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Although he couldn\'t understand it, there was nothing wrong with what his master said.

Thanks to that, he didn\'t know what to answer.

There was no way she could wear Elin\'s clothes, as she was more than twice her height.

Mind your manners.

No matter what, she is a lady.

Look over there.

She\'s shaking like that.

On the side that Ayla was pointing to, there was Estelle, standing outside the door with a pathetic expression on her face.

Looking at her, he felt a little pity.

Staring at Estelle for a while, Orhan\'s eyes became more docile than before.

But of course, it was subtle.


Displeasure was evident in Orhan\'s expression as he climbed up the stairs.

‘Please give it to Estelle.

And, please, let her sleep in the guest room.\'

As if reading his thoughts that he would give her the attic, Ayla clearly told him to give her the guest room.

It was a very disapproving treatment, but there was no way he could be unyielding.

He had no choice but to do as she said.

Orhan, who was leading the way, slowly turned his head and glanced at Estelle, who was quietly following him.

Her state was better than when they first met, but she was still filthy.

‘That\'s right.

Rather than dirtying the newly bought furniture and bedding with that messy state…\'

He tried to console himself, thinking that it would be better to give her the clothes.


How many steps did they take along the hallway

Orhan, who had maintained a cold gaze, slowly opened the door, and the well-organized interior came into sight.

It\'s quite alright.

Before Orhan could even speak, Estelle, who entered the room at will, slowly glanced around.

A satisfied smile appeared on her face as she swept down the furniture with her fingertips as if checking for dust.

I\'ll let it go today, but I won\'t tomorrow.

I want you to leave the mansion on your own without having to be told.

You speak a lot when you\'re only a butler.

What did you say just now

I said you speak a lot when you\'re only a butler.

As I see, the real ruler of this house is Miss Helena.

I don\'t think you are in a position to butt in.

He wanted to slap Estelle\'s mouth, who shrugged and spoke cheekily.

Her pitiful appearance, like an abandoned dog with nowhere to go, had long since disappeared.

Orhan opened his eyes sharply in boiling anger, clenched his fists, and then released them.

No matter how angry he was, he couldn\'t hit a woman who was weaker than him.

The answer was simple.

He must kill her with words.

Orhan fixed his gaze on Estelle and opened his mouth slowly.

I am not a butler.

I\'m in charge of the community\'s affairs.

Helena is the leader of a large community of merchants called Rumba.

It means that she is of a different class than you.

I will only tolerate your situation up until here.

Rumba… I\'ve never heard of it.

Despite Orhan\'s threatening words, Estelle only lowered her voice but said everything she had to say.

He didn\'t realize that the longer the conversation got, the more he was getting involved with Estelle.

Let\'s stop here.

I don\'t think there\'s any more meaning in continuing this conversation.

I trust that you will act well by your own accord.


I don\'t think that\'s something the butler should care about.

The bathroom must be inside, right Thank you for your guidance.

Handsome butler.

Sticking out her tongue with a quick teasing, Estelle grabbed the clothes that were in Orhan\'s hand.


Orhan\'s fists trembled in contempt as he looked at the tightly closed door.


The quiet mansion was filled with Orhan\'s scream.


It was already the second day.

That damn woman named Estelle had settled down.

And Orhan\'s patience was running lower and lower.

‘It\'s a sunny day, so I want to drink flower tea.\'

‘It would be nice if today\'s lunch was well-grilled bacon and cheese.\'

‘The arrangement of the sculptures is not good.

Whether you have a lack of discernment, it\'s a bit…\'

At the sight of Estelle, who was infallibly looking around and meddling in everything today too, Orhan\'s expression wrinkled.

He could kick her out right now.

What was the problem

The problem was that this cunning and clever woman only revealed her true nature in front of him.

Beautiful Miss Helena.

Good morning.

Estelle, who had been complaining and commenting about every single thing until a moment ago, put on a bright expression.

Being pretentious like that was a skill.

A great skill.

Estelle, did you sleep well The temperature dropped quite a bit overnight… I don\'t know if the guest room was fine.

I was comfortable, thanks to your concern.

‘Yeah, she must have been comfortable.

There\'s no way it wouldn\'t be fine.\'

Orhan, who looked at the two of them, twitched his lips and tried to swallow what he wanted to say.

He was tormented all night by Estelle, who kept babbling that the room was cold.

It looked like he hadn\'t slept for two days thanks to Estelle, who knocked on the door whenever there was a small problem.

First, the room was cold, then the blankets were thin, the pillows were high, the noise of the grass insects was loud, and so on.

She used everything she could as a pretext to provoke a quarrel.

She was a really wicked woman.

Where on earth did something like that come from He couldn\'t help but resent his generous master.


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