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After a long silence, some of the maids trembled slightly when they realized that Rose was referring to the Crown Princess Consort, Delia, who died by her own hands five years ago.

The image of Kyle going out of his mind at Delia\'s death was one of the most horrifying memories for the maids.

As of right now, I hope that there will be no more disgraceful rumors about the maid in question.

This is an insult against me, for giving orders to said maid, and furthermore, an insult against the Royal Palace.

Anyone who intentionally spreads ridiculous rumors and undermines the prestige of the noble west palace will be strictly disciplined.

As Rose finished speaking and said,Now everyone, you can eat.\', and turned around, the gathered maids kept their silence and began to disperse.

Ayla could feel the silent glances at her, but she calmly closed her eyes and controlled her exasperated emotions.


The dark three-story mansion was filled with heavy silence.

There was only the occasional sound of glass and ice colliding, and no other sound was heard.

Duke Daniel\'s eyes narrowed as he looked through the documents, slowly drinking the clear tequila from the twinkling crystal glass.

So… Is this all the information about that vulgar bitch, Princess Zenia or whatever her name is

At Duke Holt Daniel\'s firm, emotionless tone, Milton, his personal secretary, could not easily respond and trembled slightly.

… That is correct.

As Milton had been by the Duke\'s side for over ten years and handled small errands and troublesome matters, he knew the Duke\'s bad temper best.


As Milton lowered his gaze and gave a short reply in a small voice, Duke Daniel violently smashed the crystal glass he was holding.

The clear tequila in the glass and the red blood coming from the Duke\'s hand were dripping down the desk, but Milton firmly kept his position.

Milton, how many years have we been working together

… This is the 14th year.

That\'s right.


We spent so much time together.

Then you know well how much I contributed towards Kyle Ermedi, right

The Duke took out the white handkerchief he had on his chest and spoke while wiping the blood from his hand.

Milton\'s eyes started moving quickly at the appearance of the unshakable Duke Daniel.

Do you know what kind of person I despise the most

A person… Who can\'t do their job…

No, no.

To be exact, a person who can\'t do their job properly.

Do it properly, Milton.

I didn\'t ask you to just get her name and age… Tomorrow, Baron Noir will bring a tribute to where that bitch is staying.

If you don\'t want to go to the bottom again, you have to do your job well.

I-I will not disappoint you anymore.

You shouldn\'t have disappointed me in the first place.

Duke Daniel had an annoyed expression on his face as Milton remained silent without giving an answer.

Duke Daniel gestured at him as if telling him to leave.

Milton\'s eyes, as he bowed to the Duke and walked out the door, looked threatening, unlike a moment ago.


So, Ayla Serdian really isn\'t His Highness\' concubine

That\'s right.

If even the Head Maid stepped in, well…

You never know.

What if His Highness ordered her to do so

Watch your mouth! Didn\'t you hear what the Head Maid said earlier If you keep doing that, you might get in big trouble… Y-Your Highness!

Theon approached them with silent steps as it seemed like the maids gathered in front of the west palace were talking about him.

As expected, his intuition was not wrong.

Seeing him appear without making a sound, the maids took a step backwards, startled as if they had seen a ghost.

Theon tilted his head and gave them a light smile.

As the maids gathered smiled awkwardly at Theon\'s smile, as if reassured, his expression hardened in an instant.

Who is whose concubine

The group kept their mouths shut, as if they had made a promise.

When Theon\'s eyes looking at the maids became fiercer, one of the maids, who seemed the oldest in the group, answered with hesitation.

I-It is a groundless rumor… It is already over among the maids.

Your Highness.

But you are still talking about it


Hmm… I don\'t like to use force.

I will give you one last chance.

Who did you say was whose concubine

The maids\' expressions turned pitiful at Theon\'s words, as if they were about to burst into tears at any moment.

After looking around, the woman who had hesitated for a while opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

Your Highness and… The west palace maid, Ayla.

No one thinks that way now, thanks to the Head Maid who cleared up the misunderstanding.

So please… Please don\'t punish us.

Seeing the woman talking with tears in her eyes, Theon motioned for them to go.

The group kept bowing towards him and hurried out of the west palace.


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