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‘Why don\'t you answer the question and just smile\'

At Kyle\'s sudden appearance, Ayla slightly turned her head and looked back.

Fortunately, Theon understood and left on his own.

As Ayla straightened her posture and smiled awkwardly at Kyle, Orhan stopped him from entering as if it were his own house.

If you are coming without an appointment, please leave.

The Princess is waiting for a guest, Grand Duke.

Who do you think you\'re touching right now

As Orhan\'s hand touched Kyle, Eden, who suddenly took out his sword, pointed the sword at the nape of his neck and spoke in a cold voice.

Despite Eden\'s aggressive attitude, Orhan maintained his position with a firm expression, as if he would not lose to him.

It\'s fine, Orhan, you can step back.

When Ayla, who was looking at the two men, spoke in a firm voice, Orhan reluctantly stepped back.

Little by little, red blood was dripping from Orhan\'s neck, perhaps because Eden\'s sword had grazed it.

Ayla\'s eyes, as she discovered the wound, turned colder than ever.

I think I clearly told you… Not to treat my people rashly like that.

Is a mere knight of the Kingdom acting defiant towards the Princess of Ruit

I was protecting Grand Duke Ermedi.

And Orhan was doing that too.

Seeing Ayla glaring at him and striking back, Eden bit his lip with an expression of bewilderment.

Eden\'s silver eyes were fixed on her.

The two looked at each other without saying a word, maintaining a cold atmosphere.

Kyle, who was watching the situation, gave a small cynical smile and opened his mouth.

I think the Princess was offended.

Eden is so loyal to me that he seems to have overreacted.

Yes, this kind of visit is very unpleasant.

Where did Baron Noir go, for the Grand Duke to come here I didn\'t know that the Stellen Kingdom was such a reckless place.

Even when Ayla showed her displeasure towards Kyle, he only smiled and gave no response.

Kyle, who soon came to Ayla\'s side, roughly pulled her into his arms and whispered softly.

What should I do, if I miss the Princess Even if I send a letter, there is no answer, so I have no choice but stubbornly come to see you.

You should have replied sooner.

Blame your loyal subjects.

In Kyle\'s embrace, Ayla\'s blue eyes shook incessantly.

Her body was hardened, as if she had become a plaster doll.

Eden, who looked at the two of them, clenched his fists.

Eden\'s gaze turned in the opposite direction as if he didn\'t want to see it anymore.


‘Why did it have to be me, among so many women…\'

It felt like Kyle\'s feelings for Zenia had grown irrevocably, so Ayla was desperate.

In fact, all she felt for Kyle were bad feelings; but when the situation turned like this, she felt a sense of guilt.

Above all, it was terrifying to imagine how he would react if he found out that Princess Zenia, whom he said he cherished so much, was a maid whom he hated and treated badly.

Ayla trembled slightly at the thought that she could have her neck cut off right away.

Soon, she raised both of her slender arms and wrapped them around her neck.

Are you uncomfortable with something

‘You are uncomfortable.


At Kyle\'s question, Ayla lowered the hands she had raised and shook her head a couple of times, as if saying it was nothing.

Then, she briefly replied,No.\', with a haughty expression, and Kyle snorted as if she were cute.

Although he had a different vibe from Theon, Kyle\'s apparently strong blooded appearance was also outstanding.

After her short answer, there was a long silence between Ayla and Kyle, sitting opposite each other in the living room, but Kyle didn\'t seem to be uncomfortable with the situation at all.

Elin, who soon brought the tea, glanced at the two of them and put down the hot, steaming citrus tea.

Theon suddenly flashed through her mind as she was handed the tea.

Ayla\'s expression turned serious as she looked at the teacup.

She had no idea where he had gone after Kyle appeared.

She thought that things could get quite complicated if Eden, who was quick-witted, noticed that Theon was here.

Can I leave you for a moment

Kyle nodded slightly at Ayla\'s words and picked up the teacup in front of him, taking a sip.

Ayla winked at Elin, as if telling her to keep an eye on him, and walked out of the living room.


Contrary to her expectations, Eden, whom she thought would naturally be outside the living room, was nowhere to be seen.

As Ayla walked slowly, looking around, the maids who were heading to the cafeteria to prepare lunch approached her.

Princess, are you looking for something If you need anything, we will prepare it for you.

I-It\'s nothing.

Ayla smiled weakly at the maids.

Putting down the hand that was beckoning at them to leave, she pulled one of the maids and whispered.

Have you perhaps… Seen the knight who came with Grand Duke Ermedi

He said he was going to look around the mansion a while ago and went outside…

Ayla nodded, seemingly satisfied with her answer.

As Ayla said,Thank you.\', a familiar voice came from behind her back.

You seem to be looking for me.

… You\'re mistaken.

Ayla, who answered him with a cold tone, moved her eyes at the maids as if telling them to go.

As Ayla, who glanced at Eden and lowered her gaze, walked past him, she felt a strong grip on her wrist.

Ayla tried to shake off Eden\'s hand that was grabbing her wrist, but her efforts were insignificant and the strength that was holding her arm grew stronger.

What are you doing

What are you doing

At Eden\'s unfriendly words, Ayla bit her lower lip.


Then, Ayla\'s arm opened the door on the right, and she pulled him in.



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