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She tried hard to suppress the rising emotions, but the transparent tears that filled her eyes flowed down helplessly.

Do you know him

If you do that, the blood won\'t stop properly.

Give it to me.

Since the wound is very deep, you have to handle it like this…

Luke, who came closer, took the bandage from Ayla\'s hand and loosened it with a familiar movement.

Luke frowned seeing the deep wounds on Eden\'s body as he unwrapped the bandages around him.

Medical Officer!!

He nervously called the medical officer while fumbling around the affected area to check the condition.

D-Did you call

Is this how you do first aid Just let him die

The medical officer, who had been showing a cheeky attitude just a moment ago, looked around without saying a word.

That, I… He is the Commander\'s Guard Knight.

What does that have to do with treatment

The Commander did this, so you\'ll just leave him alone and wait for his life to end.

Is this what you mean

No… It\'s not like that…

That\'s how you sounded like right now.

Why don\'t you do something instead of just staying still If his life is really lost, I will hold you accountable for being so stupid.

As Luke raised his index finger and tapped the medical officer\'s chest, she could feel an unprecedented sense of threat coming from him that wasn\'t there before.

Luke showed no hesitation when dealing with the medical officer who looked a lot older than him.

It was the same towards Kyle.

It seemed like she had gotten him wrong.

Luke, whom she thought was naive due to his first impression, was not like that at all the more she got to know him.

Ayla clenched her fists tight at the medical officer\'s attitude, which was quite different from just a few minutes ago.


‘Cold-blooded human.\'

Thinking of Kyle, Ayla\'s eyes began to show anger and contempt towards him.

No matter what had happened, it was Eden, whom he was with every day.

She could not understand at all what on earth he had done so wrong for someone to put him in this state.

She thought he was stubborn from the moment he grabbed her by the neck and threatened her, but she never imagined he would be this unruly.

What on earth… happened

She didn\'t know if it was because of the commotion, but she was particularly exhausted.

Taking a deep breath, Ayla slowly turned her head to look at Eden.

It seemed that his face, which had been in a blank slate until a little while ago, was slowly finding its true color, perhaps because he had received proper treatment.

Are you alright Cover yourself with this.

Luke, who had come closer to her, handed her a thin blanket.

Ah… I\'m fine.

I\'m not fine.

After he finished speaking, Luke\'s eyes immediately glanced at Ayla\'s body.

Ayla hurriedly picked up the blanket.

… Thank you.

You\'re welcome.

How is Eden Is his condition… very bad

Fortunately, it missed his vital points.

We just need to stop the bleeding.

I don\'t think you need to worry.

A bitter smile appeared on Ayla\'s lips at Luke\'s reassuring words.

In the end, he was saying that it would be meaningless if they didn\'t stop the bleeding.

Ayla nodded, pretending not to be aware of his consideration.

Whatever the outcome, the fact that she was once again indebted to the knight named Luke did not change.

If it weren\'t for him, let alone treatment, he might have received a death sentence.

Ayla shot a sharp gaze at the medical officer who was watching the two of them in the corner.

Some man is cowardly and petty.

Luke\'s eyes opened wide at Ayla\'s candid and sassy remarks, but it didn\'t matter.

She really wanted to curse and criticize him even more.

The man who had been sarcastic towards Ayla just a moment ago made a groaning sound and avoided her gaze.

Even though she said what she had to say in a whisper, Ayla had no intention of withdrawing her gaze from him.

Luke, who was watching the situation, patted her on the shoulder as if to calm her down and led her out of the infirmary.

Hesitating for a moment, Luke opened his mouth carefully towards Ayla, who was still keeping silent.

It\'s getting late, so please go back to your room.


I will take care of him myself.

I won\'t leave it to the dimwit inside, so don\'t worry.

As Ayla hesitated with her head lowered, Luke tapped her on the shoulder a couple of times as if telling her not to worry about it.

Oh, by the way, I don\'t even know your name.

I am Luke Jenners, a member of the Royal Knights.

I am Ayla, a maid of the west palace.

Ayla Serdian.


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