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I brought you what you asked me to, so I\'ll just leave.

Leave the teacup and teapot here when you finish drinking, and I\'ll take care of it.

Let\'s talk for a second.

I have nothing to talk about.

As she turned around and glanced sideways at Theon, Ayla\'s lips slowly rose.

As the silence between the two grew longer, Theon\'s stiff behavior changed gradually.

As she looked at Theon, who kept his uneasy gaze while his lips twitched, unlike usual, she realized that she was the one who had the victory.

She thought he was cute and wanted to tease him a little more, but she decided to be understanding.

Deciding to stop joking around, Ayla slowly turned her body towards Theon.

What do you want to tell me

As Ayla\'s piercing voice echoed through the air, Theon lifted his lowered head and looked at her.

I\'m sorry.

It felt as if her heart had melted away like snow at his low and innocent voice.

As if confessing his innermost feelings, he continued his calm words.

I was immature and petty like a little kid.

It\'s pathetic.

I was trying to slowly solve the issue with Princess Ariel, but… things went a little wrong.

I didn\'t want to bother you…

He helped me in Terr.

As well as during the festival.

I have many things to be grateful for, so I just wanted to repay him.

So, stop making guesses! If you ever doubt my relationship with Eden again, I really won\'t stay still.

Do you understand

At Ayla\'s playful words as if trying to change the mood, Theon, who had kept a firm expression on his face, slowly smiled like a child.

Theon, who changed his posture, turned to her and said,Come here.\', spreading his arms.

Ayla, who had a coy expression on her face, shrugged her shoulders and slowly went into his arms.

It will be difficult, but please wait a little longer.

Ayla nodded her head unconsciously at Theon\'s voice, whispering in her ear.

Even though it may not be possible, right now, she wanted to believe that.

So where is that foreigner

Is it just her or does his voice sound colder than before

Ayla slowly raised her body, which was leaning on Theon\'s arms, and kept her mouth shut as if it was difficult to answer.

Theon\'s lips rose softly as he watched Ayla making an awkward expression as she rolled her blue eyes around.

‘I don\'t like this.\'

It was clearly visible in his eyes that he was worried about what to do with the foreigner, and he seemed to be burning with jealousy again, but he had to put up with it.

He hated being hated by Ayla more than anything else.

Theon thought that it wouldn\'t be a bad idea to keep his enemy close, so he asked about Eden.

You said Kyle did that to him.

It\'s dangerous to leave him like this.

While disguising it, of course, with a good excuse.

It was better than being disappointed in himself, saying that he was a narrow-minded and petty man.

Among those who knew him within the Stellen Kingdom, rumors had spread that the foreigner had some quite usable skills.

If he hadn\'t been involved with Ayla, he would have worked hard to bring it under him.

Now that things are like this, he won\'t be able to go back to Kyle.

To put it bluntly, the door of opportunity has been opened.

It was also a time when it was necessary to strengthen his escort due to his frequent trips, so it would be helpful in many ways if he recruited him like this.

Though of course, there were some problems.

I\'m not going to hurt him.

I want to help.

At Theon\'s soft voice, Ayla slowly turned her head to look at him.

Looking at his gentle eyes, he, at least, didn\'t seem to want to attack Eden.

Ayla, who was hesitating and holding back what she wanted to say, slowly opened her mouth.

A member of the Knights helped me.

A member of the Knights Who

That… He\'s Luke Jenners.

You wouldn\'t know even if I told you.

Luke Jenners Are you talking about the person who killed the monsters in the Hepta District


I don\'t know about that, but… He is living in a different place from where the Knights live.

A very luxurious place I\'ve never been to before.

Theon\'s forehead wrinkled in an instant as Ayla finished speaking.

He couldn\'t be in a good mood because he had planned to get rid of the guy that was bothering him, and another unexpected guy suddenly appeared.

He received a report from Mason a few months ago about the Knight Luke Jenners that made his ears hurt.

Despite his young age, his contributions were so great that he was one of the people who made the royal palace buzz for a while.

He was a brave young man who had taken the head of the enemy commander in a battle at the border even though he had just joined the Royal Knights.

In addition to that, he killed even the most troublesome monsters for several years by himself, so it was only natural for His Majesty to appreciate his contributions.

Thanks to this, he was guaranteed a luxurious and prosperous life that normal knights would never enjoy.

The days when the King tormented him, saying that he had to establish a separate palace for Luke, seemed like yesterday.


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