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‘We must help her.\'

‘We can\'t.\'

‘Then, Orhan can be that woman called Helena or Elina.

You do not give me any options, probably because I am the leader only in words, so I have no intention of cooperating.\'

‘It\'s not a problem that can be forced like this.\'

‘Do you know what is the easiest and fastest way to spread a rumor Using people from the lower classes.\'


‘If you understand what I\'m saying, go get her quickly.\'

Orhan was at a loss for words at the dignified appearance of Ayla, whom he had only seen as naive.

Although it was reckless, there was nothing wrong with it, so he had no choice but to do as she said.

The table that had suddenly become messy and chunks of meat that had turned into bare-bones lingered in Orhan\'s gaze.

‘How am I going to send that woman out…\'

As Orhan\'s eyes narrowed and he was clearing his thoughts, a tactless voice interrupted him.

It\'s been a while since I ate, so it\'s delicious.

Can you speak after you\'re done eating It\'s uncomfortable to look at.

Orhan spoke in a stern tone to the woman who spoke to him without chewing all the food in her mouth.

At his words, drawing a line, the woman with a lot of butter and red sauce around her mouth smiled awkwardly and concentrated on eating again.

She looked very happy.

As if to organize his thoughts, Orhan, who let out aHmm.\' while looking at the woman, frowned heavily.

Judging from her appearance, she didn\'t look like a beggar.

Even though her appearance was scruffy, the woman in front of him was on the pretty side.

Although her hair was messy, he was confident that she would look quite pretty if she combed her long blonde hair.

That wasn\'t all, the woman\'s red eyes gave off a mysterious atmosphere.

In contrast to her messy appearance, the clean woman\'s hands seemed to have never worked hard.

It would have been impossible if she had been on the streets.

But, seeing her ferociously nibbling on pieces of meat, exposing her gums…

He was convinced that she could never be someone like a daughter from a prestigious family.

‘Then what is it\'

The more he looked at her, the more curious he was about her identity, but she was a completely unknown woman.

A deep sigh escaped from Orhan\'s mouth as he turned his gaze to the opposite side of where the woman was, as if he could not find an answer.


Although she was wearing good clothes, her situation was no different.

It was even worse.

Is it because he forced a tight schedule on her since early morning

Ayla\'s appearance was good enough to attend a party right away, but that was only what he thought.

Ayla\'s blue eyes were fixed on the food on the table.

She seemed to have no intention of letting go of the grilled lamb ribs, which she held tightly in both hands.

Orhan, who looked at her, lowered his gaze and shook his head without saying a word.

With a continuous sigh.


It\'s really delicious.

Ayla, who was muttering with her cheeks so full of food that they almost burst, said to Orhan with wide-open eyes.

Normally, he would have criticized Ayla for not being careful, but he couldn\'t be reckless with his master in the presence of other people.

If even a small mistake occurred, everything they planned would be in vain.

‘Don\'t act unrefined.

You have to build your prestige as the leader of the merchants.\'

He wanted to slap his mouth for scolding Ayla in front of the boutique.

If it hadn\'t been for Ayla, who was constantly complaining, this situation might not have happened.

There was no way he would have been interested in the streets.

‘She\'s a scoundrel who can\'t find her table manners.\'

No matter if she was a beggar, she was the first person to set foot in the mansion, so he had to be careful about his behavior.

Orhan, who struggled to swallow his words, gave a forced smile and nodded instead of answering.

Goodness, you will get an upset stomach.

Eat slowly and drink this too! It\'s a fruit wine made with wild grapes, so it\'s going to taste really good.

Elin, who suddenly approached her side, poured a purple drink into slender crystal glasses.

The two women, who picked up the glasses so quickly you couldn\'t tell who did it first, poured the cup into their mouths as if they had made a promise.


A short but powerful exclamation erupted from the mouths of the two women who tasted the wine.

The two women silently raised their thumbs towards Elin, who was holding her breath as if waiting for an evaluation.

‘They are having fun.\'

Orhan\'s inner self was talking to the three women.



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