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Contrary to his always relaxed appearance, Theon embraced Ayla hurriedly, as if he were being chased by something.

Gently lusting for her lips, he bit her lower lip slightly.

Ayla let out a small moan and separated her red lips that were tightly shut.

Theon\'s soft tongue went deep into Ayla\'s mouth and moved slowly.

As if Ayla\'s clumsy rhythm was cute, Theon ruffled Ayla\'s hair and brought her deeper into his embrace.

The two people shared their body temperature while exchanging each other\'s saliva for quite a long time, until they reached their destination.


It seemed that they had arrived at the royal palace, as the carriage, which had been swaying with a rattling sound, came to a halt.

He smiled lightly at Ayla, who was catching her breath with her cheeks dyed red as if she were breathless due to the long kiss.

He wanted to kiss her once more as he saw Ayla\'s red lips glistening with his saliva, but Theon stood up at the sound of Orhan\'s voice coming from outside the carriage.

We have arrived.

Ayla, startled by Orhan who opened the door to the carriage, hurriedly wiped her wet lips with the back of her hand.

Orhan, who was looking at the two of them, who were exuding a strangely bizarre atmosphere, twitched his eyebrows at Ayla\'s suspicious behavior and reached out to point out the carriage.

Theon, who was watching the situation, spoke bluntly to Ayla.

What are you doing Aren\'t you getting off

Ah… Ah! I should! Wow, it\'s very late.

Is it night It\'s quite chilly, aren\'t you cold, Orhan

… I\'m cold.

Ayla, who came out of the carriage awkwardly rolling her eyes, told Orhan something nonsensical for nothing.

Theon, who had been listening to the two of them from behind, came out of the carriage and said,Then, shouldn\'t you do something about those clothes first\', and the awkward atmosphere grew even colder.

Speaking of which… It\'s not a good idea to wear such clothes when you\'re in the city.


You have to move secretly, but your clothes aren\'t discreet at all.

I\'ll be careful.

When Theon had finished speaking, he motioned for Orhan to leave.

He gave a small bow and turned around.

Ayla felt a bit embarrassed when the horses that were kicking and roaring, the carriage that made rattling noises, and even Orhan, who was looking at them with suspicion, disappeared.

On the other hand, Theon was stretching his long legs and walking towards the familiar iron door, as if nothing had happened.

Theon waved his hand towards Ayla, who was standing under a tree with a blushed face, as if telling her to come quickly.

Ayla, who had remained silent with her head bowed in embarrassment, quickly climbed up when she saw the staircase extending above the open door.

T… Then, I will go back to the maid\'s quarters.

Ayla, who had gone up first and was waiting for him upstairs, seemed to be in a hurry.

Theon spoke as soon as he stepped onto the second floor.

Yes, go ahead.

Mason may have loosened the guards but… Be careful not to get caught by the patrollers on the way.


Don\'t worry.

There was no high or low in Theon\'s voice, to the extent that she wondered whether they had been exchanging a passionate kiss just a while ago.

‘Are you playing around or what…\'

Her upper lip twitched at his indifferent attitude, but she remained silent for a while and then slowly turned around.

And by the way…

As she reached the middle of the hallway, Theon\'s low voice echoed through the quiet interior.

At the same time, Ayla turned her head with a vague expression on her face, as if she knew it.

Theon had a very displeased expression on his face, and his gaze was fixed on Ayla\'s hands, which were placed on top of each other.

‘Why are you making that face\'

As if she didn\'t understand, Ayla tilted her head without saying a word.

Can you take that damn ring off

Only then did Ayla take off the diamond ring that Kyle had given her and put it in her pocket, with a sigh.

Theon, who had been silently staring at Ayla, turned his head and walked upstairs.


It was already well past midnight.

Fortunately, it was close to the relief time of the guards, so the guards in front of the west palace were slacken.

Ayla, who hid herself in a corner and looked around, stepped outside the west palace, reducing the sound of her footsteps, and quickly pressed against the wall.

Ugh… It\'s like I\'m a spy every time, it\'s nerve-wracking.

After turning her head from side to side while murmuring under her breath, Ayla, who confirmed that there was no one there, slowly headed to the maid\'s quarters.

Who is there

‘Damn it, it\'s going to get complicated…\'

Ayla, who was picking up her pace while keeping the sound of her footsteps low, frowned slightly when she heard the voice of an unfamiliar man coming from behind her.


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