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On the day of the banquet, Ayla was busy in the morning, heading towards the west palace.

Arriving in front of Owen\'s residence, Ayla took a breath, panting.

It was more urgent today because she was summoned to the banquet hall.

She opened the door carefully to avoid waking Owen up, who was still sleeping; but, unexpectedly, he was already awake.

Oh… Grand Duke, are you up already

I woke up early, in case I couldn\'t see Miss Ayla today.

Hmhm, you must get ready to go to the banquet hall.

I will prepare the bath.

Please wait a moment.

Even though I missed you I have been waiting for Miss Ayla.

Why don\'t you make eye contact with me for a second

You\'re making jokes again!! I am very busy preparing for today\'s banquet.

Please stop, the Grand Duke must also get ready.

Owen murmuredI\'m not joking…\', while looking at Ayla heading to the bathroom.

Owen\'s depressed voice rang in her ears, but she pretended not to hear it.

Ayla opened the bathroom door, with her lips closed.

‘I won\'t be good if you get deeply involved with the Royal family.

That\'s it.

That\'s where my duty ends.\'

I have my own problems, so how can I help someone If I meddle too much and the King notices, I may end up with a death sentence.

They say even my parents abandoned me and ran away, so even if I\'m in danger, there won\'t be anyone to help me.

‘You\'re just curious and having fun, but I am risking my life.\'

Recalling Rose\'s advice not too long ago, Ayla calmed down her wavering heart.


There was literally a battlefield behind the banquet hall.

The food left by the guests, utensils, and plates used were stacked in a pile as high as most adult women.

Not only that, she didn\'t know about regular maids but, at least for the low-rank maids, it was difficult to go to the bathroom, let alone the banquet hall.

She couldn\'t get a break, with all the dishwashing and leftovers, and all kinds of trash that came.

I think they use a plate every time they have a bite of something.

I wash and wash and I can\'t see the end of it.

At this rate, my arm is going to fall out.

Lily, who was washing the dishes next to her, complained.

It will be easier when lunch is over.

Hang in there just a bit more.

Lily nodded at Ayla\'s gentle voice, frowning.

After struggling for a while, a loud noise was heard in the kitchen.

So, if 358 people attended and 120 already finished eating, how many main and side dishes do we need to prepare! Can\'t you do it correctly!!

Ah… If it is 3 side dishes per one main dish, then…

A man who appears to be the head chef snapped at a subordinate.

As if taken aback by the piercing voice, the staff member was at a loss, unable to answer.


Ayla, who was draining the water, unconsciously blurted out the number.

Ah! 952.

Soon after, a staff member who had been tapping on the calculator said to the head chef.

How many each

238 main dishes, 714 side dishes.

This time too, Ayla was one step faster.

Ayla said in a dull voice, as if she had anticipated the question.

Subsequently, the staff member tapping on the calculator said the same number as Ayla.

Wow! Ayla, aren\'t you faster than the calculator! I think you answered in 3 seconds… That is so amazing! You have my respect!

As she put down the plate she had been washing, Lily made a big fuss.

Ayla said,It\'s not a big deal.\' at Lily\'s overreaction, and smiled.

Even though she signaled her to stop now, Lily\'s fuss continued.

Ayla\'s expression stiffened little by little at Lily\'s incessant chatter.

‘Stop now and wash the dishes…\'


You, there!

Someone shouted from behind at Ayla and Lily, who were catching their breath for a moment after the storm had passed.

Ayla turned her head and, pointing a finger at herself, formed the wordMe\' with her mouth.

Wondering what was going on, Lily\'s eyes also turned toward the owner of the sharp voice.

That\'s right.


‘I\'m trying to take a break now, what is it again…\'


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