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Then, he slowly turned his body towards the floor.

As he picked up a piece of glass that had fallen, the shard gleamed with the lighting reflected on it.

If you\'re that sorry… I should do the same.

Isn\'t that right

Kyle picked up a sharp piece of glass, with a murderous smile.

Shortly after, the sharp piece of glass came towards Ayla\'s face.


At Kyle\'s menacing appearance, everyone around them let out small sighs.

As if harassing her in her fear, Kyle\'s hand holding the shard slowed down.

As it stopped in front of her eyes, Kyle raised the corners of his mouth, and Ayla closed her eyes tightly.


She should have felt the glass already, but she didn\'t feel anything.

Ayla, sensing something strange, cautiously opened her eyes.

Theon came into Ayla\'s sight, stopping Kyle\'s hand.

Please stop.


Am I in a position where I can\'t do what I want to this wench

It was a mistake.

As a member of the Royal family, please have mercy.

A mistake… What if I don\'t care whether this was intentional or a mistake

Be reasonable.

When Theon finished talking, he opened his arms as if telling him to look around.

Inside the banquet hall, horror-swept guests had their eyes fixed on Kyle and Theon.

After looking around, Kyle stared at Theon without saying a word.

Without avoiding his gaze, Theon also looked at Kyle.

Tap, tap

Rose, who had belatedly grasped the situation, was hurriedly walking towards the three people.

Greetings from the Head Maid, Rose.

This child made a big mistake to the Grand Duke.

Rose glanced at the silent Ayla and shouted.

What are you doing, hurry up and apologize!!!

I am sorry.

Grand Duke… I committed a grave sin.

I beg for your forgiveness.

Ayla said, close to tears, with trembling hands.

When she finished speaking, thick tears fell from her big eyes.


I asked why Miss Ayla was in the banquet hall.

Ayla, who was dragged behind the banquet hall, is being questioned by Rose, with all the maids gathered.

You won\'t speak Then Miss Jasmine, please tell me.

Why was Miss Ayla there

This child pestered me that she wanted to go to the banquet hall… I\'m sorry.

Head Maid.

I was thoughtless.


At Rose\'s question, Jasmine lied without batting an eye.

If someone who didn\'t know saw her extraordinary acting, they would believe Ayla really did instigate Jasmine.

Most of the maids knew that Ayla had done Jasmine\'s work instead of her, but everyone shut their mouths as if it were a promise.

Some of them were happy to see Ayla in a tight spot, so maybe it was natural.

With her eyes closed, Rose cleared up her emotions.

After a while, Rose turned her gaze to Ayla and asked.

Are her words true

I asked if they were true.


She couldn\'t tell the truth, with their imposing figures.


I\'m sorry.

Ayla… Sob.

I should have said something, but the other maids were so scary.

Lily said, with her eyes full of tears.

Please forgive me.

Young Lady.

Sob, sob…

It\'s alright.

I want to rest a little.

Ah, hm… Alright.

I\'m sorry.

Rest well.

Lily sniffled and moved to her bed.

Soon after, Ayla lay down on the bed and closed her eyes.


Perhaps because the day felt so long, Ayla let out a small sigh.

A lot of things seemed to have happened, but none of them was right.

She wanted to tell Lily it was not her fault, but she couldn\'t bring herself to say anything.

The long-awaited meeting with Louis, and the efforts she made to avoid drawing attention as much as possible, were all in vain.

She didn\'t draw attention, but now that she earned the hatred of the Royal family, she practically poured oil in her already twisted life.

When Kyle made that threat, she can\'t even imagine what would have happened if Theon hadn\'t helped her.

She went to sleep thinking that maybe he really was a good person, contrary to the rumors.


I\'m sorry I couldn\'t help.


A very depressed Owen stood there, without even making eye contact with Ayla.

Yesterday\'s confident and cool appearance was unimaginable.

She knew this would happen, so she came at dawn to draw the bath before Owen woke up…


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