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Ayla, who was half-asleep, had been receiving the helping hands of Elin and the maids since early morning.

Her eyes were so swollen from how much she cried last night that the maids who came to the bedroom were shocked.

As she recalled the words Theon said after he left, she felt pity for her own situation and wept.

She thought she had been enduring it well, but maybe she hasn\'t, as she couldn\'t think of how to stop crying once she had started.

Still, she felt relieved after letting go of her feelings and crying her eyes out.

Although her face was a mess.

You\'re going to feel a little cold.

Elin, who brought an ice pack, carefully brought it to Ayla\'s eye area and frowned.

Only then she seemed to wake up, as the ice that touched her skin melted and emitted a cold feeling.

Fortunately, the swelling has subsided.

Grand Duke Ermedi said he would come early in the morning, so you must get ready quickly.


Elin straightened her posture and spoke in a soft voice.

She might have been wondering, but Elin didn\'t ask about what happened.

She felt grateful that this little child was considerate of her.

Instead of answering, Ayla nodded her head slightly.

Soon after, the maids who wiped away the water around Ayla\'s eyes started moving their hands busily.

Ayla\'s white skin was gradually changing to a copper color according to where the hands of the maids went.

When she opened her eyes, Ayla Serdian\'s appearance had been erased, and she had changed into the attractive Zenia.

‘Why is he coming in the morning… It\'s annoying.\'

Ayla\'s eyes narrowed as she headed to the dressing room under the guidance of the maids.

Orhan, do I have to wear that free-spirited outfit today, too

Ayla lowered her gaze and spoke towards Orhan, who had come close to her.


You will be dressed modestly today.

There is no need to wear that since it is a private meeting with Grand Duke Ermedi.

Also… Compared to Ruit, the Stellen Kingdom is quite cold.

That\'s a relief.

Ayla smiled brightly at Orhan\'s attitude that seemed to be considerate of her, contrary to when she first came to the mansion.

‘What is the standard of modesty in Ruit\'

Not long after, Ayla\'s expression quickly began to harden as she saw the outfit he had brought out.

Ayla consciously closed her mouth, which had opened wide as she first looked at the totally not modest outfit.


It was easier than yesterday.

She was able to get used to it since she wore such an unconventional outfit.

Exactly, she has gotten used to it.

No, she has not gotten used to it!!!

The outfit Orhan gave her was a silk top, with the shoulders exposed, and a green silk skirt with both sides open.

Both Ayla\'s thighs and calves were exposed through the openings in the skirt that she was wearing, which was very sexy.

Fortunately, the top, which had barely covered her chest before, came down to just above the navel this time.

Ayla let out a small sigh at her reflection in the mirror and left the room with heavy footsteps.

Today\'s outfit is also provocative.

You\'re impolite.

Ayla, who was about to go downstairs for breakfast, saw Eden in front of her, smiling mischievously with his hands behind his back.

Ayla briefly glanced at Eden, whose attitude was quite different from last night, and then looked ahead.

As she gave him a look to step aside with her chin straight, Eden shrugged and turned his body.

The smell of delicious food lingered on Ayla\'s nose as she went down the stairs, stirring her appetite.

Because she hadn\'t eaten properly at the banquet hall, Ayla\'s footsteps toward the cafeteria were slightly hurried.

As she took a seat at the table, the chef placed a steaming, warm corn soup in front of her.

As soon as the same menu was placed in front of Eden, who was sitting across from her, Ayla picked up a spoon and tasted the soup.

The sweet corn kernels were chewy and flared out in her mouth, but it wasn\'t as good as the corn soup she had at Terr the last time.

Has the Princess been to Terr


I haven\'t been there.

She heard Eden mumbling,I think you have been there…\', but she chewed the corn faster, pretending not to hear him.

Eden seemed to have noticed.

He is incredibly good at perceiving things, so she couldn\'t even ask him what he wanted.

It was a total mess.


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