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In the quiet dining room, only the sound of dry firewood burning and crackling resounded.

The old woman, leaning on the rocking chair in front of him, quietly stared at Louis while he was eating.

Can you tell me more about the Libro community

Just eat and go.

It\'s not a place for you to go.

I have… someone I really need to find.


At the resolute old woman\'s words, Louis put down his fast-moving spoon and spoke in a low voice.

The eyes of the old woman, which had turned hazy over the years, trembled little by little, perhaps because of the emotional change in his pitiful voice.

Looking at you, you seem to be the son of a high-ranking noble family… Even in the vicinity, that community is famous for being dangerous.

Why do you want to go to a place that people try to purposely avoid, by your own feet

May I know the reason for that

The old woman, who was looking at Louis while tilting her head as if she did not know the reason, paused for a moment.

Scratching her throat with aHmm.\', the old woman lowered her voice as if she were telling a secret.

Because that community of merchants is a place that deals with magic.


Grandma! We\'re here.

The smell of meat soup is strong outside, so you can\'t just pass by!

The old wooden door opened, and tough-looking men entered the restaurant.

It was difficult to find any empty spaces in the narrow restaurant because of the sudden arrival of giants.

The old woman distorted her wrinkled face at the man\'s lively words and smiled humorously.

The eyes of the group that had come inside were all fixed on Louis.

Along with a mischievous smile.

The old woman, who stood up to prepare the men\'s meals, tapped Louis lightly on the shoulder and slowly headed towards the kitchen.

Doesn\'t it smell like money somewhere

I think it also smells like childishness.


But his size is worth looking at.

I don\'t know if I can use my strength.

One of the men, in the middle of the restaurant, said sarcastically.

As if they were all waiting for the man\'s words, those around him giggled and sided with him.

Looking at Louis\' appearance at a first glance, they could tell he was the son of a high-ranking aristocrat.

The gold thread and jewels sewn on the shoulders of Louis\' tailcoat did not harmonize with this shabby place at all.

It was not weird for the men who had lived a rough life to show a displeased attitude toward Louis, who, in contrast, seemed to have never had a hard time.

The Leader must have warned you not to get into trouble.

A middle-aged man who was watching the situation from the corner spoke in a neither high nor low tone of voice.

At his words, the men who had been babbling vulgar words and smiling greedily became silent.

Inside the quiet interior, only the sound of tableware clattering and food being eaten resonated.

Louis could feel the vigilant gaze of the men who occasionally glanced at him while chewing the food.


Unable to overcome the awkward atmosphere, Louis finally put down the wooden spoon he was holding in his hand.


He came here with no expectations.

However, the community of merchants in front of him had a scale and splendor beyond his imagination, as if to ridicule his thoughts.

Louis\' gaze quickly scanned his surroundings.

The quiet surroundings, unlike its appearance, made Louis\' face contort with an unknown tension.

At this size, it would be normal for at least a dozen guards to be guarding it, but he did not feel a single presence anywhere.

It was kind of weird.

The words of the old woman he met at the restaurant flashed through his mind.

‘It\'s not a place for you to go.\'

‘Because that community of merchants is a place that deals with magic.\'

Standing in front of the tightly closed iron door, Louis\' heart rate was gradually increasing.

After hesitating for a while as he swallowed dry, Louis slowly gave strength to his raised hand as if he had made up his mind.


The iron door that had been blocking the entrance opened too easily compared to how intimidating it looked.

As if telling him to come inside.

The dark interior was reminiscent of a cave.

As soon as he entered, he frowned at the damp and stale smell.

Fortunately or not, there was a small lamp fixed to the floor, so visibility was secured.

Is this place the community of merchants

Although he mumbled to himself in a low voice, the place was so silent that Louis\' voice echoed in all directions.

Trudge, trudge.

Louis\' pupils began to shake slightly at the sound of unidentified footsteps coming from afar.

As the sound got closer and closer, his grip on the hilt of his sword got stronger.

In the pitch-black darkness, all his senses were sharp.

Only then did he understand the incomprehensible words of the old woman he met at the restaurant.

He knew he had made a serious mistake, but it was already too late to undo it.


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