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After Theon\'s cold words, there was a heavy silence between the two of them.

After a long time, Ayla, who had been looking sideways at Theon, slowly opened her mouth.

It seems like he made Eden find Zenia.


One side of his chest was pounding at the sight of Ayla, who was whispering in a low voice.

He slowly waved his hand as if telling her to stop because it seemed like he would know the backstory without her even telling him anymore, but she seemed unwilling to stop.

Eden knows I\'m Zenia.

I think he was attacked by Grand Duke Ermedi while trying to protect me.

Fortunately, he didn\'t lose his life, but the situation isn\'t good.

As expected.

Theon\'s eyes, who had been keeping silent with a stiff expression, slowly began to shake.

So, you want me to keep quiet about it

It\'s not like that…

What is this, other than telling me to keep quiet because the foreigner gave his life for you

Why are people so twisted What did that person do wrong… I have no idea why you are being so sensitive.

Ayla turned around as if she had nothing more to say, while Theon stretched out his arm.

Because I keep feeling pathetic.

Unexpected words came out of Theon\'s mouth, who had been keeping silent with his head down.

I didn\'t do anything for you, and I\'m mad at other guys for taking that place.

That\'s why I\'m acting so stupid.

Small tears formed in the eyes of the two people facing each other.


There was no affection like a moment ago in the faces of the two people who faced each other.

The reddened faces were on the verge of bursting, regardless of who was first.

One could wonder if the man and woman yelling at each other were really lovers, but it was clearly a lover\'s quarrel.

They didn\'t feel like this just 30 minutes ago.

She thought of matching his mood, at least until the thoughtless remarks of,It was my fault.\', came out of Theon Ermedi\'s mouth.

I didn\'t do anything for you, and I\'m mad at other guys for taking that place.

That\'s why I\'m acting so stupid.

Just that much was enough.

It was romantic enough and convincing enough.

A wave of emotions surged, and she could feel his affection.

But he didn\'t know the limit and talked carelessly with his arrogant mouth.

No matter how hardhearted I look, I am a person too.

I am not generous enough to understand even my woman\'s ex-lover.

‘What kind of bull** is this\'

The tears that had been welling up in both her eyes seemed to dry up in an instant at Theon\'s sudden words.

She wondered what he meant by ex-lover.

When he finished speaking, his face was filled with a sense of loss.

Judging by the expression on his face, it seems that he is clearly misunderstanding her relationship with Eden.

Ayla frantically waved her hands to correct the situation, as it seemed that something was going wrong.

I think you are misunderstanding someth…

If you\'re going to give an excuse, don\'t.

That will make me even more angry.

No, I told you it\'s not like that.

Just listen to me.

I will explain everything.

Are you telling me to believe that Do you know how many times I\'ve seen the two of you together At the festival, at the mansion… Ugh.

Let\'s stop.

Why are you talking about that now! I told you it\'s not like that.


Did you keep all those things to yourself

Caught off guard, Theon kept his mouth shut at Ayla\'s words.

As Theon, who, unlike his usual self, glared sideways at Ayla, a dejected laughter erupted from her mouth.

‘I wondered who the owner of this doghole was… And it belonged to His Highness\'

‘Not only is Your Highness not the current King of the Stellen Kingdom, but you are also not my King.\'

The meeting between the two of them was filled with a bloody war of nerves in the first place.

That\'s right.

There have been a couple of times when she was bewildered by Eden\'s sudden behavior in front of Theon, along with his words.

He deserved to be hated.

Since he has never been treated like that before in his life.

‘She was very startled today, so don\'t push her too hard…\'

In addition, the night they returned from Terr, Eden ostentatiously uttered sweet words in front of Theon, so there was plenty of room for misunderstandings.

But it\'s not like that!

Even though it\'s not, how could he shamefully talk about the past.

She could feel the anger coming up from deep inside her heart, but she decided to be patient.

Yes, that\'s what she thought.

At least until a little while ago.

If you had some sense, you wouldn\'t talk about that damn foreigner in front of me again.


At Theon\'s last words, she heard the sound of the string of reason she had been trying to hold on to being severed.


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