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Elin\'s gaze quickly turned to Theon, who was standing behind Ayla.

He was wearing a hood attached to his robe, so she had no idea who he was.

At the same time, Elin frowned.

They met at the banquet hall the other day, but it was only for a moment.

Thanks to that, Elin couldn\'t even imagine that the man standing in front of her would be the Crown Prince of the Stellen Kingdom, whose body overflowed with elegance.

Elin, who had been slowly examining Theon, tilted her head, smiled at Ayla, and stood next to her.

Have you been well, Elin

Yes! Of course! The Stellen Kingdom is a much better place than I thought.

The weather is not hot compared to Ruit, and the food is delicious.

It seems the Princess\' face has become more haggard since I last saw you… I must prepare a flower mask quickly.

I will do it before you go to bed!

As if she were happy to see Ayla after a long time, Elin was chattering incessantly with her small lips.

Thinking she was cute, Ayla nodded her head with a light smile.

As expected, I knew the Princess would like it!

Elin moved from her spot with a childish smile and jumped.

Unlike the dreary royal palace, she felt like everyone here loved and cared for her.

Although she was wearing a mask called Zenia, this was enough for her.

Bewildered as Ayla\'s eyes suddenly turned red, Elin blinked as if asking what was wrong.

Ayla remained silent and gently stroked Elin\'s hair.


I didn\'t hear beforehand that someone would be accompanying you… We don\'t have a room ready, but if… If you don\'t mind, can I show you where I\'m staying

Orhan looked at Elin and spoke towards Theon, worried that his identity would be revealed.

I\'m sorry, Elin, but will you go up first and prepare the bed I\'m a little tired today…

Seeing that, Ayla spoke towards Elin.

After shortly replying,Yes! Princess.\', Elin quickly went up to the second floor.

Orhan, if you give His Highness your room, where will you be staying

After confirming that Elin had disappeared, Ayla looked at Orhan and spoke.

Orhan made a troubled expression and said,In the living room…\', blurring his words.

Although it was fine during the day, the living room was quite chilly at night; because not only did it not get sunlight, the heating in the mansion itself was not good.

She came to the conclusion that with that outfit, which reveals the color of his whole body, Orhan would definitely catch a cold.

Ayla shook her head slowly and said,You can\'t do that.\'

Then should I go to the living room

Theon, who had been silent, interrupted the conversation with a smile.

Ayla, who had her eyes lowered as if she were contemplating for a moment, hesitated and continued.

That… Sleep in my room.

I don\'t know why, but there were two beds in the bedroom.

I will use one, and Your Highness can use the other.

You can\'t do that.

As soon as Ayla had finished speaking, Orhan spoke with a firm voice.

As their gazes turned to him at the same time, a reddish blush appeared on Orhan\'s dark skin.

Ahem, no matter how you look at it, you are a grown adult… It doesn\'t make sense to sleep in the same room as the Princess.

But there are no beds in Orhan\'s room… Maybe it\'s because I rode the horse for a long time, but my back hurts so much that I can\'t sleep on the floor.

What should I do

Theon shrugged at Orhan, who looked at him without saying a word, blushing.

Then, calmly, he turned to the stairs leading to the upper floor.

Don\'t worry.

It\'s fine.

She tapped Orhan, who was staring blankly at Theon, on the shoulder a couple of times and gave him a gentle smile.


‘Ah… Why on earth did I say that\'

Ayla was tearing her hair out and screaming internally while lying on the bed, as if regretting her actions from just a while ago.


Even the sound of the duvet that spread throughout the room every time the two tossed and turned, was nerve-wracking.

Although they were quite far apart, she could feel her heart pounding when she thought of sleeping together in the same room.

‘Stop palpitating! Please!\'

She should\'ve stayed put when Orhan stopped her, but she pretended to be cool for nothing and pretended to be fine, and now she thought that she may not be able to sleep all night.

As the moonlight shone in the dark room, Theon\'s broad shoulders, lying on his back, caught Ayla\'s attention.

Looking at his broad shoulders and back, Ayla felt strange and hurriedly lowered her head.


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