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We thoroughly searched the area, but we couldn\'t find anything…

Do you think I called you guys here and gave you so much money so that you would handle things like this

The best guild in Ruit only has this much capability… Don\'t you think it\'s too short of expectations Orhan

… I am ashamed.


Orhan, who spoke in a low voice with his head down, seemed to be a different person from the secretary Orhan Ayla had known.

She should have noticed it from the strong body of the male servants here, which was exposed outside their free attire.

She wasn\'t really interested in their identities, as she was busy feasting her eyes and wondering which country had servants in such good shape.

Of course, she expected that they wouldn\'t be simple servants, but Ayla felt a bit strange when she heard the word guild.

Ayla turned her gaze to Elin, who was standing by the bed and wiping the sweat from her forehead with a wet towel.

Seeing her stinging eyes, Elin flinched her shoulders in surprise.

Soon after, Elin looked away awkwardly, wrinkling the tip of her nose.

Elin… Are you also in a guild or something

What Ah… Yes.

That\'s correct.

Then, like the people who ran out with Orhan earlier… Do you also have a sword and do martial arts

I don\'t do that… I can do some healing magic.

I belong to the guild because Mr.

Orhan took care of me.

As if she had calmed down a bit, Ayla\'s face, which had been spiritless since a moment ago, was slowly reviving.

Finding about a guild and guild members she had only heard of, somehow, Ayla felt as if something hot was surging up in her heart.

Theon, who was giving Orhan an icy look, looked at Elin and Ayla, who were secretly whispering to each other, and let out a small sigh.

What about Baron Noir

… He ran away.

That\'s great.

You\'re very competent.

What am I going to do now Both the trespasser and the helper fled.

I apologize.

Despite Theon\'s sarcasm, Orhan kept his head down and remained silent, without saying any excuse.

Stop and calm down a little.

Do you want to say it was Orhan

Ayla, who had been watching the conversation between the two men, frowned slightly and intervened.

Orhan shook his head slightly, as if telling her to stop.

Those who did this have already run away and we need to figure out the situation, I don\'t think now is the time to decide what is right or wrong.

Your Highness.

Your life was at stake.

You know that, and yet you say that

Fortunately… I\'m alive.

When Ayla smiled brightly at Theon, who was talking in a stiff tone, and answered, he looked at her without saying a word.

When Orhan secretly glanced at Elin at the strange atmosphere between the two, Elin, who was quick-witted, moved towards him.

Then, Orhan and Elin nodded at the two of them and left the room.


Even after Elin and Orhan left, the silence continued for a long time.

Theon was quietly staring at Ayla, who seemed to be deep in thought as she leaned on the bed.

Then, as if she had organized her thoughts, Ayla raised her lowered eyelashes and made eye contact with him.

Anyhow… I think we should protect Baron Noir.

The Baron has already run away as he probably was on good terms with the bastard who shot the bow, so why should we

I was thinking… I don\'t think Zenia is the target.

Theon hesitated for a moment at her unknown words.

Soon after, he grabbed the stool that was next to the dressing table, dragged it to the side of the bed where Ayla was lying down, and sat down.

Go on.

If Zenia really was the target, there would be no need to waste time like that.

They could have fired the bow as soon as I came out of the mansion, so why would they do that

So, the target is Baron Noir

Doesn\'t it seem like it It\'s strange that the arrow was shot in a way that hurt the Baron\'s arm… If I were the target, why would it hit the pillar next to Zenia…

Hm… It would have been quite a distance to shoot the arrow and escape within a small timeframe… It doesn\'t make sense that such a talented person would make a mistake.

That\'s what I\'m saying! You\'re starting to understand now.

The moment the Baron was about to tell us about it, the arrow flew in, and he didn\'t reveal his identity… I think someone in a fairly high position is related to this.

Ayla\'s eyes twinkled as if she were talking about something fun, and she moved her mouth nonstop.

Theon, who was looking at her patiently, tidied the side hair around her eyes.

‘Really why is he being like this today… Making my heart flutter…\'

Of all days, his unusually friendly demeanor today made her heart flutter.


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