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She gave a lot of strength to her trembling legs.

As she forced her steps towards the helplessly drooping man, her eyes began to tremble greatly.

When the fishy smell of blood reached the tip of her nose over the smell of damp soil, Ayla muttered,That can\'t be.\', and shook her head slightly.

As if to make fun of her thoughts, the closer she got to the man, the more her expression hardened.


A painful moan escaped the man\'s lips.

Ayla\'s face, which had hardened, had now turned into tears.


Ahh, ah.

Cough! Cough… cough, I\'m seeing you… here.

I wanted… to see you.

Blood! D-Don\'t speak.



How did this hap… No, treatment, you must get treated first.


The appearance reflected at the end of Ayla\'s gaze was tragic in itself.

The familiar silver hair was messed up in its own way.

Whatever happened, Eden\'s lips were constantly spitting out red blood.

Ayla, who had come closer to Eden, cried as she embraced his helplessly spread-out body.

I\'m… fine…

Eden said with a light smile, as he brought his trembling fingertips to Ayla.

Ayla shook her head as if telling him to stop, but Eden\'s hand wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks.

Soon his eyelids began to close helplessly, and Eden\'s silver-gray eyes gradually disappeared.


‘One week.

No matter how you do it, find Zenia and bring her to me.

Even if she isn\'t the Princess of Ruit, it doesn\'t matter to me now.\'

‘Don\'t let me down anymore.

I know your skills well enough, Eden.\'

Lying unconscious in the small cot, Eden\'s forehead was frowning as if he were having a nightmare.

Is it right to leave him like this For a moment, she had a doubt.

Along with the fear of losing him forever like this.

The wound was quite deep, so she carefully wiped Eden\'s body, which was having cold sweats everywhere.

It was the best Ayla could do right now, and her greatest effort.

Looking at Eden\'s arms and body full of fine muscles, she could tell how much training and practice he had been doing.

Except for his side, which was still gushing out red blood, his body was full of small and big cuts.

As a large amount of blood spread over the bandage that was tightly wrapped around him, Ayla, who was wiping his body over and over again, put on a serious expression.


Medical Officer!

What\'s wrong

I… The b-blood doesn\'t seem to stop.


It will be fine after a while.

Don\'t be annoying and just go back now.

Some woman is loafing around.


She came to the Knights\' medical squadron as soon as possible, but the reactions were bleak.

The medical officer\'s self-talk, as if he wanted her to listen, was brutally trampling on Ayla\'s pride, but she couldn\'t say anything.

He must have faced countless dying corpses on the battlefield, and countless others who had been mutilated.

But even if he did, it was too much.

That gaze he had, as if he were looking at an object rather than a person.

There was no sign of concern for Eden in their dull behavior and tone of voice.

There was no change in their hazy eyes, as if they had fallen into inertia, even when they saw Eden gushing out blood.

The extent of his treatment was to gently wipe the blood from his body and apply mashed herbs to the affected area.

She unconsciously snorted as the medical officer threw her a pile of bandages with an expressionless look on his face, as if telling her to take care of this too.

The Royal Knights, who appeared to be serious and cool, were more disgusting than expected and quite irrational.

What is going on here

The voice of a familiar man could be heard behind Ayla, who was sitting there blankly as if she could not understand this situation.

Why did you come to a dreary place like this again There are only men here, so it\'s not a place for a noble person to come.

Ayla\'s mouth dented awkwardly at the sight of Luke pretending to know her.

Ah… You are the Knight who helped me back then.

I didn\'t have time to think so I couldn\'t even say thank you.


I really had something to report to the Commander.

I could understand that much.

Thank you so much for your help.

I just did what I had to do.

Luke blushed and scratched his head at her words that she knew even if he didn\'t say anything.

Then, a moment later, Ayla\'s blue eyes instinctively looked towards Eden.

Seeing Ayla\'s serious expression, Luke\'s gaze turned to the cot where Eden was lying.

Luke\'s forehead wrinkled in an instant when he saw Eden gushing out red blood.

The white bandage that had been wrapped around Eden\'s body was now dyed so red that it was difficult to see its original color.

Seeing this, Ayla\'s blue eyes shook greatly and she knelt next to the bed without time to waste.

Ayla\'s hand trembled incessantly as she unwrapped the bandage handed to her by the medical officer.


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