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Orhan let out a small sigh and moved his head from side to side.

Unlike him, who struggled to catch his hazy mind, Estelle\'s complexion improved so much that her skin was shiny.

‘She\'s pretty when she\'s like that.\'

Estelle\'s appearance was not much different from the daughters of noble families he had met in the royal palace, perhaps because she was well-dressed while staying in the mansion.

The three-sectioned braid harmonized beautifully with her long blonde hair.

Even though no one was there to help, the way she retouched her hair was quite good.

Estelle, who was chatting with Ayla, narrowed her eyes and looked at Orhan, as if feeling that his gaze was still on her.

Estelle\'s bloodshot eyes were full of vigilance towards Orhan.

Her red eyes seemed to be asking himWhat are you looking at\'.

Ahem, you should have breakfast.

He was embarrassed because it felt like he had been caught peeping at Estelle.

Orhan turned his gaze awkwardly, cleared his throat a couple of times, and hurriedly left the room.


Orhan\'s forehead began to wrinkle again looking at Ayla and Estelle, who were sitting across from each other at the table.


It smells great today too, Elin.

Hehe, it\'s nothing, Miss Estelle.

I\'m glad you like it.

Eat a lot, Estelle.

Did these two girls really become angels

He couldn\'t understand why she was being treated so kindly.

Estelle was served by Elin as if it was something natural, and also ate with Ayla as if it was something natural.

Besides that, she was shameless, perhaps because she was good at picking out the ingredients.

Yes, that\'s right.

That woman was truly incorrigible.

It was a disgrace to think that that mischievous woman was pretty, even for a moment.

It was clear that he hasn\'t been able to meet someone of the opposite sex because he was concentrating on his work.

Orhan, who struggled to console himself, nodded and looked straight ahead.

But why was his heart pounding


Thank you for everything.

Estelle, who was well-dressed, expressed her gratitude to everyone while standing in front of the front door of the mansion.

Just as the emotions each one of them felt for Estelle were different, the expressions of the three people looking at her were also different.

You could stay a little longer… Is it really fine


I know that because of me, you aren\'t able to do the community business properly.

I don\'t want to trouble you anymore.

Thank you so much for your help so far.

A look of concern was evident on Ayla\'s face as she looked at Estelle.

As if surprised by her sincere words, Orhan\'s gaze naturally turned to the door where Estelle was standing.

Although they bickered all the time, he felt strange when she said she was leaving the mansion.

Looking at Estelle, Orhan\'s eyes became more docile than before.

Estelle, who had maintained her posture for a while, gave him a beautiful smile that he had never seen before.

As if she were saying goodbye.


Estelle, squinting her eyes with a mischievous smile, caused his heartbeat to rise sharply.

Come to us if something happens.

Even if I am not here, Orhan will help you.

Ayla, who had a gentle smile on her face, tapped Orhan on his side and said,Isn\'t that right\', asking for his agreement.

Ah… Yes.

Of course.

Orhan, who was bewildered at Estelle\'s unexpected behavior, answered with hesitation.

Estelle silently shook her head as if to announce that it was the last time.

A bitter smile appeared on her lips as she slowly turned towards the outside.

Estelle, who hesitated for a moment while holding the doorknob, turned her head to face the three of them.

Ah, by the way… Estelle always pays back her debts.


Looking at Estelle\'s back getting farther away, Ayla\'s eyes trembled slightly.

Feeling sorry, she stood in her spot until her silhouette had completely disappeared.


How long has it been

As she was quietly looking out the window, a short exclamation escaped from Ayla\'s mouth.

Her blue eyes were fixed on the black horse running towards the mansion.

A pleasant smile appeared on Ayla\'s lips when she saw Theon\'s figure.

It\'s been a while since I came here, you shouldn\'t have said you would come soon…

Contrary to the smile she had on her face, grumpy words erupted from Ayla\'s mouth.

Although she kept grumbling, her steps towards the outside gained speed.

Whoa, whoa.

A familiar voice was heard through the open door.

Orhan was already standing in front of the door, ready to greet him.

What happened during the last few days You look miserable.

Theon, who entered the mansion, looked at Orhan and spoke.

It\'s nothing.

It was a visible lie.

Since Estelle had been tormenting him, Orhan\'s appearance looked miserable.

Seeing that Theon, who was never interested in others, noticed it, the aftermath of Estelle was enormous, even though it was a short time.


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