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At the same time, rumors of Kyle\'s short temperament spread throughout the Kingdom.

Thanks to this, those who began to turn their backs on Kyle after the death of Grand Duke Todd Ermedi started opposing him in earnest.

As a result, the King abandoned Kyle, and Theon, who was establishing a relatively strong support force, ascended to the throne as the Crown Prince.

Naturally, Kyle was dethroned from the position of Crown Prince and was promoted to the rank of Commander of the Royal Knights.

As if wishing for Kyle, the thorn in his eyes, to die, the King sent the knights he led to the battlefield beyond the border.

Kyle defended the border day after day, fighting life-threatening people.

Perhaps due to the countless lives he has taken with his own hands, his hardened heart was no longer able to function at all.

In fact, he didn\'t know how, but he loved Delia so much.

After hearing the news that he could welcome her as his bride, his youthful heart fluttered all night, and he could not sleep.

He intentionally learned about Delia\'s favorite foods and teas and made himself familiar with things that he couldn\'t have before.

He couldn\'t even count how many times he fell asleep while watching and listening to the music and plays that she loved.

The affair scandal with his damn brother, who stole everything he had before he could even share his love with her properly, made him angry.

It was too much for Kyle, who was 22 years old, to accept.

Even though he was the person who should have protected her the most, Kyle ignored Delia, who was approaching him, blamed her and hurt her numerous times.

In the end, Delia, unable to overcome the weight, died such a cold and lonely death.

It was then that he realized that everything was his fault; but even if he regretted it, it was already too late.

The woman he loved had her heart broken thanks to Kyle and the others, before she could even be truly loved, and left him coldly.

He kept his dazed expression for a moment as if reminiscing about the past, and then let out a little snort and continued.

I don\'t know if you will believe it, but… It was when I lost the woman I loved.


After my first wife died, I closed the door to my heart.

My daily life was to walk around the battlefield and look at the corpses.

S… So

It\'s obvious.

The Princess moved my heart, so I made up my mind not to lose anything anymore.

So, please take care of it and come back, Princess.

Kyle, who was looking at Ayla with cold eyes, smiled lightly.

Ayla stared at Kyle without saying a word.

If you want to protect that man.

After Kyle finished speaking, he shoved the piece of meat he had cut into his mouth.

Red juice slowly dripped down Kyle\'s gaping lips.


After a bloody lunch, Kyle, who seemed to have wits even though he didn\'t have a conscience, returned to the royal palace.

She thought it was an uncomfortable meal, and sure enough, she seemed to have a lot of indigestion.

Elin and Orhan were looking at Ayla with worried eyes as she kept coming and going to the bathroom to throw up.

Are you alright

Wait a little longer, Elin.

The conversation between the two could be heard through the closed door, but she couldn\'t afford to care.

She didn\'t have much food left, so when she threw up the sour gastric juice, she felt a tingling sensation in her throat along with the aftertaste in her mouth.

That feeling was so unpleasant that Ayla looked in the mirror and frowned heavily.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she seemed to be confused as to whether Zenia was her real self, or if she was really Ayla Serdian.

I don\'t even know myself…

Ayla shook her head quickly at the complicated thoughts that were flashing through her mind and reached out her hand to turn the doorknob.

As Ayla, who opened the door and came out, saw Elin holding out a white handkerchief in front of her, she gave her a small smile as if thanking her.

Princess, are you alright

Hm… I don\'t think I\'m very good.

Should I bring you some tea that is good for indigestion and some light snacks It seems like you threw up everything you ate… I\'m worried.

Tea is fine, and can you prepare the bed

As Elin gave a short answer to Ayla\'s words and quickly turned around, Ayla gestured with her eyes as if telling Orhan to sit down.

Where is His Highness

He was hiding in a small room on the other side of the cafeteria.

Please don\'t tell His Highness about the conversation I had with Kyle.

That… The mansion is so old that the soundproofing isn\'t good, so he probably heard all the conversations between the Princess and Grand Duke Ermedi.


What are you going to do now

Ugh, I don\'t know.

Ayla took a deep breath, as if disturbed by Orhan\'s words, and grabbed her throbbing forehead.



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