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After Count Serdian\'s tribute embezzlement, the strained relationship between the two kingdoms turned into a strange war of nerves.

Thanks to this, both big and small problems were occurring, so it was a headache.

Friction between merchants, friction between people.

The anxiety of the neighboring countries was rising day by day, fearing that a war may break out.

It was extremely natural, since the two big kingdoms were engaging in an invisible war of nerves, but it was impossible to leave it as it is.

Even if his pride was hurt, it was his duty to yield to them first.

The Queen of Raff was young and smarter than expected.

She must have clearly understood the meaning.

Otherwise, her response would not have come so quickly.

If she were to decline, she would have done so.

I\'m glad that we can communicate.

I thought it would take quite a while.

Confirm the date of the visit and make sure to prepare it without any setbacks.

Even a single mistake is unacceptable.

I understand.

When Theon had finished speaking, he looked again at the piles of documents on the desk.

Recently, due to his frequent departures from the palace, he has not been able to concentrate on national affairs, so there was a lot of work to be dealt with.


A shallow sigh escaped Theon\'s mouth as he looked at the stacks of paper piled high.

The sight that they could reach the ceiling at any moment seemed to make his eyes go out of focus.

Theon\'s eyes, as he skimmed through the documents, rolled again, slowly.

Even after their conversation was over, Louis seemed unwilling to move from his spot.

Aren\'t you going I have no further instructions.

I have something to ask.

Tell me.

Louis twitched his lips and maintained his posture.

Theon raised his hand and waved it as if telling him to speak comfortably.

I don\'t see Ayla… Have you perhaps given her any special orders

The corners of Theon\'s lips, smiling lightly, turned downwards along with Louis\' cautious words.

Even though he already knew that the two were old childhood friends, he felt strange.

Why are you looking for Miss Ayla Serdian

After he finished speaking, Theon tried to put on a relaxed expression in his own way.

He turned his gaze to the spread-out documents, but the hand holding the fountain pen was slowly gaining strength.

At the same time, the image he saw by the window of the two of them facing each other flashed through his mind.

It was the day that Louis first came in to work as a secretary.

The man and woman stood on the terrace.

He clearly had a gaze of looking at the opposite sex.

It has bothered him since then.

Even if Ayla didn\'t, it was clear that the man standing in front of him had different emotions.

No lengthy explanation was needed.

It was just a man\'s intuition.

He could tell because he resembled him, and he could be sure about it.

I have something to tell her.

It\'s very important.

I don\'t know how important it is, but don\'t worry, you\'ll be able to tell her soon.

How long do you plan on standing there like this Just go now.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of documents to review, so I have no time to chat leisurely.

Louis, who kept a firm expression at his sarcastic reaction, smiled bitterly.

After silently bowing to Theon, Louis turned around slowly and headed out of the office.


Ugh… This is frustrating.

I get rid of one, and two more appear.

Theon\'s low whisper echoed in the quiet office.


Ahem, Princess, please rest now.

I will show the person outside to the place where she will stay.

At Orhan\'s words, Ayla nodded her head slightly, expressing her affirmative intention.

After that, Orhan, who exchanged glances with Ayla, turned around to go out the door.

Ah, wait a minute.

Please give this to Estelle.

Ayla, who called Orhan, hurriedly ran to the chest of drawers next to the bed.

Taking out a neatly folded dress, Ayla waved her hand towards Orhan and smiled.

Orhan\'s expression distorted in an instant when he saw what was in Ayla\'s hand.

It was an expensive dress that they bought for 10 gold coins at the boutique they visited today.

Is she giving that woman high-quality clothing that\'s equivalent to the cost of a month\'s food for an average family It didn\'t make sense.

Do you know how much that cost

She won\'t be able to sleep in messy clothes.

This is the only thing she can wear right now.

But you\'re giving away the clothes you got today to a beggar


Orhan kept his mouth shut when he heard Ayla saying his name in a low-pitched voice as if to warn him.

Ayla, who turned into an authoritative person at times like this, was hateful.

At the sight of her, staring at him while maintaining silence, Orhan\'s broad shoulders shrank involuntarily.

And pitifully.


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