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Helena, who was looking at the painting, raised the corners of her mouth towards the lady and snorted.

She walked away, fuming.

Orhan… What if I get punished for this

He let out a sigh of relief at Ayla\'s appearance, who was hesitating despite her harsh words.

He was worried that his kind master would give all the gold coins to that noblewoman.

Kicking her out, as if to ridicule his expectations, was an unexpected development.

He was surprised that she handled it better than what he expected, but he didn\'t know she would do it this well.

It\'s alright.

The painting that lady brought was a mess even for me.

A satisfied smile appeared on Orhan\'s lips as he finished speaking.


I heard a few people came to the community

They did.


Ayla, who got into the carriage, shook her head at Theon\'s question, blurring her words.

Theon pulled her closer as if asking to tell him in detail, but she didn\'t want to say it.

Starting with the first aristocratic woman who visited the community, all kinds of detestable people came every day.

A commoner woman who recklessly asked them to give her gold coins.

A store owner who asked them to sell him the things in the mansion at a bargain price.

An aristocratic man who seemed to have a cunning gaze throughout their conversation, as if the transaction had no purpose.

Just thinking about it made her tired.

Ayla, who wrinkled her nose, bit her lips and kept silent.

It must have been very difficult.

His outstretched hand was placed over Ayla\'s, which was resting on her lap.

The exhaustion of the past few days was evident.

Theon\'s gray eyes filled with worry.

There was no further conversation between the two people heading to the palace.

As if they could know each other\'s feelings just by holding hands.


Ayla, dressed in the maid\'s outfit, was walking busily.

The cause for that was that she overslept, as she returned to the palace after a long time.

Far from the morning tea, the sun was already in the middle of the sky.

Ayla hurriedly entered the dining room and came out with a tray not long after.


I\'m so busy.

Ayla, who climbed the stairs, fixed her posture by straightening her shoulders.

There was no one to nag at her even if she were late, but she had an implicit promise with him.

The image of Theon, who would have been waiting for her even if he didn\'t show it, was vivid in her mind.

So, she had to move fast.

Ayla Serdian.

A familiar voice echoed behind her as she walked with a smile on her face.

As she slowly turned around, Louis\' figure was reflected in Ayla\'s eyes.

Where on earth have you been I told you to tell me wherever you went.

Didn\'t you hear me



Don\'t you think about the people who worry while waiting for you I think my Young Lady has been neglecting me too much these days.

I was so busy that I didn\'t have time to talk.

Seeing Ayla sticking out her tongue and making a cute expression, the corners of Louis\' lips moved up gently.

On the day he left for the Libro community,

‘I heard that the lady who came recently asked for it.\'

‘In any case, our Sir is lucky.\'

Louis confirmed himself who was the lady that the henchmen talked about.

The figure of the Countess, looking at him beyond the shadow that had descended, was still vivid in his mind.

Although the corners of his mouth that had been beaten by the henchmen were still stinging, that was enough.

He had found her.

Louis moved his lips with joy and tried to say what he had to say, but he was too late.

Ah right, I think I\'ve found where my parents are!

I\'m not sure, but I think they\'re near the border.

Near the border

I heard they were on the way to the Raff Kingdom… I\'ll tell you when I know about it in more detail.

For some reason, he couldn\'t say anything at Ayla\'s low whisper.

It was as if his strength was draining from the feeling of despair that came rushing in.

It\'s already this late.

He must be waiting.

Let\'s talk again next time.

Then, I\'m going!

Ayla, who was looking around and looked at the hands of the clock, said only what she had to say and left.

What on earth do you want, Louis Daniel

He felt pathetic about being left alone, so he faked a laugh.

There was no more place for him in Ayla\'s heart.

The red garnet necklace in Louis\' hand fell to the floor helplessly.


Mason\'s gaze, as he entered the office, shook greatly.

Why did she have to come today of all days, when he hasn\'t seen her for a while.

He wailed inwardly, asking why she was here.

Is anything the matter

Despite Theon\'s sharp question, Mason only rolled his eyes from place to place while maintaining his silence.


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