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He didn\'t want to be obstinately nosy towards the person who said it was nothing.

Theon shrugged his shoulders lightly and turned his gaze to Ayla, who was standing next to him.


A laugh burst out of Theon\'s mouth at the sight of Ayla puffing her cheeks with her lips closed as if she were sulking.

Of course, his expression quickly hardened because of Ayla, who was staring at him with squinting eyes.

Long time no see.

That\'s right.

You must have been busy these days.

Seeing that you have entrusted me with such an important task and then disappeared completely.

Orhan\'s expression quickly hardened as he sensed the bad atmosphere flowing between the two of them.

It was as if he had predicted that today would be a difficult day.


There was no conversation between the two of them until Elin brewed the tea.

Ayla kept her mouth shut as if to show that she was seriously angry.

He was going to wait a little longer since she looked cute, but he didn\'t know if she would really hate him if he left it like this.

Theon, who had glanced at her while holding the teacup, slowly opened his mouth.

Are you angry because I came late

Who is angry I\'m not that stingy.

What do you take me for…


Is that so I\'m a little sad.

About what

I missed you a lot.

I wanted to come sooner, but I couldn\'t finish my work.

When Theon finished speaking, he smiled faintly and brought the teacup he was holding to his lips.

At his sudden sweet words, Ayla\'s cheeks turned red.

Secretary Louis was looking for you.

I already know the relationship between the two of you.

We\'re just… old friends.

The trend had already changed.

The problem was that her relationship with Louis, which she thought he would never know, was discovered.

Besides, it was impossible not to know that she was concerned with Eden and Luke unless he was an idiot.

He just pretended not to know and acted like he didn\'t notice, but he wasn\'t a fool.

There would have been no problem if it had not been hidden in the first place, but the situation got more complicated for no reason.

To hide her anxiety, Ayla looked around and avoided his gaze.

Old friends…

Ahem, we\'ve just been close since childhood.

Like brother and sister! We\'re just like brother and sister.

That\'s right.

Can a man and woman be friends At this point, I can be friends with Princess Ariel too.

That\'s different!

The corners of Theon\'s eyes folded thinly as if it were fun to see Ayla jumping up from her seat and raging.

I\'m jealous.

What… what\'s wrong with you What if someone comes in

Let them come.

I am their employer anyway.

Theon, who had suddenly approached Ayla\'s back, slowly embraced her.

I missed you.

A lot.

Theon\'s low, pleasant voice resonated in her ears.

Ayla, who had a small smile at his words, slowly closed her eyes.

As if he had been waiting, Theon leaned down and kissed her red lips.

His body temperature, scent, and even the sound of his breathing; everything was good.

Ayla opened her mouth slightly and relaxed as if she were used to it now.

Theon\'s soft tongue entered her mouth and slowly swept through her teeth.

Little by little, Ayla\'s grip on his collar started getting stronger.

She was thinking of getting properly angry today, but it seemed to be a failure.



The clear bell sound echoed in the quiet mansion.

A middle-aged man opened the door and came inside, looking around and walking cautiously.

Trudge, trudge.

In his thick hands, he was holding several sets of clothes that looked luxurious at first glance.

He was one of the royal clients who was paid more than the original price not long ago, saying it was an outfit for the leader of the community to wear.

Although he thought it wouldn\'t be anything ordinary, the community of merchants was beyond his imagination.

As if overwhelmed by the splendor of the mansion, the timid middle-aged man rolled his eyes and looked around.

As he approached the end of the hallway, a fountain emitting a clear stream of water caught the man\'s eyes.

Having a fountain inside their house was something that even the wealthiest families could not dream of.

Distracted by the rare sight, the man was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn\'t even feel a presence.

Orhan, who was suddenly standing next to the man, was giving him a cold stare.

What brings you here

I-I brought the clothes you had asked me for a while ago.

The middle-aged man was startled by Orhan\'s sharp voice, and his shoulders shook.

Then, the man answered Orhan with a friendly-looking smile, as if that had never happened.

Orhan, who was looking at the middle-aged man in a crooked posture, took the clothes without a word.

From now on, please do not come inside without permission.

Orhan was polite, but his words contained a silent warning.


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