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Knock, knock, knock.

A calm knock rang in Owen\'s ear, whose cheeks were already blushing.

His heart, which had been quiet, began to pound little by little.


Just come back.

I will bother you to my heart\'s content.\'

Ayla decided to serve Owen in the afternoon teatime, due to Theon leaving the palace after lunch.

She was so frustrated because Theon didn\'t tell her where he was going that she almost burst out; but since the lustful kiss they exchanged in the early morning was satisfying, she decided to call it even.

From his drowsy eyes, bright red lips that were slightly opened, and his lustful gaze, staring at her.

Theon\'s expression, which seemed to be lacking something, had a strange feeling that she had never felt before.

Ayla\'s face turned red in an instant as the sight of him flashed through her head.

As if trying to come to her senses, Ayla raised her hands and lightly tapped her cheeks a couple of times while straightening her posture.

Ugh… Let\'s focus.


Ayla, who entered the dining room with a resolute expression on her face, was more serious than usual.

She was quite accustomed to Theon\'s tea service, but she had no idea what a new customer like Grand Duke Arrot would like.


As she worried about it, tapping her lower lip with the tip of her finger, her eyes gleamed.

Ayla reached over to the counter and took out a glass jar filled with lemons and limes soaked in honey.

In the scenery of Hanan, which she saw at Owen\'s place the other day, there were many fruit trees.

Seeing the longing in his eyes as he looked at the painting, she wondered if it was a place where he had been before he came to the Stellen Kingdom.

If there were many fruit trees, of course, he would have come across a lot of fruit-related foods and teas.

Judging from Owen\'s personality, he didn\'t seem to like bitter black tea or coffee.


When she opened the well-sealed glass bottle, the refreshing lemon scent and sweet honey scent spread pleasantly.

It seemed that the hot water was boiling, as the water kettle, which was placed on time, also began to make a loud noise.

Ayla, who poured hot water over the fruit juice she poured into a pretty teacup, took out a piece of cheesecake from the showcase.

A satisfied smile came to her mouth as she finished preparing a small silver fork, tissue, and a dessert that looked appetizing, with nuts on top of the circle-shaped dark chocolate.

Soon, Ayla, holding a tray with tea and refreshments placed on it, turned around with hurried steps.

Owen\'s office was on the complete opposite side from Theon\'s, so she had to calculate the time well.

At first glance, a luxurious door that appeared to have been newly remodeled caught Ayla\'s attention.

She smiled involuntarily as she imagined Owen beyond the door, grumbling while skimming through unknown documents.

Knock, knock, knock.

As she knocked and entered the office, a well-dressed Owen was sitting at the desk.

As if he had been looking through the documents before she came in, he naturally turned the page over.

But he didn\'t seem to know.

The fact that the documents were upside down.

If not, maybe he has a great ability to easily read upside-down letters

The west palace maid, Ayla, greets the Grand Duke.

She wanted to match Owen\'s rhythm, who seemed to want to show his own serious appearance.

Ayla, who stood in front of the desk while holding in the laughter that was about to burst out, gave Owen a light greeting.

Welcome, Ayla.

Ugh… There are so many things I need to take care of.

‘Don\'t laugh.

Don\'t laugh.

Ayla, you can do it.

Protect the Grand Duke\'s pride a bit.

You can do it!!\'

Seeing Owen rubbing his eyes and sweeping back his shiny blonde hair as if he were tired, she held back her laughter and her red lips flinched.

Ayla tried hard to hold back the laugh that reached her throat and calmly put down the teacup.

Then, she slowly opened her mouth towards Owen.

It\'s a fruit tea made with lemon and lime marinated in honey.

It tastes pretty good, so it\'s perfect to have it right now.

How did you know I like lemon… As expected, you seem to have a good eye for people.

Owen smiled broadly as if he were in a good mood, and Ayla followed him and gave a pretty smile.

As always, Owen has the power to make those around him feel good.

She felt like she laughed a lot when she was with Owen, but she didn\'t hate it.

Stop and try it.

Ayla reached out and pushed the teacup in front of Owen, adding,It will get cold\'.

Owen nodded at her words and carefully took the still steaming teacup to his mouth.

… Ahem.

Owen, who picked up the teacup and tasted it, wrinkled one eye and pursed his lips as if he had eaten something he couldn\'t eat.

As if she were expecting Owen\'s evaluation of the taste, Aylas blue eyes gleamed and she smacked her lips.

How does it taste

This… I can\'t believe he enjoys this… Theon must have a very unique preference!

What is that reaction You mean it doesn\'t taste good

No… Well.

I-It\'s not bad.

When Owen had finished speaking, he turned his head and whispered,I don\'t want to drink it again, but…\', softly.

Perhaps as if she had not heard his last words, Ayla had a satisfied expression.

As she nodded and looked around, something familiar came into her eyes.

Did you bring this to the office

As if the teacup in front of him was filled with medicine, Owen closed his eyes tightly and poured all of it into his mouth.

How on earth could it taste like this Although it clearly smelled like sweet honey, it only tasted sour and bitter.

Whatever the reason, it was clear that he did not want to drink it again.


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