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Investigate that guy.

Theon\'s expression as he came out the door was unusual.

Is there any problem, that he told him to wait outside What is happening this time… Mason\'s eyebrows frowned slightly as he looked at Theon.

Who Eden He is an orphan who grew up in a slum.

Didn\'t I tell you before

Not that.

Then what As for the knight Luke Jenners, you are the one who built this palace, so you should know better than anyo…

Mason tilted his head and blurred his words.

At the same time, Theon\'s pitiful expression came into view.


Mason, who had been agonizing for a moment with a groan, clapped his hands softly and continued.

It is said that he saved Grand Duke Ermedi\'s life on the battlefield.

Thanks to that, their relationship has continued to this day.

Though it is now broken.

I\'ll find out about his background.

How could an orphan from a slum learn a martial art like that Enough to defeat the armed forces running for war.

Such an amazing ability.


I think this is enough explanation.

Now then, you shouldn\'t just trust a paper that can be fabricated at any time, and take action yourself, right Loyal Secretary Mason.

When he finished speaking, the corners of Theon\'s lips rose.

Then he patted Mason\'s shoulder a couple of times, turned around, and stepped forward.


Elin, who narrowed her eyes as she heard the noise of the carriage, came out the door.

Looking around, Elin found Ayla standing in front of the mansion and rubbed her eyes as if in disbelief.


Recognizing that it was reality, Elin rushed towards Ayla with her short legs.

Elin, how have you been The attire of the Stellen Kingdom suits you very well.


It\'s pretty! It\'s a little uncomfortable, but I\'m getting used to it.

Ayla smiled lightly at the sight of Elin speaking while her cheeks turned red.

I guess you can\'t see me since it\'s been a while.

Orhan\'s blunt voice was heard as he appeared suddenly.

He gave her a sharp gaze with his arms crossed, but he couldn\'t hide his lips twitching with happiness.

How is that possible Orhan.

I didn\'t know you would be jealous of something like this, I\'m surprised.

Who… who said I was jealous

The kingdom\'s attire suits you well.

You look stylish.

Ayla, who was looking at Orhan\'s bewildered appearance, smiled brightly and spoke in a gentle voice.

Although it didn\'t show due to his dark skin color, heat rose on Orhan\'s cheeks.

Don\'t stay here and go inside, Princess! It\'s a little windy.

I will prepare some warm tea.

Elin, who was glancing at the two of them, pulled Ayla\'s body as if feeling an awkward atmosphere.


‘It\'s better than I thought\'

Entering the mansion, Ayla\'s eyes widened.

Contrary to the seemingly ordinary exterior, the interior was full of things that looked expensive at first glance.

The feeling of the soft carpet every time she took a step.

The big ornately decorated chandelier and the candlesticks, placed on both sides.

Refreshing flowers and red roses were placed in a blue vase placed in the middle.

‘How much money did all of this cost\'

The gold patterns carved on the white wallpaper and the surrounding sculptures made her feel somewhat smaller.


Passing through the spacious hallway, a large fountain standing in the center of the hall was shining in the light, showing off its golden color.

Get more details through Orhan.

I\'ll come by soon, so don\'t worry about me.\'

Ayla, who had been reflecting on what Theon told her before she departed, stopped walking and tilted her head.

She started to wonder how much money he spent here and his plans for the future.

Come this way, Princess! This is the living room.

I will quickly prepare some refreshments.

Elin, who was leading the way, hurried towards the stopped Ayla.

After saying that she would serve the refreshments, Elin went through the small door on one side of the living room.

Ayla, who was smiling awkwardly at Elin, looked down and scanned the clothes she was wearing.

Her sloppy attire did not harmonize with this place, which was the pinnacle of luxury.


As Ayla, who was awkwardly scratching her face, pulled out a wooden chair from under the table, an unpleasant sound echoed inside.

What\'s wrong

Ah… I can\'t get used to this.

To what

Orhan, who followed her, said while looking curiously at Ayla, who was standing hesitantly.


Everything is very different from when I was Zenia.

Ayla spread her arms as if telling him to look around and said awkwardly.

The day they first entered this place, which is the pinnacle of luxury unlike the mansion across the border that was hardly managed, Orhan and Elin had the same reaction as Ayla.

It was only a few weeks ago that they were overwhelmed by the mansion, which boasted an imposing force, unlike their shabby appearance.


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