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Kyle, who stubbornly visited the mansion where Zenia was staying, was particularly interested in her blue eyes.

Not only was it an uncommon color in the Stellen Kingdom, but Ayla\'s deep, clear eyes were enough to captivate people.

What do the beautiful Zenia that he loves and the person he hates have in common It may not be acceptable.

However, that didn\'t mean that it was normal for him to push people like this.

She wanted to beg for her life by revealing that she was Zenia, but she was completely at a loss about what to do.

Elin and Orhan, smiling brightly, flashed through Ayla\'s head.

Thinking that if she surrendered like this, those left behind could be in danger, she had no choice but to hope that someone would come forward and help her.

At this moment, she was very resentful at Theon for leaving her alone.

She could not understand with her common sense why on earth he was so angry.

Ugh… S-stop.

She could feel herself losing consciousness at Kyle\'s merciless strength.

At the same time, the things that were surrounding her body seemed to be slipping away.

She really hoped anyone would help, but contrary to Ayla\'s wish, no one helped.

They were cowardly because they knew that their lives could be in jeopardy if they intervened for no reason, so watching the situation in silence was all they could do.

It seemed like this story would conclude with Ayla Serdian, who got in the middle of the brothers\' strife, ending her life like this.


She could hear a man\'s voice over her increasingly blurred consciousness, like a savior.

Kyle\'s hand, which was suffocating her, lost its strength along with the somewhat familiar man\'s voice.

Gak… Aah… Ah…

Ayla, who had escaped from Kyle\'s grasp, kept coughing, filling in the breath she had been lacking.

What\'s wrong

I am Luke Jenners, a member of the Royal Knights.

Some of the equipment in the arsenal is missing, so I\'m here to report.

It would be enough to report that to your direct superior, but you dared to come to me…

I thought it was a very important matter for the Knights.

I\'m sorry if I caused any inconvenience.

The courage of the man who spoke his words without feeling intimidated by Kyle\'s cold voice was amazing.

Ayla, who was breathing heavily, turned her gaze to check the owner of the voice.

There stood a young man who was somehow familiar.

Soon she found out who he was.

The guard she encountered while leaving the west palace a few days ago.

Contrary to her thinking that he would be in charge of a simple job due to his weak appearance, it looks like Luke was a member of the Knights.

Kyle, who had a firm expression on his face, smirked as if it were interesting, and briefly said,Guide me.

‘I\'m alive…\'

Ayla sighed in relief at the sight of the two disappearing without giving them a single glance, as if they had never been there in the first place.


Theon\'s face was full of anxiety as he entered the separate palace.

The incessantly shaking grey eyes and a pace faster than usual.

Even the tiny drops of sweat running down his jawline; relaxation could not be found in any part of him.

Theon, who was staring blankly at the small glass bottle he had grabbed from Ayla\'s hand, collapsed down on the sofa.

Ah… I didn\'t know I would be seeing this again.

Closing his eyes while frowning, he let out a deep sight and then slowly lifted his eyelids.

As he turned his gaze to the fireplace emitting red flames, he held up the small glass bottle as if he were in deep thought and maintained a firm expression.

It was such a unique shape that, even though five years had passed, it remained vivid in his memory.

Frankly speaking, the shape of the glass bottle didn\'t matter at all.

Unique glass bottles were widespread, but it would be a different story if the liquid contained in it was the same that Theon knew.

The mysterious liquid emitting a purple light on the bottom of the small glass bottle reminded him of someone he was trying to forget.

It was a painful memory for him, that he could not forget and only remembered, and one of the things he did not want to live through again.

The image of Delia, losing her warmth in the cold bathtub, flashed through Theon\'s mind.

Theon deliberately avoided her after she married Kyle.

He knew it wasn\'t what Delia wanted, but it was what was best for him.

He knew that she was suffering because of their relationship, which could never be reconnected again, and that Kyle\'s harassment was also hurting her.

For the sake of Delia and everyone else, he thought that ignoring her would be a way to quell the disgraceful rumors surrounding them.

But the result was disastrous and dismal.


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