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Theon, who had come closer to the two of them, watched the situation and quietly waited for Ayla\'s next words.

Ayla slightly raised the corners of her mouth and spoke to Devin, who asked back with an unpleasant laugh.

If this place were Ruit… Baron Noir\'s pretty eyes would have already been rolling on the floor for giving an impure look at the Royal family.

You must really be fortunate.

Don\'t you think so

As Ayla kept her smile while fiercely saying that she would pluck out both his eyes, the nobles around them looked at each of them and then quickly looked away.

The nobles, who were hovering around them, coughed and started leaving when they saw Orhan raising the sword he was wearing on his waist.

Devin, who was standing in front of Ayla not being able to do anything, turned pitifully pale.

Some of them gathered and whispered to each other, saying she was barbaric, but the wicked and eerie gaze at Ayla was clearly weakened.

It was not only the nobles who were surprised by Ayla\'s cruel words.

Theon, who had been pacing around, muttered to himself,I was worried for nothing.\', and then went back to where he was.

‘Someone who is like a fat chick is acting up.

He\'s trying to die.\'

Ayla smiled quietly, beckoning at the Baron to leave, and Devin saluted without hesitation.

Zenia… Is protected by Zenia.

Ayla muttered with a triumphant smile as she looked at Devin, who moved away with a quick pace.


As the banquet drew closer to the end, the atmosphere in the banquet hall got closer and closer to its peak.

The guests at the banquet were moderately drunk and danced in pairs to the sweet orchestral melody.

Among them, there were also several male and female nobles who were staring at each other romantically.

Among them, Zenia was one of the most notable people at the banquet, so there were a lot of people around her.

She couldn\'t even count how many people she had already introduced herself to and said the same meaningless greetings.

She felt her mouth cramping, not knowing for how much longer she would have to do this boring job, but she couldn\'t show it.

When the group surrounding her disappeared, Ayla went to the back of the banquet hall to catch her breath, with Orhan\'s consideration.

She felt excruciating pain in her heels for standing in high heels for such a long time, but she kept smiling.

Princess, are you having a hard time

Ugh… A little bit.

Thank you for caring about me.


As a shadow fell once again over Ayla\'s head, who sighed in relief that peace had finally come, she forced herself to smile and slowly raised her head.

Would you like to dance with me

Ayla\'s eyes shook greatly as if she were disconcerted by Kyle\'s abrupt suggestion to dance together.

She was smiling, but even though her eyes were saying,Please leave me alone.\', Kyle showed no signs of backing down.

No matter how you look at it, Kyle seemed to have fallen in love with Zenia.

To think that he, who seemed to freeze everything around him with his coldness, was like this…

Furthermore, he was so anxious about not being able to kill Ayla that she wondered if this could happen by just changing her skin color and clothes a little bit.

However, he seemed like he couldn\'t even imagine that the Zenia in front of him turned out to be Ayla.

‘That\'s right.

Calm down, Zenia.

Wait, wait just a minute, we just need to follow the rhythm together, right Think of the cause, the cause… It\'s ok, I can do it!!!\'

Her throbbing heels seemed to beg her to stop, but there was nowhere to retreat to.

Then, Zenia slowly approached Kyle, who was reaching out his hand to her with a beautiful smile on his face, as if she had made up her mind.

Princess Zenia.

I think we should go back to the mansion now.

Just when she was a little distance away from Kyle, Orhan whispered in Ayla\'s ear, and she gently lowered the hand she had stretched towards him.

She could feel Kyle\'s eyes changing at each of Zenia\'s small gestures, but Ayla tried to fix her posture while pretending not to know.

I\'m sorry, Grand Duke Ermedi, but what can I do… I think we should go back now.

As Ayla made an expression on her face as if she were really sorry and spoke pitifully, Kyle\'s hand, which had been stretching towards her, slowly went down.

‘Yeah, please just turn around and go.

Stay away!! Go!!!\'


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