes you are wearing now\', but she continued her words, pretending not to care.

Oh, don\'t get me wrong.

I said this because, as a woman, I was worried that Princess Ariel might look easy.

Well… There is such a tradition in Ruit.

Orhan, who was standing next to her, unconsciously burst into laughter and acted as if he felt sorry for Ariel.

Ayla could see Ariel\'s expression looking at Zenia gradually distorting, but she pretended not to know and talked towards Elin, asking,Can I go this way\'

Theon cautiously raised his thumb towards her.

Princess Zenia\'s performance was about to start.


Excuse me… Princess Zenia.

What is it, Elin

Elin, who called Ayla on their way to the banquet hall, hesitated.

Elin covered her mouth and approached Ayla, who had stopped walking as if telling her to speak and waited for her next words.

Is there really such a tradition

What tradition

Men and women cannot see each other\'s faces until marriage…

No way.

It\'s a lie.

Elin let out apfft\' at Ayla\'s words and gave a small smile.

Ayla, who felt extremely pleased as she looked at Ariel\'s expression, who seemed she had gotten a beating, had a very bright look on her face all the way to the banquet hall.

As they approached the banquet hall, Ayla felt the distinguished guests who had not yet gone inside taking a glimpse at her and Elin.

After she finished speaking, Elin carefully pointed to the red garnet bracelet on Ayla\'s left arm.

As she was wearing many accessories, it was hidden by the thick golden bracelets, so it was hard to see, but there were many people who showed interest in her garnet bracelet.

It was an element that could be noticed by those who knew Ayla from the beginning, so she couldn\'t help but admire Elin\'s awareness.

After hesitating for a moment, Ayla smiled bitterly, untied the garnet bracelet, and put it in the small pocket on her skirt.



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