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Considering all of Lily\'s behavior, though it\'s an unsubstantiated theory, the conclusion she reached was pretty strong.

Lily, who had rushed at her as if she was about to kill her a moment ago, cared so much that she even gave her a present

It was something that a person like her could not do unless they were crazy.

Above all, her changed eyes and voice, no, all her actions, were just a different person.

Ayla leaned on the bed and let out a deep sigh.

Who on earth are you… Is the Lily I know the correct one…

Ayla, who was slowly catching her breath, gently opened her closed eyes and muttered.

Then, without a word, she took out the ring from her pocket and looked at it with a blank expression.

Although she wasn\'t sure, Ayla\'s conclusion was that Lily had an illness.

Frankly speaking, when she thought that, voluntarily or not, she changed into a completely different person, she wondered what the difference between Lily and her own situation was.

If her conclusion was correct, Lily\'s case had nothing to do with her own will, but her own situation was different.

She pretended to be Zenia herself, deceived others, and even accepted the marriage proposal without any countermeasures.

In terms of who is worse, is there a winner and a loser As expected, the answer did not come easily.

Ayla, who was shaking her head vigorously as if trying to erase the miscellaneous thoughts that filled her head, concentrated on the sound of footsteps coming from outside.

Trudge, trudge.


The sound of the weak footsteps stopped in front of the door, and then Lily, holding her ripped dress, came in through the open door.

Although Lily\'s appearance, coming in the room with her head bowed down, was brief, her behavior was clearly different than before.

Y-Young Lady… It\'s very chilly.

I went for a walk for a while.

Y… You are very late today, too.

I was worried about when you would come…

As expected, Lily didn\'t seem to remember what had happened with Ayla.

Lily, who had been incessantly moving her lost eyes, blurred out her words, picked up extra clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

Then… I will wash up.

Have you been like this since you were little

Ayla\'s voice, which was particularly low, echoed in the quiet room.

Lily, who was heading towards the bathroom, stopped in surprise at the low whisper.

It\'s m-my fault.

Because Father loves me so much… Everything will be fine…

Damn it, again with the nonsensical love talk.

She wanted to say that it wasn\'t love; but Ayla, who couldn\'t speak any more and only let out a sad sigh as she looked at Lily\'s confident eyes, made up her mind.

‘I\'m going to get you out of that nightmare…\'


Early in the morning, Ayla\'s steps toward Theon\'s residence were light.

She couldn\'t sleep properly because she was nervous for fear that Lily, who had abruptly changed last night, would strike her with a knife, but she didn\'t feel bad.

Of course, her face was a mess in itself.


Ayla, who had already crossed the overpass connecting the west palace and the detached palace, opened the large glass door.

Unlike how excited she had been just a moment ago, she walked slowly as she entered the detached palace filled with silence.

As the exceptionally cold air touched her cheeks, she could feel her good mood subside in an instant.

Although she came here in a good mood, she was worried about what would be the best way to treat Theon when she faced him.

They exchanged a kiss last night, but that wasn\'t enough to be considered a perfect romantic relationship.

However, the line was now blurred to say that it is a business relationship.

It was different from Eden, who was reckless at the Spring Flower Festival.

Although it is not a good comparison, because she only kicked him in the shin without him even touching her lips… The rest was true.

Theon\'s burning eyes as he looked at her last night, and in contrast, his cautious touch of handling something precious.

Her heart, pounding incessantly in response to that.

The three elements were evenly matched.

‘I wish you would look at me.\'


‘If you don\'t like it, I\'ll stop.\'

‘I don\'t… Hate it.\'

As she suddenly recalled the strange words she had uttered in the carriage, Ayla could feel her face and ears heat up.

‘You\'re crazy.


You must be crazy, really!\'

How could she have such boldness when she has been single since she was born What surprised her more than anyone else was Ayla Serdian herself.

She stomped her feet, but there was nothing she could do now.

As she thought about this and that, her footsteps reached the end of the hallway and she had nowhere to retreat.

Nervous, Ayla took a short deep breath.

Yes… Naturally… Like a pro, as if nothing happened.

It\'s fine, don\'t worry.

Ayla, who had been muttering to herself in a low voice, cautiously went up the stairs.

After passing the fireplace and sofa at the entrance and stepping on the black glowing obsidian floor, she saw Theon\'s familiar bedroom.


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