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He looked at Eden once with a firm expression, seemingly in trouble for a moment, and then fixed his gaze on Ayla again.

Where are you going

I\'m going to the royal mansion near the border.

Hm… In that case, you will be accompanied by my royal knight.

As Ayla was disconcerted by Kyle\'s words, whose intentions she did not know, and could not speak, Orhan said,We are enough.\'

Ayla also looked like she was embarrassed by Kyle\'s suggestion; but looking at his expression, it seemed that he had no intention of backing down this time.

The area near the border is a dangerous place that has many thieves.

You can lose your life if you are not a skilled knight.

It is absurd to go during the night with only one male servant.

Princess Zenia.

When he finished speaking, Kyle\'s gaze turned to Orhan.

Kyle wasn\'t wrong, so Orhan had no choice but to calm his anger.

It was wise to be careful, as it could lead to a serious national problem between the two countries if something happened on their way back from the banquet.

The problem was that it had absolutely nothing to do with Ayla, a fake princess.

Even if Zenia died right away, it didn\'t matter at all because Ruit even knew she existed, let alone survived.

Eden\'s company was very unwelcome to her, who wanted to get out of this hellish banquet hall and toss out her nonsensical clothes and remove the heavy makeup covering her body.

Furthermore, the relevant words Eden blurted weighed on her mind.

‘What on earth did I do wrong that he\'s acting like that…\'

Kyle\'s excessive interest and kindness were so uncomfortable that she thought it would be better if he came at her and said he was going to kill her.


The expressions of the three people, no, the four people leaving the palace were all different.

Elin showed obvious signs of exhaustion from chasing after Ayla all day, and Orhan kept a firm expression throughout leaving the palace as if he were very unhappy with this situation.

In addition, Eden\'s expression did not change much, unlike Ayla, who seemed restless and didn\'t even talk in his company.

Then be careful.

Beautiful Princess Zenia.

Tomorrow I will visit the mansion to pick up Eden.

‘No, just take him and leave.

And don\'t come, please.\'

Ayla, who got in the carriage after being sent off by Kyle, forced herself to smile and waved at him, and then straightened her posture.

When her eyes met with Eden\'s, who was sitting opposite her with a firm expression, Ayla quickly turned her gaze away.

Seeing her like that, the corners of Eden\'s mouth rose gently.


It was an exceptionally long night with the moon rising high.

Since the mansion was near the border, there was quite a bit of distance left even though they had departed before the banquet was over.

Inside the carriage heading to the mansion, no other sound could be heard except for the rustling sound of the wheels.

Ayla\'s plan to turn the carriage around and enter the palace through Theon\'s hole was completely ruined by Kyle.

Ayla wasn\'t the only one who felt uncomfortable with the situation going against their expectations; Orhan\'s expression was also very tense.

She had considered a number of scenarios, but she never imagined Grand Duke Kyle Ermedi\'s approach.

He\'s known for being vicious and cold, so, to think he\'s interested in a princess from another country… Orhan and, of course, the Crown Prince Theon, no, even everyone present seemed to be surprised by Kyle\'s actions.

Among them, the one who was surprised the most was Ayla Serdian.

It was her.

With a pitiful look on her face, Ayla looked at Elin, who, due to being exhausted from the arduous schedule, fell asleep while leaning against one side of the carriage.

She thought that Elin, who was exceptionally small among the children that served her, was only 150cm tall.

With such a small body, she carried Ayla\'s accessories, decorated her, attended the banquet and served her all day long, so there is no way she could endure it.


It seemed that something was caught on the wheel of the carriage, and the inside shook violently from side to side, making a loud noise.

When Orhan stepped out of the stopped carriage to inspect the situation, inside the carriage, only the low noise of Ayla and Eden exhaling echoed.

‘Why don\'t you say anything\'

Eden, who had always embarrassed Ayla by uttering unexpected words, didn\'t say a single word the whole way while riding the carriage.

Well, the woman standing in front of him right now was not Ayla Serdian, but Zenia, a princess of a foreign country in a strange outfit, so it was a natural reaction.


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