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Ayla, who was rubbing her eyes as if she had not yet woken up, looked at herself in the mirror and her eyes widened.

Ah… It\'s horrible.

Even after a full day had passed, the marks carved on her delicate neck did not subside; instead, they grew even pronounced.

Although she was a fair-skinned woman by nature, Ayla looked with a desperate expression at the red marks that had now turned purple.

Ayla, who reached out her hand and touched the bruises with a blank expression on her face, as if she had given up all hope, turned around and headed towards the hanger.

That damn bastard… Just try grabbing my neck again next time.

Whether you\'re a descendant of the King or whatever, I\'ll kick you right there.


Ayla, who was mumbling in an excited voice, held a white scarf in her hand.

At that time and now, all she could do was put on a scarf, but she felt much better doing this.

When she moved, you could see the bruises slightly, but it was difficult to notice unless you looked closely.

She wanted to blame Theon and say it was because he left her, but she thought that there must be a reason for the behavior she saw yesterday.

No, she hoped so.

There was a fear of something in his cold eyes.

Maybe that was why she didn\'t want to bother him any further.

If he saw this, he would surely get heartbroken.

A satisfied expression appeared on Ayla\'s face as she moved the scarf she was wearing to adjust it.


This is perfect.

Ayla, who nodded her head while tidying up her clothes as if she were now reassured, finished getting ready to leave and went out the door.


A light smile appeared on the corner of her lips as a familiar blonde hair came into Ayla\'s view as she was heading to the detached palace.

As usual, Owen was still wandering in his dreams.

Seeing him standing on the way to the detached palace made her wonder if something had happened, but she was more than happy to see him.

Unlike her, who smiled and approached him as they were seeing each other for the first time in a while, Owen\'s expression was stern.

What brings Grand Duke Arrot here

What am I supposed to be doing here It\'s easy to tell.

Ayla, aren\'t I waiting for you

Ayla tilted her head at his bluntness, as if asking what was going on.

Bring the tea to my office this afternoon.

Your… Office

Being in an office didn\'t suit Owen, a person who likes to play and doesn\'t seem to be worried about world affairs.

Ayla\'s voice, which stuttered in disbelief, clearly revealed her inner feelings.


As she thought of Owen, sitting at a desk and reviewing documents, grumbling over and over again, she unconsciously let out a laugh.

She knew it was rude, but it was already too late to undo it.

Owen, who glared at Ayla without saying a word as if he didn\'t like her reaction, let out a small sigh and spoke.

I can\'t be playing like a loafer every day.

Since I came to the Royal Palace, I have to earn my keep…

Ayla narrowed her eyes as if surprised by Owen, who seemed to have grown quite a bit during the time she didn\'t see him.

Seeing that his expression, which was always full of playfulness, was quite serious, it didn\'t seem like he was joking.

You were waiting because of that

Is there any other way when you only care for Theon If you need something, you must take action for it… Tell him this too!


That for today, you must attend to Grand Duke Owen Arrot and not him.

Do you understand Miss Ayla.

Owen clenched his fists and hit his chest, apparently feeling very hurt about what had happened the other day.

‘I knew it!\'

Ayla lowered her head and laughed at the sight of Owen, who looked like a whining child despite the solemn expression on his face.

Ayla cleared her throat at Owen\'s gaze, looking at her with his eyes wide open, and gently answered.

Ahem, I will tell him.

You must speak with conviction! You must come! Without fail!



I will tell him that I must go to Grand Duke Arrot, unconditionally.

Of course, you should.

Tell him who it is! Then, I must go now.


I woke up early after a long time so I\'m tired…

Owen moved his head from side to side, as if stretching, and gave his habitual wink.

If it had been before, she would have been embarrassed by his actions and tried to calm down her pounding heart, but she\'s used to it now.

Ayla also gave a wink at his charming eye gesture, as if matching his behavior.

Ayla burst out laughing as she saw Owen\'s reddening face, as if he were embarrassed by her provocative behavior.

She had come to behave this coquettish while living as Zenia, but Owen had no way of knowing that.


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