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As if nervous, Ayla curled up her body and cleared her throat.

She, who was moving her deep blue eyes from side to side, heard Theon\'s low but soft voice resonating in her ears.

I can leave if you\'re uncomfortable.


You worked hard, so you should sleep comfortably.

I\'m fine, so don\'t worry about it.

As an awkward silence flowed, she pulled the white blanket to her chest and buried her head, as if embarrassed.

Ayla muttered under her breath that she had only made this suggestion because she was concerned about Theon being tired.

Why are you always fine


I was curious about why you\'re always pretending to be fine and that there is nothing wrong.

There were strange rumors circulating among the maids… Why didn\'t you tell me

Ah… I thought… You would be concerned.

As Theon had already turned around, his gray eyes shone in the moonlight.

When she felt that his gaze was fixed on her, Ayla\'s eyes shook like waves, as if she were very nervous.

I am more concerned about you.

Theon\'s next words, which were heard a moment later, were enough to make her weak heart flutter.


Elin glanced at Ayla, who sat in front of the vanity table and yawned as she received the helping hands of the maids, as if she were very tired.

She couldn\'t see the warrior guard, who stubbornly stayed in the Princess\' room last night to protect her.

Princess… You seem very tired.

I couldn\'t sleep very well… It\'s fine, Elin.

I will prepare a tea that is good for fatigue.

Please wait a moment.

Princess Zenia.

Ayla winked at the perceptive Elin\'s words and gave a satisfied smile.

Then, as if she had thought of something, she kept a blank expression on her face.

Last night, contrary to what she thought would happen, Theon kept a long silence after saying those meaningful words to Ayla.

She fell asleep unconsciously after tearing her hair out while wondering what on earth he was thinking, as he left the room saying only the words,Sleep comfortably.\'.

She felt embarrassed and felt the heat rising on her cheeks, but fortunately, it didn\'t show up because of the heavy makeup.

As she looked up when the maid said that she had finished putting her makeup on, in the mirror, she saw the beautiful Princess Zenia, overflowing with attractiveness.

The copper skin and matte red lips were in harmony.

The glittering gold pearl eyeshadow on her eyelids gave her a sophisticated look.

The ruby earrings, swaying from the tip of her ears and emitting a red color, and the gold-rimmed, large ruby necklace, looked great on the splendid Princess of Ruit, Zenia.

When she changed into the red pearl dress Orhan had handed her, the maids praised her for being so beautiful.

Unlike the relatively modest and neat front, the back was all open, revealing Ayla\'s smooth back line.

‘Why do this guy\'s clothes always have no middle ground\'

Contrary to the reaction of the maids, Ayla pouted her lips as if she did not like her reflection in the mirror.

Having appeared suddenly, Theon, who was wearing a hood, was standing behind Ayla and sighing quietly.

You have been very rude since yesterday.

Elin, who had already brewed the tea, looked up at Theon and spoke coldly.

‘No! Stop, stop!\'

Ayla waved her hands with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Still, Elin paid no attention and continued to say what she had to say.

Even if you are a knight who protects the Princess, you came in so suddenly when the Princess has not finished dressing up yet.

Princess Zenia will be uncomfortable.

Please get out of here, now!

Defeated, Theon was eventually kicked out of the room thanks to Elin, who put down the tray with the teacup on the console and pushed him away.

Seeing that, Ayla covered her mouth and smiled a little.


‘Why is this person here…\'

Orhan and Ayla had confused expressions on their faces as they saw the people who came to the mansion.

They were clearly informed of Baron Devin Noir\'s visit, but the ones who visited were Kyle and Eden.

Theon, who was standing behind Ayla, frowned at their sudden visit, and quietly went up to the second floor.

Grand Duke Ermedi… Why are you here

I came to see the beautiful Princess Zenia.

I heard that Baron Devin Noir was coming today…

Kyle only gently raised the corners of his mouth at Ayla\'s words, which showed signs of bewilderment, and did not answer.


As soon as the sun rose, there was an order from Kyle to come to his residence.

Thanks to this, Eden\'s expression as he entered the west palace early in the morning was heavy.

As Kyle couldn\'t possibly know that Zenia was Ayla, he seemed excited just thinking about going to the mansion where she was staying.

He had always had a dark atmosphere for unknown reasons, but these days, he had a vitality that he has never had before.

Of course, it was a subtle change that no one would notice unless they were closely watching Kyle; but at least for Eden, who was with him in his every move, the change was visible.

‘He is clearly different from usual.\'

Kyle was showing so much kindness to Zenia that he wondered if he was the commander of the Royal Knights, who cut the heads of countless enemies on the battlefield without feeling any guilt.

The day Kyle first visited Zenia\'s mansion.

His sudden proposal was enough to catch Eden off guard.

In fact, it didn\'t matter to Eden whether he married or proposed, but it was different if the target was Ayla.

Unlike the usual Eden, on the way home with Kyle, he even hinted at the fact that Zenia has a lover.

Contrary to his hopes that he would give up, Kyle just nodded as if he knew that and seemed not to care at all.

He was like that yesterday, too.

Kyle\'s appearance, as he said that he himself would go to the place where Princess Zenia was staying the next day when he saw Baron Noir come to collect the tribute for the Princess, was audacious.

After returning to the palace, he wrote several letters saying he wanted to visit; but all were stopped by Orhan, so he had no pretext for visiting the mansion.

He felt sorry for Baron Noir, who was trembling and begging for his life as Kyle recklessly threatened him with his sword.

Hm… Well… Showing my handsome face at the same time is also not a bad idea.

Eden, who looked at his reflection in the mirror, slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Then, he swung the doorknob that had been firmly closed.



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