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Knock knock

The sound of a knock spread through the room, as if Mattel, who went to get the tea, was already back.

However, the face seen through the open door was not Mattel, but a completely unwelcome person.

Holt Daniel, Louis\' father and one of the few Dukes of the Stellen Kingdom.

Are you doing this again

You\'re here.

Unlike Louis, who was good-hearted, Duke Daniel was not.

The Duke with red hair had a well-managed appearance that was difficult to reach in his age.

Looking at Louis, who was getting up from his seat, the Duke\'s eyes saw the documents on the desk.

The Duke was displeased with Louis, who always sits with papers and books in his hands and doesn\'t know how to look around, in a situation where catching the attention of the Kingdom\'s high-ranking nobles honored guests is not enough to establish a position.

The Duke walked toward the desk with a firm expression, and, slowly looking over the sprawled-out documents, he furrowed his eyebrows.

It is not your business.

Jaden, I feel sorry for that friend, but what can I do It was a decision made by His Majesty the King.

You feel sorry You sound as if he had been sacrificed by someone.

The Duke coughed dryly at Louis\' sharp words.

Soon, he opened his mouth while fiddling with the papers that had been placed on the desk.

Even so, there is nothing you can do, right There is nothing you can do now, nor there was at that time.

At the Duke\'s words, Louis clenched his fists silently.

Give Ayla up.

It would be good if you kept this Father\'s words in mind.

After speaking, Duke Daniel slowly exited the room.

Looking at his back, Louis\' shoulders were shaking a little.

As if he despised that Duke…


The two girls did not move at Rose\'s sudden appearance, as if they were frozen on the spot.

I asked who the Young Lady is.

Ah… I… That…

Watch your language.

Miss Lily.

It is your first time today so I will let it go, but there won\'t be a second time.

Yes… I\'m sorry.

Lily spoke at Rose\'s fierce eyes, intimidated.

Looking at them, Ayla nodded her head at Lily, who formed the wordsI\'m sorry.\' in her mouth, meaning it was alright.

Rose\'s fierce eyes were now facing Ayla, not Lily.

‘Now I am dead.\'

Contrary to expectations, Rose did not talk about it and only let out a sigh.

It seems like you already met Miss Lily, so I won\'t introduce you.

From tomorrow, Miss Ayla will take care of all the baths, cleaning, and laundry that Grand Duke Owen Arrot will use.


I understand.

Miss Lily, help Miss Ayla do her best so that Grand Duke Arrot is not uncomfortable.

Yes! Head Maid!!

The intimidated Lily from a moment ago was nowhere to be seen.

It seems that Lily has an aptitude for working as a maid.

Lastly, Miss Ayla.


Please speak, Head Maid.

Don\'t get too close to the Royal Family.

This is my advice as an adult.


Unlike Ayla, who has been busy since early morning, Lily had not yet awakened from dreamland.

Not wanting to wake up Lily, sleeping deeply, Ayla carefully sneaked out of the room.

Where are you going Like a stray cat

Oh my!!!

The voice coming from behind her almost made her heart drop.

When she turned her head, there was an unpleasant face.


Your Highness.

I think I asked where you were going

That… I am going to get the bath ready.


Suppressing the desire to ask backWhy are you in front of the maid\'s quarters in the morning.\', she forced a smile at Theon.


Grand Duke Arrot\'s residence.

Then, I… Can I go now Haha.

I must go there before the Grand Duke awakens…

But I\'m superior

What! But, um… I\'m in charge of…

Looking at Ayla\'s obviously flustered appearance, Theon raised one corner of his mouth.

Soon he stretched his hand and waved it up and down with a smile, meaning she could go.

Ayla, who did not miss Theon\'s gesture, bowed lightly.

Shortly after, she left the maid\'s quarters at a quick pace.


What was that, suddenly appearing… Why was he there in the morning.


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