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Ayla entered the office and saw Theon dressed neatly.

According to the original schedule, what was correct was to bring the tea to his residence early in the morning; however, she must have gotten her bravado from somewhere, as she skipped that teatime herself.

Theon glanced at Ayla, who was approaching him with a sullen expression on her face, and spoke.

Did you rest well


Thanks to you.

Why didn\'t you come this morning

Ah… I thought you wanted me to rest.

Theon was holding back the laughter that was about to burst out at the sight of Ayla, who emphasized that she didn\'t like that he told her to rest.

Ayla, who was very serious, glared at Theon, who was smiling, unlike her, and then poured the tea she brought into a teacup.

Are you upset that I told you to rest yesterday


Thanks to you, I had a good rest.


Contrary to her friendly voice, Ayla, who answered bluntly, put down the teapot she was holding somewhat violently.

After serving the tea, Ayla sat down at the table and nervously began to go through the documents in front of her.

Theon, who was watching her carefully, put down the teacup he was holding, got up from his seat, and approached Ayla\'s back.

You seem to be very angry

Hm… You have to tell me why you\'re so angry.

I thought you would be tired, so I told you to rest… Was I wrong

I mean, what should I do if you run away like that after making my heart flutter And just kissing, without saying anything! Is that right At least you have to define what kind of relationship we have!

Startled by Ayla\'s extremely direct words, Theon\'s eyes started shaking greatly.

Ayla, who pouted and spoke as if she were upset, perhaps because her own consideration had returned as a disappointment, was very cute.

Theon, who came closer and embraced her tightly, whispered softly in Ayla\'s ear.

If that\'s the problem, I can take care of it now.

Miss Ayla Serdian, starting today… Shall we date

Due to Theon\'s direct hit, Ayla\'s heart was on the verge of bursting.

She was worried about what to do if her heart exploded like this at his low voice.

Dating… She thought what a dreamlike and beautiful word it was, but the excitement she was feeling quickly subsided at Ariel flashing through her head.

I don\'t want to.

He seemed to be somewhat bewildered at Ayla\'s unexpected reaction, as Theon\'s arms wrapped around her body slowly loosened.

A heavy silence fell between the two of them, and Ayla, who closed her eyes as she tried to pull herself together, slowly opened her mouth.

Because I am not kind enough to share the person I like with others.

I\'m glad you\'re not dumping me because you hate me.

Is it because of Princess Ariel

Is it because of Princess Ariel Of course, it\'s because of Princess Ariel! I don\'t want to be a concubine.

But having an affair… I want that even less.

This is a very important issue.

Who asked you to be a concubine

Ayla quietly glanced at Theon, who was joking, unlike her serious tone.

As if he were relieved, Theon pretended to sweep down his chest with his hand.

Then, he let out a deep sigh and locked Ayla\'s slender body in his arms.

Ayla\'s heart, which she had been trying to calm down, started pounding again as she felt Theon\'s mint scent gently brushing against the tip of her nose.

If that\'s the case, leave it to me.

You don\'t have to worry about anything because I\'m not going to get engaged.

As if possessed by Theon\'s low voice whispering in her ear, Ayla couldn\'t help but close her eyes and nod her head.


His words were grand, but not much changed.

As always, the daily routine of preparing Theon\'s tea and examining the accounting documents in between, finding big and small errors, was repeated.

‘Why are you looking at me like that again You really make people feel embarrassed.\'

If something had changed between the two of them, it was Theon\'s burning gaze that she felt once after that day.

Ayla, who was scratching her head as if embarrassed to see Theon looking at her instead of reviewing the documents, spoke towards him.

Ahem, what are you looking at like that

I can\'t even look at you now I\'m holding back on the other things I want to do.

P-Please, don\'t say that!! What are you going to do if someone hears you say something like that

Ah… Who else is here but us

There\'s nothing wrong with being careful.

He, who spoke slyly as if he were a snake, gave off such a cold energy that it made her question whether he really was the Crown Prince, Theon Ermedi.

As he had to keep public affairs from private affairs due to Ayla\'s nagging, to the point that he had to get permission to move around, let alone kiss her, it was normal for Theon\'s thirst to grow bigger and bigger.


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