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Suddenly, Ayla strode closer to the bed where Lily was lying and abruptly pulled the covers.

At the same time, Lily turned her head slowly, as she gave her a fierce look.

You, talk to me.

I see the Young Lady has a very weak language ability I think I clearly said I was tired.

It was then, those eyes.

The way she spoke to Ayla about what she had done without hesitation and was sarcastic, instead of feeling remorse, those unusually cold eyes, and even that tone.

I said talk to me!


The old dress that had covered her entire body tore weakly as Ayla roughly lifted Lily from the bed, making a light sound.


Lily\'s slender shoulders and arms, exposed through the torn fabric, displayed multicolored tones.

She had a lot of dark bruises, which have been hidden by the dress until now.

Lily\'s body, which had such dark bruises all over it, was gruesome.

Who the hell did this… It was obvious that the marks on Lily\'s body were caused by violence.

Standing still and unable to continue speaking, Ayla\'s eyes began to tremble incessantly.

Lily, who grabbed the torn fabric in shame, glared at her fiercely while trembling.

Wh-Who did this Who the hell did this… Why is your body like this Your whole body is covered with bruises!

It\'s none of the Young Lady\'s business.

Will you stop being nosy for no reason

Ayla, who had come closer to Lily, spoke as she stretched out her trembling hands towards her shoulders and arms.

Lily let out a small snort, as if it were ridiculous, and slapped Ayla\'s hand coldly.

Are you telling me to stay still when I\'m looking at your state right now

It\'s none of your business!

A murderous energy could be felt in Lily\'s eyes, who was showing her anger as if she could no longer bear it.

Not knowing how strong that energy was, Ayla took a step backwards.

Don\'t… Touch me.

If you don\'t touch me, I won\'t do anything.


After speaking, Lily stared at Ayla terrifyingly and nervously grabbed the coat hanging from the iron hanger.

Then, she gasped and walked out the door.

Ayla, who was looking at Lily\'s back as she left the room, slumped down in her spot, as if her tension had disappeared.

Her actions could not be understood by Ayla\'s common sense.

The situation was not cleared up because there were traces of tremendous violence hidden behind her slandering attitude.

She still remembers seeing the small scars on her hand when she first met her.

If she thought about it slowly, there were a lot of bruises and scars on Lily\'s body.

When Ayla discovered the wounds by chance and asked the reason, Lily said that she had bumped into something or fell.

After much thought, what the wounds and scars that Lily had on her body had in common was that they appeared around the days she went to her father\'s shop, which she said was in Arin Square.

On the days she returned to the palace, Lily showed unusually harsh or nervous reactions, unlike usual.

It occurred to her that leaving the palace, the wounds, and her father clearly had some connection.

Although she hated her to death right now, she couldn\'t help but feel sad when she saw the traces of violence embroidered on Lily\'s body.

Hate her or not, she was one of the people she trusted and depended on during her stay at the royal palace.

It was ridiculous to say that she didn\'t feel anything.

Ah… My head hurts.

She frowned at the surging headache.

Once it started, the headache did not go away.

Ayla stood up and pulled out a candle from the middle of the room.

Creak, creak.

The intensity of the headache increased as the old board on the maid\'s quarters was pressed down by her weight and made an unpleasant sound.

Ayla slowly turned around and lit the scented candle on the bedside window.

The deeply sunken blue eyes stayed on the scented candle for a while.

It was a gift from Lily, who had been closely watching Ayla, who could not sleep for a while.

It seemed to work quite well, as Ayla was able to sleep more comfortably than before.

Staring blankly at the slowly flickering candle, Ayla seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes flashed.

Then, she muttered,Dissociative Identity Disorder…\', to herself.

Simply put, multiple personalities.

It\'s something she heard a couple of times in the psychology classes she took while attending school in Fencers.

Although books and data related to it were relatively scarce, there was one inaccurate theory that a small number of people exposed to war or abuse could not bear the weight and divided their ego into multiple parts, and that there could be multiple personalities inside one person.


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