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She came to the conclusion that she couldn\'t be more patient.

Before reason could stir in, Ayla\'s extremely instinctive mouth moved again.

Thus announcing that the catastrophe of this story was beginning.

I think I clearly said it\'s not like that.

Looking sharply at Theon, who was still glaring at her, Ayla spoke in a low-pitched voice.

There are some things you can pretend and some that you can\'t.

Miss Ayla Serdian.

All the circumstances point to that, yet you say it\'s not!

Ah, do whatever you want! You bigoted person!!

Wh… what Bigoted

That\'s right! Bigoted! Neither you nor I did things right, so why are you saying that only to me Some people are really like that.

It\'s petty! We are mutually equal!

You! Petty Are you really just going to act like that

There\'s nothing I can\'t do.

Even a worm will squirm if you step on it!

Theon frowned and stared at Ayla, who was blushing while giving him a challenging gaze.

Ah, so you\'re saying until the end that you didn\'t do anything wrong

Exactly!! Let\'s say we\'re lovers.

We kissed and did unbelievable things after all! Is that enough!

Wh… what!

I\'m a past lover!! You\'re progressing! I heard you\'re preparing for your national marriage with Princess Ariel! You said you would take care of it, but what did you do Tell me!

Patience had already reached the bottom.

Ayla, whose cheeks were burning red, shouted at Theon.

A look of bewilderment was evident on Theon\'s face, as if surprised by Ayla\'s fierce appearance that he had not seen in a long time.

Theon\'s incessantly shaking gray eyes were asking in return,How do you know that\', but she didn\'t want to answer.

Do you have anything else to say

Ayla, who was silently glaring at him, turned around with a frown on her face, but could not move.

Theon, who did not flinch even though Ayla shook off her gripped wrist and signaled him to let it go, slowly opened his mouth.

Where are you going

Your Highness says you\'re tired.

I\'m going to leave as you wanted, so what is the problem!

Are you going to that Eden bastard again

Oh right, I had no intention of doing that, but I think I should go now because of someone!!

Alright, do whatever you want!

Theon snorted as if it was ridiculous and put down Ayla\'s wrist that he was holding.

Make sure to bring the night tea to the detached palace later.

No matter what happens today, I must drink!

Theon\'s annoyed roar echoed behind Ayla\'s back as she turned around and headed downwards, but she did not stop walking.

‘Do whatever you want.\'

Ayla, who was staring straight ahead, wrinkled the tip of her nose and strode down towards the bottom.


A groan erupted from Theon\'s mouth, who was looking at Ayla\'s back as she moved away.

He didn\'t start the conversation for this, but things got messed up.

Sitting on the sofa, Theon shook his hair nervously and sighed.

Even in his own eyes, he was childish and petty.

He ridiculed Owen for being as small as a bean, but it was funny to see him being swayed by his words and whining and being fretful.

Theon, who was taking a breath for a while with his eyes closed, slowly lifted his eyelids.

I haven\'t done a single thing well.

Theon, who was muttering softly as if he were blaming himself, settled himself deeper into the sofa.


You can\'t see it usually, but he really has a talent for making people tired.

Ayla, who was watching the outside getting darker, accelerated her hand to brew the tea.

Thinking of him, who looked tired even though he was grumbling, she picked out tea leaves that were good for a good night\'s sleep.

The transparent teapot, which was reflecting the interior of the room, filled with a red color, signaling that the tea was brewed.

She felt like her nerves, which were on edge, had subsided a little with the faint scent of chamomile.


Picking up the silver tray, Ayla took a deep breath and walked towards the detached palace.

Theon\'s silhouette reflected in the light came into Ayla\'s eyes as she climbed up the stairs after passing through the large glass door.

‘Is he reading the book peacefully in this situation\'

Watching him sit in front of the fireplace and leisurely reading a book made her feel heartbroken.

Theon secretly swallowed dry as if he were nervous as he glanced at Ayla, who was giving off a cold look.


Ayla, who had finished climbing up the stairs, violently put down the tray she had brought on top of the table.

As if startled by the sudden loud noise, Theon\'s strong body flinched uncomfortably.

He hurriedly looked down at the book he was holding, pretending it was nothing, but his gray eyes were swaying all over the place, without being able to concentrate on the letters.


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