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‘Is he still sleeping…\'

She couldn\'t see Theon, who always got up in advance and sat on the sofa looking tidy except for the first day that Ayla came to the detached palace.

Rolling her deep blue eyes and turning her gaze to his bed, the corners of Ayla\'s lips rose slightly.

She felt a sense of relief when she saw Theon\'s disheveled appearance after a long time.

Ayla, who had resisted the laughter that was about to burst out, carefully put the teacup tray she had brought on the side table next to the bed.

It seems that Theon was also tired, because sleeping in the mansion was uncomfortable.

Ayla, who kneeled next to the bed before she knew it, was slowly admiring Theon as he slept peacefully.

For a man, he had long, voluminous eyelashes, a sharp nose, and even clear, white skin.

Even though he was sleeping, he was so handsome that she couldn\'t help but be mesmerized by his perfect appearance.

Even if the Stellen Kingdom has a fruit that makes you handsome, she wondered if there was anyone with a more outstanding appearance than the Crown Prince Theon Ermedi.

When Ayla quietly looked down and Theon\'s reddish lips caught her eye, she reached out her hand unconsciously.

As her slender, white fingers touched his lips, she felt a moist, warm feeling on her fingertips.

The unfamiliar feeling made her whole body feel soft without her knowing why.

Every time Ayla\'s fingertips moved, slowly, he made a cute expression, frowning slightly as if it was tickling even in his sleep.

Theon\'s big and long hand came up over Ayla\'s hand, who had been touching his lips while looking at him for a while.

As he slowly lifted his closed eyelids as if waking up from sleep, his gray eyes filled with Ayla\'s astonished figure.

Didn\'t you say peeking isn\'t a good hobby

Ah! You were sleeping so deeply…

Startled as if she had been caught doing something bad, Ayla tried to stand up, but she couldn\'t move freely due to Theon\'s hand placed over hers.

As Ayla, who had her characteristic awkward laughing face, groaned and tried to pull out her hand, Theon naturally clasped his fingers over it.

W-What are you doing right now

What do you mean

Theon tilted his head, smiling, as if he didn\'t really understand what she meant.

Ayla raised her opposite hand towards him and pointed to their overlapping hands.

Theon frowned slightly at Ayla, who seemed to be drawing a line, and added strength to the hand that was holding hers.

Your hand.

Put it down and let\'s talk.

What if I don\'t want to

I\'m holding back on what I want to do, but you don\'t seem to feel it

‘H… Holding back what, feel what, you must be crazy, really.\'

Is he going to act shamelessly after opening his mouth once Heat seemed to radiate from her face and body because of Theon, who said embarrassing things as if it were nothing.

Soon, her gaze, which had been looking at Theon\'s face, secretly turned downwards.

Theon bit his lip to hold back his laughter at the blatant gaze.

The laughter he had been holding back finally burst out at Ayla, who was making a strange expression, with her eyes half-closed and lips gathered together, as if she couldn\'t see what was going to happen.

Ayla looked at Theon, who was laughing silently and moving his shoulders up and down while raising himself, with a wary expression on her face.

The dark circles that came from her unruly sleep, her stupid expression, and even her squinting eyes, were the icing on the cake.

It was weird that he felt a reasonable attraction while looking at her figure, but the person concerned had no way of knowing.

Still, Theon, who was looking at her as if she were cute, like love is a great thing, cleared his hoarse voice.

Ahem, what were you expecting

What I wasn\'t expecting anything.



Maybe I was expecting something.

Suddenly, he got up and stroked Ayla\'s head a couple of times, who had a blank expression on her face, and headed to the bathroom.


‘Death by shame.\'

She wondered if it would be the most appropriate and most necessary expression for her now.

She was so ashamed and embarrassed that hiding wasn\'t enough.

Wondering why on earth she lowered her eyes, Ayla was standing against the wall and banging her head, undergoing corporal punishment.

Ayla, who was struggling while banging her head, realized that she could no longer hear the sound of water coming from the bathroom and stopped her behavior, with a blank look on her face.

‘Is he coming out now… What do I do, should I just run away Ah, how can I look at that face when I\'m so embarrassed\'

Ayla, who covered her face with both hands and stomped her feet, heard the bathroom door opening with aclick\'.


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