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You pretended not to know anyway, so keep pretending you don\'t know.

As if he had nothing to say, Eden snorted at the words Ayla said as they entered the room.

I saw a horse owned by the Royal Palace in the stable… Just how far are you involved in this

Just pretend you don\'t know.

Do you really not know that, at this rate, your life could be at stake if your identity is revealed

I know.

And you\'re going to keep doing this reckless thing

At Eden\'s words, who seemed to be genuinely worried about her, Ayla lowered her head and kept quiet.

He was right.

It is a serious crime that could endanger her life if something went wrong, but it wasn\'t something that she started without knowing the risks in the first place.

But she was anxious.

She was anxious, even though she started it knowing those things.

Theon must also be feeling the anxiety she is feeling.

No, she thought that everyone in this mansion must be feeling the same way, so this work had to be wrapped up perfectly.

Stop it.

You\'re the one who will get hurt anyway.

No one will take responsibility for it… That\'s how the upper-heads are like.

I started it; I will take responsibility for it.

Do you really not know how the Grand Duke feels towards Zenia

I know, but I can\'t stop here.

If I tell the truth about everything as it is, everyone here might be in danger.

I can\'t do that.

Ha, you pretended to be a princess, and you really became one.

After he finished speaking, Eden kept silent with his eyes filled with Ayla.

Then, Eden gently pulled her body into his arms and whispered softly.

Please stop being in danger… At this rate, I think I\'m going to really want to protect you.


Young Master, you look very tired these days.

It\'s the job of a secretary… There was a lot more to worry about than I thought.

I\'m late, so you will be getting off work late too, Mattel.

This old man is fine.

The old man looked worriedly at Louis, who always came back late at night ever since he started working at the royal palace.

He was smiling at him as if he were alright, but there was a lot of tiredness on Louis\' face.

The old gentleman, who hesitated for a while, was hesitant as if he had something to say.

Then, as if he had made up his mind, he handed him a crumpled piece of paper and lowered his voice.

Louis pricked up his ears and focused on the old gentleman\'s whisper.

I think I found… Count Serdian\'s whereabouts.

Is he alright Where is he

Although Louis had been showing signs of tiredness just a moment ago, the words that came out of the old gentleman\'s mouth were enough to excite him.

Mattel\'s hands moved slowly up and down, as if to calm him down.

Following the old man\'s movement, Louis adjusted his breathing.

Since childhood, whenever Louis was agitated and excited, the butler quietly lifted his hands to calm him down.

When he was young, he stayed by Duke Daniel\'s side and kept his position as chief secretary, but he was dismissed from his position in an instant just because he said the right thing to the Duke.

As he was about to leave the mansion, the little children of Duke Daniel, who used to hold his hand and cling to him, kept coming to his mind; and so, he gave up his pride and he appointed himself as a butler.

Although he had no affection for Duke Daniel, Mattel showed unparalleled love and attention to Delia and Louis.

Thanks to that, he felt relieved even though he was entrusted with the work related to Count Serdian.

Everyone in the mansion were the Duke\'s people, so the old gentleman was the only person Louis could trust with this task.

So, where is he

Unexpectedly… He is somewhere close.

Little by little, Louis leaned towards the hesitating Mattel.


Before she knew it, the meal was ready, and Ayla and Kyle were sitting opposite each other at the table, eating the soup served as appetizer.

Ayla felt like she was going to get indigestion from all the food she was eating because of Kyle, who seemed relaxed perhaps because today there was nothing urgent happening with the royal knights, unlike last time.

‘When is he leaving… He is going to eat until dinner! Really.\'

Until now, she hadn\'t been able to look properly at him due to being discouraged by his bloody attitude; but she couldn\'t help it when her eyes naturally turned towards Kyle, who was quietly sitting across from her and eating the soup.


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