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Was there anything else that was strange

No… The gem crystals were clean, and the color was good.

Wait, by saying the gem crystals were clean… Do you mean that there were no impurities inside

As Ayla, who had a very disappointed expression on her face, nodded her head a couple of times in response to his question, Theon raised the corners of his mouth.


Mason, who was sitting in the secretary\'s office, looked around with anxious eyes.

With a short sigh, Mason furtively glanced at Ariel, who was sitting on the sofa across from him.

Ariel, who had remained silent with a blushing expression on her face, slowly raised her head.

As their eyes met, Mason let out an awkward laugh.

When is His Highness returning

I don\'t know… Exactly.

It\'s funny that the secretary doesn\'t know the schedule of the person he serves.

Mason was the most troubled person right now, because Ariel had been looking for Theon since the afternoon of the previous day, saying that she had something important to tell him.

Mason knew that Theon was not in the palace, but he could not disobey his master\'s command to keep it a secret.

Even though he may seem incompetent, he has no choice but to zealously pretend not to know.

Something must have gone wrong as Theon, who said would be back in one day, didn\'t show up in the office even though it was past the time to go to work.

Contrary to yesterday, when she went back obediently, she sat down in the morning and insisted that she would wait for Theon to come.

His head hurt as he thought about how to avoid this situation.

Princess, would you like a cup of tea


I\'ll have it with His Highness when he returns.

That… He probably won\'t be coming to work today.

Ariel snorted at Mason\'s words, as if they were ridiculous, and looked at him without saying a word.

Then, as she smiled as if she had thought of something, he felt a chill in his back.

Let\'s go to the place where His Highness is staying.

If he is not feeling well, I must take care of him.

Please guide me, quickly.

I must go to where His Highness is staying.

Suddenly, Ariel got up from her seat and signaled at Mason to take the lead and guide her.

Mason, who looked at Ariel blankly as if burdened by her unexpected words, stuttered.

Ah… I… I don\'t think that\'s the case.


His Highness is in good health, so you don\'t have to worry.

It seems that he wishes to rest today, so I will make sure to tell His Highness that Princess Ariel has come to visit! He must also have days like this.

Because he is a person who works too much, hahaha…

Ariel smiled faintly at Mason, who had a big smile.

Soon after, Ariel, who tilted her head and looked around, slowly opened her mouth.

His Highness… Isn\'t in the palace, right

As if bewildered by Ariel\'s cold voice, Mason\'s eyes widened.

As if he were laughable, Ariel, smiling, tapped Mason on the shoulder and left the palace.



Devin, who soon came out of the mansion, greeted Ayla with courtesy.

Orhan, who was standing behind Ayla, was watching the situation with a dissatisfied expression.

Then, I will take my leave, beautiful Princess Zenia.

Thank you for coming such a long way, Baron Noir.

The precious offerings given by the Stellen Kingdom will be put to good use.

Please convey my regards to His Majesty the King on my behalf.

Devin gave a short answer to Ayla\'s words, and then cast a secret glance over her exposed skin.

Soon after, Devin, who was turning around with a fishy smile on his face, could faintly hear Ayla\'s laughter behind his back.

Baron Noir slowly turned his head at Ayla\'s unexpected attitude.

Then, while keeping a cold expression, Ayla\'s blue eyes met with the Baron\'s.

By the way… Was it a counterfeit

W-What are you talking about

A look of embarrassment was evident on Devin\'s face, who had stopped walking at Ayla\'s cold voice.

As the Queen\'s Elegance is a gem made by combining two minerals, it is bound to have impurities; but the gem the Baron brought was very clean.

Isn\'t that so, Orhan

That is correct.

I looked at it with a magnifying glass, but I couldn\'t see any impurities.

Baron Noir\'s face was becoming contemplative at Orhan\'s confident voice.

It was finally time for the prey to be caught in the trap.

If it weren\'t for Theon\'s prior research on the jewel, the items that the Baron brought were so perfect that anyone would be fooled.

With this level of meticulousness, they concluded that this certainly wasn\'t Baron Noir\'s arbitrary crime.

They had to find out who was behind it.

Without fail.


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