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Delia\'s place, which he went to early in the morning at Rose\'s urgent call, was filled with an unusually depressing atmosphere.

Delia\'s figure, seen through the steam that filled the bathroom, was tragic.

Seeing the white tiles covered with red drops and the crimson water flowing over the bathtub, Theon\'s pupils trembled incessantly.

Kyle, who came after him, also had a similar expression on his face.

Kyle\'s face, as he collapsed in disbelief, was full of despair.

There was nothing the two of them could do other than accept the current situation, which could not be reversed.

The small glass bottle, which was standing next to the woman who had turned white, as if it were an exhibit, was emitting a brilliant light.

The small glass bottle next to Delia\'s body also contained a purple liquid, like this one.

Since there was such a little amount left, it was impossible to know exactly what it was; but seeing its scent and color, he was certain that it was a potent anesthetic potion.

Delia\'s death was not without one or two questions.

Nevertheless, the investigators were only focused on wrapping up the case quickly, simply because the royal palace\'s prestige was declining.

She was the one who made a promise to Rose that she would bravely overcome the situation, not long before her death.

Above all, she did not have the courage to take her own life, so Delia\'s choice did not make sense at all.

Theon shook his head while pressing his forehead, as if trying to erase the memories passing by like a panorama, and looked at the glass bottle in his hand.

The purple liquid he encountered again was ominous and disgusting.

Everything seemed different.

Devin Noir, he started to question his death.


Everything was a mess.

The buttons fell off, unable to withstand Kyle\'s ruthless power, and the collar of the blouse she was wearing was unsightly.

She struggled with all her strength to get out of his grasp, and on her pale white skin, broken veins and bruises stood out.

Ugh… What will I do about this

The red marks left on Ayla\'s delicate neck revealed Kyle\'s atrocities.

Naturally, she let out a deep sigh.

If it weren\'t for the member of the Knights called Luke, she probably would have lost her life.

Whoever he was, the wary Ayla was now more than happy to see someone new appear.

There hasn\'t been a single peaceful day since she came to the royal palace, so it was somehow justifiable.

On the outside, Luke looked like a grown-up man, but his face looked like he had either just become an adult or looked younger than that.

She didn\'t know why, but it seemed certain that Luke was helping her.

He was both amazing and reckless as he continued to unfold his convictions without feeling intimidated in front of Kyle.

She was grateful for him for interfering when everyone else was turning away, but, at the same time, she was worried about him.

‘Don\'t tell me, he didn\'t die, did he\'

Next to Ayla, who was leaning against the wall with a blank expression on her face, the kettle of water boiled with a loud noise.

A gloomy expression spread across Ayla\'s face as she prepared to brew the tea with skillful hands.

She wanted to go to Theon right away and ask him why he had left her, but again, he was not at fault this time.

Ayla stood in front of Theon\'s office, thinking that it would have happened anyway when she met Kyle, even if she hadn\'t now.

Knock, knock, knock.

As she opened the door and entered the office, the room was filled with silence.

Theon, who was always sitting in front of the office desk reviewing documents, was nowhere to be seen.

Having thought he would be waiting in the office, she felt a bit bitter about his conduct, which completely missed her expectations.

Ayla closed her eyes and took a slow breath, as if trying to control her emotions that were creeping deeper and deeper into despair.

Ayla, who had raised her eyelashes as if she calmed down a little, noticed her reflection in the mirror hanging on one side of the wall in the office and started shaking again.

Seeing the red marks and her messy clothes, the anger against the two brothers grew even more intense.

Those damn bastards…

Ayla, who uttered curse words in a low-pitched voice, left the office with an exasperated expression on her face.


Yesterday and today too, Lily was nowhere to be seen.

Ayla, who had been looking at the empty bed thinking where she had gone without saying a word, slowly lifted her heavy body up as if she were in slow motion.

Although she was in a hell of a situation, her damn body was faithful to its job today as well.

Seeing that her eyes opened automatically even though the sun had not yet risen, she was now used to this life.

It wasn\'t satisfactory to grind the two damn brothers, but Ayla mumbled that she had to do what she had to do.


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